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Threadbare. Uneven. Underrated. HYSTERICALLY Funny.
amnesiac1200125 March 2017
I found STORKS in the way that you're supposed to find underrated/cult classics: by accident. When it was released, I bought into the collective sigh of underwhelm that most critics expressed and that was my mistake. It's easy to understand why the critical community didn't like it: in an era where Pixar, Disney and even Dreamworks keep churning out magnificently multi-layered heart-warmers that set the bar stratospherically high, STORKS doesn't register all that well. We've been spoiled by excellence. As a result, we've lost the ability to enjoy the simple pleasures of pure entertainment.

And that's what STORKS delivers better than babies or packages: entertainment.

You might have noticed people commenting on how forced and thin the storyline is and how uneven it feels, and those complaints are accurate. The plot is extremely thin (virtually an extended sitcom-sized premise stretched into an epic road-trip format), and the story moves so quickly that it goes too far too fast with nary any breathing room to savor the experience or give the characters the tension or time to build any real catharsis or change. But the characters are so authentic to themselves that you know just about everything you need to know about them from their first scenes.

I think the main reason STORKS gets such middling reviews in print and here on IMDb is because it's an old-fashioned type of comedy: a screwball-slapstick hybrid. The emphasis on sight gags, pain-humor, and wackiness has generally been avoided in animated films as passe and vulgar--low comedy. The rapid-fire snark between the main characters of Tulip and Junior hearken back to the old Howard Hawks workplace comedies of the 1930s, which is definitely an acquired taste in the post-narrative style of humor found in kids entertainment today--where non-sequiturs and punchlines exist in a vacuum and visual comedy is derived from abstraction rather than plasticity. But the comedic energy and the variety of jokes from modern "Office"-style cringe (Pigeon Toady) to the machine-gun-speed HIS GIRL FRIDAYy-style verbal sparring (Tulip & Junior), absurdism (the wolves), post-modern meta-humor (the boy and his parents) to classical WB slapstick of yesteryear, and the film is riotously funny because of it. At the end of the day, that's what STORKS wants to be: FUNNY.

STORKS is not a great film. It's not a masterpiece like TOY STORY or UP. It won't win any Oscars and it won't be everyone's cup of tea. But there's an excellent chance that it will live on as a multi-generational favorite for the same reasons as dumb-fun-with-a-heart-of-gold treasures like SPACEBALLS, DUMB & DUMBER, THE NAKED GUN, and NATIONAL LAMPOONS CHRISTMASs VACATION:

Because you can watch it 1,000 times and it will NEVER stop being funny.

So try it out. There's a 50-50 chance you'll be among the ones who can't stop watching it.
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Underrated - this movie is one of the best animated films out there
jemseletaria12 January 2017
If you want a movie that is entertaining, funny, action-packed with twists and turns throughout - then this movie is for you! The animation quality is as good as any out there.

The voice actors are sensational. Kelsey Grammar and Andy Samberg and their back and forth bantering is totally brilliant and any of us involved in business can understand the dynamic and completely understand the humour.

It is one of those movies that you can watch again and again and never get bored.

Kids love it and there is plenty of content to keep adults laughing.

This movie is a terrific and I can't understand how anyone could not thoroughly enjoy this movie!
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Highly Underrated
grebeigna29 October 2016
I entered to watch Storks expecting the worse. However, I got an really enjoyable movie.

The Characters are charismatic and they have good chemistry. In Fact, I LOVED Tulip and The Wolfs were hilarious.

If you want a funny and heart-warming film, then Storks is a great option for you.

It's such a shame to see how uninterested was Warner in marketing this film.

I Trust that in a few years Storks will have the recognition that it deserves, and a big fan base.
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Tulip is awesome
ericstevenson8 October 2016
I admit that while it's not one of my favorite animated movies of the year, it's still definitely something I would recommend. I admit that it does start a bit slow. It really gets better when the character Tulip is introduced. She is the heart of this movie and by far the most entertaining part. Thank you for featuring her so much. Almost everything she says is funny. I guess I just have a soft spot for genki girls. Pinkie Pie is the one who comes to mind most at any time. She even has red (pink?) hair like her. The best parts are probably her interacting with her personas.

