Storks (2016) Poster


Andy Samberg: Junior



  • Junior : Orphan Tulip?

    Tulip : Tulip is just fine, Orphan hurts my heart!

  • [Junior, Tulip and Diamond get across a bridge and cut it so that the Wolf Pack can't get across] 

    Junior : Suck it, wolves!

    Alpha Wolf : Wolf Pack, form of wolf bridge!

    [the wolves start climbing on each other] 

    Junior : What is happening?

    Tulip : The wolves are forming a suspension bridge.

    Junior : How is that possible?

    Tulip : I don't know.

  • [Junior smacks into a glass pathway] 

    Junior : My old nemesis: glass!

    Tulip : [shocked]  Birds can't see glass!

  • Tulip : Look at the baby!

    Junior : NO! Just a brief exposure to baby cuteness can ruin your life!

    [both look at the baby] 

    Tulip , Junior : Awwww!

  • Hunter : Junior, you know why I built my office entirely out of glass even though birds can't see glass?

    Junior : I do not.

    [birds fly smack into the glass] 

    Hunter : Power move!

  • Junior : We're not like a family, we're just a guy and girl trying to raise a baby.

  • Hunter : Do you know why we stopped delivering babies?

    Junior : Because there are other ways of making babies?

  • Junior : Put down that baby!

    Penguin : Shhh!

    [points out the baby is asleep, a silent fight starts] 

  • [first lines] 

    Junior : Storks, since the beginning of time we have been tasked with delivering babies to people. No matter how hard or painful or boring it got, we would never stop delivering babies. Thank goodness we don't have to do that anymore!

  • [last lines] 

    [Tulip meets her family with the help of the Storks] 

    Junior : Come on, fellows. we have finally delivered Tulip.

    [starts to walk off] 

    Tulip : Junior, where are you going? Come on. We're having a group photo.

    Junior : No. I don't want to.

    Tulip : Oh, come on.

    [pulls him close for a family photo] 

    Tulip : I know you love it.

  • Junior : Storks don't deliver babies anymore! If anyone finds out about this, I am dead meat!

  • Hunter : Look at that sunrise! How can you not look at it!

    Junior : If I go blind, it's worth it!

  • Hunter : You idiot, how could you think this was an address?

    Junior : I thought it was a gentrified neighborhood...

  • [after delivering the baby] 

    Junior : [upset]  Is it always like this?

    Jasper : What can I say? I'm always sad!

  • Junior : Oh, great! Now I'm surrounded by wolves! What're you gonna do, knock me unconscious?

    [a wolf knocks him out] 

    Junior : Perfect!

    [blacks out] 

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