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Storks continually surprises with characters who are more complicated than we might expect in a kid’s animated movie, and a refusal to hit every single pre-programmed plot beat.
Co-directors Nicholas Stoller and Doug Sweetland deliver big time with Storks, a fittingly buoyant, delightfully madcap animated romp.
There’s a delightfully madcap pace to Storks, and most of the rapid-fire jokes land.
It's occasional fun, but that's about all, folks.
It’s not as start-to-finish funny as Warner Animation’s “Lego Movie”, and that also goes for the quirky Lego cartoon short — basically the chicken-botched filming of the opening credits to a martial arts movie...But there’s wit, warmth and invention here, enough to make you hopeful for a Warner Animation future.
This is a lot of plot for a movie that endeavors primarily to entertain children, though the excess is more likely to give adults a headache.
Neither wacky enough to work as pure punchline, nor smart enough to bend its looniness into something more substantial, Storks views the world with the same confused outlook of its wide-eyed infants.
In Storks, the jokes fall flat, but the pace is relentless, and those two things seem somehow intertwined, as if the filmmakers had convinced themselves that comedy that whips by fast enough won’t go thud.
Animated films have trended toward a perceptive intelligence in the past few years, but Storks wades in shallow waters most of the time.
Storks is momentarily funny when it’s not boorishly and exhaustively begging for your attention.

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