I admit that the story makes little sense. How exactly are babies brought into this world now? We briefly get to see the process of how a baby is made. I love how big and epic this movie gets. Yes, it's technically short, but it still gives you everything you would want in a good movie. They have a lot of great details and it leads up to an exciting climax. As a huge fan of "The Lego Movie", you have to watch the great short that precedes this. If only "Looney Tunes" did stuff like that nowadays. It's great to see a good movie based on an original concept too. ***
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What a cute and adorable movie!
MichaelNontonMulu23 September 2016
Watching this movie in the earlier parts, I could not help to feel that the funny scenes were a little bit forced, but as the movie continues, the funny scenes becoming more and more fluid. The funny moments became more natural. And since the baby girl was "produced", the movie became much more alive. I think the star of the movie was really the baby. The animation of this baby was soooo cute and adorable that you would really want to hug and play with the baby.

You would also be enjoying the very colorful scenes and the funny moments during the chase by the wolves. Those were some of the most enjoyable moments. But the moment that I laughed the hardest was during the scene involving penguins (and the fork). It was priceless!

I also loved that the trailer shown many times in the theaters was only showing some brief introduction about Storks and baby making machine. This helped us to be enjoying the movie without knowing there were so many plots inside this one. For parents who want to bring their children to watch this, I believe they would be able to enjoy it. For teenagers & adults, this movie would also be enjoyable to watch. However, please do not expect logic or the making sense of the story of Storks delivering babies. If you can only enjoy movie when logic is very much a great factor, then I do not think this movie is right for you. If you are looking for some fun and good laughter, then you can definitely watch this one!

By the way, this movie was produced by Warner Bros Animation Group (WAG) which also produced The Lego Movie. Hence, it was not a surprise to see there was a short funny animated Lego movie of a Chinese Kung Fu Master and a chicken before the start of the movie. I guess WAG also wanted to follow the success of such pattern used by Disney, Pixar and even Illuminati (remember those cute minions in The Secret Life of Pets ?). It did give us a nice thing to enjoy before the start of the actual movie. So when you already bought the tickets for this film, please make sure you are not late to be able to watch this short fun movie.

please read my full review in
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Fast paced, hilarious, absurd and slightly evil
wincel-867-12963123 January 2017
Saw it on a long flight, had never even heard of this movie before despite us watching anime and cartoon regularly. What happened there WB?? So I ended up seeing it more by coincidence - the same as many other adults on the 5 hour flight. And the plane was full of laughter. One of the most absurd and hilarious movies I've seen in a long time. It is very fast paced, lots of word play and verbal humor, slightly evil in touching all kinds of topics from career-nuts adults, over-ambition and sacrificing it all, bullying, casual nastiness to people. Delivered by a fast-talking, bright, very cheeky teen girl with a big heart and a stork trying to keep up and sorting it all into his very structure perspective on life. Go watch it!
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A heartwarming story about family values
supansa-422606 April 2017
I loved how the movie reflects family values. The problem of modern times is that we can fall into the trap of working for no purpose and all the time. This movie makes me appreciate the miracle of life. The wolves formation were really unbelievable but definitely entertaining :)
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Big surprise
nickyeskens6 January 2017
Storks wasn't specifically on my watch list. I had seen ads here and there, but it seemed to get overshadowed with the release of other movies. When i got the chance to watch it on a flight, i took it. Mostly because there was nothing else to watch. I ended up laughing out loud a couple of times and being charmed by some of the characters.

The movie was cute and a little awkward at times, and had a fun and not too serious premise. The awkwardness is especially what drew me in. This movie might not be for everyone, the comedy might be a bit too obvious and cringy, and kids might not understand the humor at times. I personally don't think those are bad things, since i enjoy that type of humor. The voice acting was okay. I mean Andy Samberg was Andy Samberg and Ty Burell was Ty Burell. I enjoy both actors very much, but it made it hard for me to get into their characters. Stephen Kramer Glickman, Kelsey Grammar and Danny Trejo were outstanding in their performance.

Overall this movie was a fun ride, and took me by surprise. I got a little lost in the storytelling sometimes, and wasn't sure what 'message' they were trying to convey. But overall it was enjoyable and cute, and not every movie needs a 'message'. I'm not sure if every kid will enjoy this movie, but i think adults who like awkward humor and great animation (I forgot to mention that) will enjoy this movie. This movie is definitely underrated and got drowned out by other (hyped) animated movies that got released around the same time.

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best cartoon so far in 2016
blazedounal9 January 2017
Warning: Spoilers
After watching the trailer I got excited for watching the Storks movie and the promises where at least 'good fun'. Storks is undoubtedly funny and keeps up with the audience attention just enough in spite of an at par performance in pretty much all departments. Let me start by saying that I don't this film is a 10/10 but hopefully my rating will add to its overall rating. This is a best cartoon for family.

Stork Mountain was a place known for delivering babies and its employees are primarily storks, along with a few other birds. Their current CEO, a stork named Hunter (Kelsey Grammar), discontinued the baby delivering business, seeing more profit by having storks operate a parcel delivery service called Cornerstore.

Tulip (Katie Crown), having just turned 18 years old, is working to promote new ideas for Cornerstore, but they always backfire. Meanwhile Junior (Andy Samberg), Cornerstore's top delivery stork, is about to be promoted to boss of Cornerstore while Hunter is the boss of cornerstone now and he will be chairman of the board. Hunter demand Junior to fire Tulip but Junior cannot find the heart to fire Tulip due to her kindness and hard work, and he lies to her that she is being transferred to the mail room, instructing her to never leave her new office space.

Meanwhile, a young boy named Nate Gardner (Anton Starkman) feels lonely because his parents, Henry (Ty Burrell) and Sarah (Jennifer Aniston), are too busy to spend time with him and he want to have another brother. Nate Gardner found ad about old stork deliver baby and he writes a letter asking for a baby brother with ninja skills and sends it to Cornerstore. The letter makes its way to Tulip, who reluctantly leaves the mail room to put the letter in a slot just outside the room despite Junior's attempt to stop her, injury his wing in the process. To their surprise, a baby girl is created inside a metal container, whom they later name Diamond Destiny.

Junior agrees to secretly help deliver Diamond Destiny. As Junior's wing is broken, they use Tulip's flying machine for transportation. However, they crash into a frozen tundra and they met group of wolfs who leaders named Alpha (Keegan-Michael Key) and Beta (Jordan Peele). The two manage to save Diamond Destiny, whom the wolves have fallen in love with baby. At last, Junior, Tulip and baby diamond escape from group of wolfs.

Back at Cornerstore, a pigeon employee named Toady (Stephen Kramer Glickman) learns of Diamond Destiny's existence. Toady told Hunter about the baby then he promises to give Toady Junior's position as the boss as they scramble the coordinates Junior and Tulip have been following to mislead them to a different location. Junior is captured and tied up by Hunter and his cronies at the false location and they kidnap Diamond Destiny. While Tulip follow the Jasper to her lost family. However, Tulip comes to rescue Junior without having met her family and the two resend themselves back to Cornerstore. After fighting an army of penguins, Junior and Tulip are chased into the abandoned baby making room and start up the machine as a distraction. As thousands of babies are being made, Hunter angrily confronts Junior and Tulip with a large robotic machine, but Junior refuses to surrender Diamond Destiny with Hunter's re-offered promotion. With the infant's playfulness, Junior and Tulip are able to cause the machine along with Hunter to fall off the cliff elevating the collapsing Cornerstore.

Junior rallies the storks, as well as the other birds, to help deliver the babies to the families who wanted them including the Gardners, and Nate accepts having a sister when he realizes that she has the ninja skills he asked for in the letter. The storks, former employees of Cornerstore, and the wolf pack reunite Tulip with her expanded family, and she and Junior continue their job of delivering babies as co-bosses of Stork Mountain.
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An adorable film, that the whole family can enjoy.
Anurag-Shetty7 October 2016
Storks tells the story of Junior(Andy Samberg), who is a stork. Storks used to deliver babies but, they stopped. Now, they deliver packages to various people around the world. However, an unfortunate mishap causes a baby to appear in the stork headquarters. Now, it is up to Junior with the help of the human girl Tulip(Katie Crown), to deliver the baby before any other stork finds out.

Storks is a brilliant film. Director Nicholas Stoller has successfully made the transition from hilarious adult comedies like Forgetting Sarah Marshall(2008) & Neighbors(2014), to equally funny family-oriented fare, like this movie. The animation is top notch. The 3D is immersive & has some duck-worthy moments. One minor flaw with this film is that, the humor is mainly slapstick-oriented. However, this is my personal opinion. Kids & their parents will thoroughly enjoy this film. The babies are the highlight of the movie. They are cuteness personified. The voice acting is flawless. Andy Samberg is outstanding as Junior. Katie Crown is spectacular as Tulip. Kelsey Grammar is mind blowing as Hunter. Jennifer Aniston is great as Sarah Gardner. Ty Burrell is amazing as Henry Gardner. Anton Starkman is awesome as Nate Gardner. Keegan Michael-Key is hysterical as Alpha Wolf. Jordan Peele is hilarious as Beta Wolf. Danny Trejo is excellent as Jasper. Stephen Kramer Glickman is unforgettable as Pigeon Toady. Storks is a must watch, particularly for families. Go, have a jolly good time!
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Family entertainment
Gordon-1114 January 2017
This film tells the story of a delivery company run by storks. They stopped delivering babies for many years, until one incompetent employee broke the rules and created a baby for delivery.

There are many reasons to like "Storks". The animation is super cute, and the story is very sweet. Most people would connect with babies, making this film an easy success. The wolves are funny too. However the broken heart has gone just one step too far as it gets too repetitive and non functional like the other formation of the wolves. I also like the literal downfall of the boss. Adults can relate to that too. It is rare to see a film that can be enjoyed by all ages. I liked it.
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Wacky Flick for the Whole Family
elicopperman1 November 2017
In 2016, Nicholas Stoller (Get Him to the Greek & Neighbors) and Doug Sweetland (Presto) presented Storks, an animated film from Warner Bros. Animation Group (The Lego Movie). While it had a mixed critical reception, it's definitely a movie that typical movie-goers and families may find adorable and funny?

The main plot centers on a stork company that delivers packages and babies. When the top delivery stork, Junior, becomes boss of the workers, he is told to fire the only human working there, Orphan Tulip. Instead of firing her, he sends her to the defunct mail room. Meanwhile, the son of two workaholic parents, Nate Gardner, sends a letter to the company asking for a baby sibling to play with. When the letter arrives, it creates a baby, so now Junior and Tulip have to deliver the baby to it's guardians while going through many obstacles like avoiding getting noticed by the company's CEO Hunter, a pack of hysterical wolves, and trying to care for the baby itself.

In concept, the film has all the right ideas to make a charming comedy for the whole family, and it mostly succeeds in it's execution. Even though the journey Junior and Tulip go on feels similar to almost every Pixar film (e.g. Inside Out and Finding Nemo), the film gives the characters enough time to develop off each other, where they came from, and what each other's goals are, even if their quirky eccentric personalities don't always contrast that well. The subplot featuring Nate and his family, however, does come off as rather straightforward and it's easy to guess what will happen since all his goal is to have a baby sibling. It doesn't help that the movie itself does come with some tired film clichés, not just the duo who overcome each other on their obstacles, but also the workaholic parents who try to make their son happy, the big promotion from one job to another, the side villain finding out where the heroes are, and even how the main villain tries to get rid of the protagonists.

As for the rest of the characters, the CEO of the company Hunter at first comes off as a trustworthy boss, but there's quite a nerve he has with babies which presents him as threatening and cunning. The pigeon Toady can either be amusing or annoying with his exaggerated "bro" voice, but he's also a decent deuteragonist as he only follows his orders to make the most of his job. As stated before, the Gardner family have the same trope of the little kid who wants his busy parents to spend more time with him, so they decide to bond with him more to make him happy. And then there are the wolves led by the alpha and beta, who deliver the absolute funniest parts of the movie due to their personalities constantly shifting from menacing to energetically adoring the baby, as well as performing the best visual gags in the film.

However, if there are two things this movie really nailed in the execution, it would be the heart and the humor. The filmmakers definitely knew when to have cute sentimental moments with the baby, and they always come off as adorable instead of schmaltzy. Also, when the movie's main characters have their moments of relief and sentimentality, it gives the film a lighthearted tone that never comes out randomly, and portrays the scene with just the right emotion to make the audience feel for them. However, the humor would have to be the highlight of the movie, as there's plenty of one liners, visual gags, surprisingly decent pop culture jokes, slapstick, subversion and line deliveries, and it's very rare when they miss their mark as they have such exquisite timing and charm to them. Also, since Junior and Tulip do spend the journey caring for the baby, they spend time feeding and trying to put the baby to sleep, which also makes the movie relatable to any parents who raised their own offspring.

Since the movie acts more on the cartoony side, it creates the animation to be as cartoony as it can, and it did the job beautifully. The characters look kinda simplistic, but given the silly nature of the film, they contrast well, and their movements can get exaggerated and wacky at just the right moments. Although some of the places they leads go to range from a cave, to the Arctic, to suburbs, the animators still give the backgrounds life and present them in colorful, unique, vibrant, and bright manners. The effects animation is also quite creative such as the factory robots, the water, the machine that creates babies, and even some of the lights and electrical effects. The only criticism there is to give the animation is that many of the storks look like the exact same model (probably by means of cheaping out a bit), but they don't ruin the sporadically wonderful quality that the visuals have to offer.

While Storks may not have flown as high up as other animated films of 2016 such as Kung Fu Panda 3, Zootopia and Kubo & the Two Strings, it did offer enough good laughs, silly concepts, well crafted animation and memorable characters to stand on it's own. If you're in the mood for a cute little family comedy with some relatability to those who have raised babies before, then this will be a delight from beginning to end, especially since it knows who to aim itself towards. If Nicholas Stoller and Doug Sweetland can do this good of a job with cartoony movies, then I can't wait to see what they have in store next for animation….like Captain Underpants, nice job Nick.
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Very Nice Movie :)
brooke_gaylene8 February 2017
As simple as that.

I just wanted to say that this movie kept me interested all the way through, had a really nice story, nice music, likable characters and voices.

Time flew past when watching it, the 90 minutes felt like about 45 minutes, there was plenty of action, great animation plus the babies were sooo kyoot...blah at spelling it correctly. :p

It was a welcome return of entertainment from a animated movie after that annoying Trolls movie with it's bad and cheesy awful singing every few minutes.

Would I want a sequel...nah...was so nice as it was...but then again I would watch the sequel. ;)

I thought it was a nice little nod at Aliens movie too but it does not list it in connections with the giant yellow I thought there. :p

As for the Wolfpack lol, they stole the show. Now a spin off with them would be kewl...haha spell check is gonna moan at this pfttt to it. :D Wolfpack submarine ping ping ...hahaha...too funny.

Overall it's a user friendly fun movie for all the family. :)
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Well-made movie with good animation and super score on cuteness factor
jay-techie200725 September 2016
Storks is undoubtedly funny and keeps up with the audience attention just enough in spite of an at par performance in pretty much all departments. The movie doesn't have any wow factor, except for the "baby cuteness", but I didn't find it bad either.

Story (7/10): I've heard about this concept for the first time, but apparently, storks, in some mythologies, are associated with baby delivery and that's what the story is about. In the modern times, though, they have moved away from baby delivery to cell phones. However, in a dramatic turn of events, one of the soon-to-be-boss storks, Junior, is unable to prevent the restart of a baby-making machine by Tulip - the only human at the facility, which creates a baby. Along with Tulip, he has to not just hide it from the rest of the storks at the facility, but also deliver the baby. And in that process, he has to prevent the babies from external enemies as well. I didn't find the story so exciting but what I liked about it was the screenplay that had good punches - although inexplicable on some occasions. What I also loved the most was some of the innovative stuff with wolves and penguins, which was innovative and great to watch. The characterization of Tulip and establishing her chemistry with Junior was a little tricky but the writer managed to do it pretty much smoothly without making it looked forced. Overall, a pretty neat job by Nicholas Stoller.

Animation (8/10): The animation is really good, especially the ones on creating various baby faces and expressions. It was pretty much like they poured in all of their energy into that. Also, the work around landscaping and making the entire visual very colorful is great.

Direction (7/10): The combination of Nicholas Stoller and Doug Sweetland has pulled out quite well. While the former hasn't had a great run with the movies yet, Doug's experience with the animation movies seems to have come handy, even though it was a first time for him. The idea of getting wolves creating amazing shapes - totally fitting into the context of the story - and the silent fight with the penguins was great. However, the direction could have improved in the beginning of the movie, which was a little slow and low on momentum.

Overall (7/10): A well-made movie with good animation and super score on cuteness factor!
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Refreshing, heartfelt and entertaining.
SpoilerAlertReviews8 October 2016
Impressively, Bad Neighbours and Forgetting Sarah Marshall director, Nicholas Stoller directs his first animated movie along with Pixar animator/director Doug Sweetland about, well, Storks as a global delivery service that USE to deliver babies in the mythical, traditional sense and now deliver electrical goods instead.

We follow Junior, who's likely to inherit the position of booosssssss once Hunter (Kelsey Grammar) moves on up, however his first task of the day is to fire Tulip, the human catastrophe orphan that wrecks havoc whenever she decides to help. As expected, and as the trailer suggests, things don't go to plan and there's an incredibly adorable baby involved who needs delivering to her wanting brother, which leads the unfortunate pair on a funny, haphazard adventure.

The Lonely Island comedy superstar Andy Samberg voices Junior superbly, I didn't even recognise the voice, actually sounding much older than the Samberg I know and he works so well with animated voice actress Katie Crown who voices Tulip. Watching the relationship form and crumble between the two was entertaining, witty and touching.

The creativity with this film is brilliant and the animation itself stunning. The penguin silent fight, the love-lusting wolves with incredible yet hilarious group-abilities it pushes the boundaries even for an animated movie and actually parodies itself in parts, "what are the chances of that?"

They manage to squeeze in quite a lot for 87mins, not saying that it drags because it really doesn't; it's fast paced, quick-witted and loaded with silly action that ignores plot holes and just skims right over them. Again, really not a bad thing and purely there for comedy effect.

As with all good family movies, there's a couple of good strong moral lessons here which are quite touching and honest. Sharing family quality time and asking the question, what is family? Or, who are family? You could hear the "awww" from the audience and yeah, I was touched only to then be made to laugh at the heartache watching Junior trying to comes to terms with it all.

There's a good soundtrack with tracks from Jason Derulo, REO Speedwagon, Talking Heads and Vance Joy with a great original track "Holdin' Out" from The Lumineers. Brothers Mychael and Jeff Danna do a typical animated score covering a wide stream of styles and sounds to help emboss the mood and atmosphere of the story.

I enjoyed this film from start to finish, finding it hilarious, entertaining and heartfelt. I really hope the kids enjoy this as much as I did. I could go watch this again.

Running Time: 8 The Cast: 9 Performance: 9 Direction: 9 Story: 7 Script: 8 Creativity: 10 Soundtrack: 7 Job Description: 10 The Extra Bonus Points: 10 for the sharp wit, the wolf submarine with sonar pinging wolf and the silent fight. Would I buy the Bluray?: Yes!

87% 9/10
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Surprisingly great and extremely funny
er_ouz1 January 2017
I have to admit, the subject material for the movie didn't entice me to watch it. But once I did get around to seeing it, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience!

Though I found the two leading characters (Junior and Tulip) to be the most bland characters in the whole movie, this was easily mediated with by the many, many, redeeming qualities of the movie. From the colourful, original and hilarious supporting characters, to the lovely animation and design, through a fast paced, original, and twist filled script and the dynamic editing and flow of the movie. More then anything else, though, what I found most enjoyable about storks was how downright funny the movie was. Jam-packed with jokes and funny moments, the laughs-per-minute count was off the chart, with many memorable and hilarious moments.

The movie was a joy to watch and to laugh to, and I recommend it for any constellation- be it to watch on your own, with friends, or the whole family.
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A decent enjoyable flick!
tomholland201622 September 2016
First thing of all, this is the kind of a movie that's surely not for everyone and it doesn't really give that stereotype where children will absolutely have fun watching it.

The storyline follows a group of storks engineers a vast industry relating to delivering babies to their respective families. Things go south when the living storks are tired by umpteenth of accidents occurring on arriving the destination that eventually turns into an industry of selling goods. With the help of an unknown boy, an unintentional event takes place for re-living back the old era of the storks.

The plot is fairly decent, and it does give much time for the character to develop but it takes too many spaces in their limited duration of the movie. It drags the movie at certain parts that we won't be needing to see. Despite all of this, there are a few sequences that do take place abruptly, leading to many inevitable questions. Children that are trying to learn and understand stories may get confused with 'em. The pacing is half the chance being good and bad, people will judge in their own way. As for me, it starts to get bad after 40 minutes in.

The humor here is enjoyable, but it can get cringe-worthy sometimes. Basically, the script is telling the characters to force the jokes from themselves.

As far as I can tell, there are moments in the movie that trigger your mind if this movie is really worth spending your money for. The motion images are tolerable, it's totally not as bad as Norm In The North and totally not as good as Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XV.

The moral values here are worth it but it does not contain as much as you have seen in Inside Out or Toy Story. A major example that can be taken is to give love to each member of your family without regarding career or any other things.

The best time to watch this movie is when you're having a daytime off with your family on a Sunday afternoon. Overall, it is an enjoyable flick and to my point of view, it deserves 5 out of 10.
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Simply Awful!
dudareva_k-2017812 December 2016
One of the more annoying cliché American animations! I rarely have such an averse reaction to cartoons, but this was a seriously irritating waste of time :-(... Don't know why I even put myself through this nightmare! Was it a lack of story line or the lame characters? Whatever the case this thing must be aimed at retards!!! One of those sad cases where you root for the two-dimensional main characters to fizzle out as soon as possible!!! Save yourself an hour & a half, and don't bother with this rubbish! Given that IMDb require me to write a novel of 10 lines for this review to be admissible, here goes: rubbish, terrible drivel, not worth watching, shame on Warner Animation Group, RatPac-Dune Entertainment and Stoller Global Solutions for taking up screen time with something so unimaginative! Is that 10 lines now?! Oh goodie!!! Over & out!
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Totally underrated movie
cat886414 January 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I admit this movie is not on my watch list.

In the beginning of this movie I can't stop my mind to think why they create this world-a world the baby is delivered by storks.

This is no sense and totally different world with the real world.

Why? In the end of movie I think it give me the reason.

In the final scene, the storks start to deliver baby again we can see so many family receive a baby include Same-sex marriage couple.

In such a Utopian world, we don't need a man and woman to get a baby. We just write a letter to storks.

I see so many good idea in this movie.

Baby is most wonderful thing in the world no one want hurt baby > Everyone told you that you want to be boss, but most important is what do you want to do after be a boss

The funny scene in this movie make me laugh loudly
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A Really Sweet but Funny Movie
GravityLoudHouseLover19 October 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Hey Guys GravityFalls2 Here again & today I'm reviewing the movie I just saw today called Storks. The Movie is about a Stork named Junior (Andy Samberg) who is the top delivery stork. His Boss Hunter (Kelsey Grammar) wants to make him boss by firing the orphan girl Tulip (Katie Crown). Meanwhile a Boy named Nate wants a baby brother because his mom & dad are too busy so Nate goes to find to get a baby brother by hoping stork will deliver it. I also like to point out there some good music in this movie like Like The Talking Head's "And She Was" & Vance Joy's "Fire and The Flood". I really liked The Wolf pack how they turning to things. Bottom Line A Really Sweet but Funny Movie. I really enjoyed this Movie a Lot. Anyway I give Storks a 10
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mps_animaxfriends25 January 2017
I watched this a few nights ago and I just bawled my eyes out. yes, the story makes little logic, but I think that is the point. It isn't meant for critical eyed adults who scrutinize everything but for kids to enjoy. however, it is a light hearted and funny movie with hidden jokes for adults and I believe it is suitable for the whole family. I absolutely loved it. the ending had me in tears. there are some hidden meanings in the story, about acceptance, and what it means to be a family and cherishing those around you. it carries a great massage hidden within the comedy. someone in a vouge article said that the comedy fell flat, and to that I say f** off it is amazing.
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Hectic and Hard to Watch
keith-77417 January 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This movie was very hard to watch. The hectic pace and scatter-brained delivery of the "Tulip" character left both my wife and I occasionally wandering the online world looking for relief. The story line was cute, but all the jabber-jabber-jabber behavior. Frankly, speaking most especially of Tulip, any child of mine that acted with such disrespect toward others. We did like the character of Jasper played by Danny Trejo and liked the revenge of the small angry-birds, but the show just didn't rank with us. Lastly, we're supportive of homosexuals, but delivering a child via stork to lesbians? Storks deliver adopted children? There comes a point where representation is no longer valuable, and that scene felt more like indoctrinating children than including same-sex affection into mainstream presentation. But, I suppose that's the world we live in --- one where political inclusiveness appears more important than actually making a good story (or, at least, one in which the inclusion of the scene has anything to do with the movie at all).
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Very cute and funny. Fast paced, but i think it works.
bishoujoagogo12 November 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I thought this movie was hilarious, i saw it twice with multiple friends.I also recommended it to other people. Like i said, its fast paced but it works because that's what the comedy is going for. There's a user here who gave it 1 star and said there was an inappropriate scene at the end but i have no idea what they could be talking about? I think i know but you have to be outdated to think so but its definitely not inappropriate. So here's the spoiler of what it could be...


At the end the babies are being delivered and the 3 minute scene could be the storks delivering the babies to all the different parents who wanted them (including) moms and dads, single moms, single dads, moms and moms, dads and dads. That's it. Big deal. It doesn't even shove it in your face. Its 2016. Grow up. And they're all happy that they got their baby. It flashes all the different parent types. Its not inappropriate. Don't impose your outdated personal beliefs on this perfect movie for everyone.

I gave it 10 out of 10 because it made me laugh, i loved the animation and the characters.The story was great.
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STORKS is probably the most poignant cartoon feature since UP . . .
oscaralbert15 October 2016
Warning: Spoilers
. . . with even more gratuitous animal extras (such as, "Wolfpack, form a Submarine!"). As one would expect from ANY Warner Bros. production, STORKS is chock full of warnings for America. (Warner warnings for upcoming U.S. 21st Century Calamities, Catastrophes, Cataclysms, and Apocalypti have pervaded most, if not all, their film products for about a century.) In STORKS, Warner's Warners first blow their whistle against Corrupt Corporate Capitalism, in the guise of boss stork Hunter's (an obvious allusion to Walmart and Amazon's on-going and highly "successful" campaign to destroy Small Town America and American Values, as they depopulate the rural U.S.). Next, Warner warns us that Corporate Greedheads also are sowing the seeds of destruction in the American Family by requiring "workers" to be EMPLOYEES FIRST (and family members on the side, if there's any time left over) by keeping them connected--or tethered--to "work" 24/7/365 (as is the case with young Nate's Mom and Dad, Henry and Sarah, who are rarely parents and seldom even spouses in their Home OFFICE environment). Finally, as futurists such as Aldous Huxley predicted as far back as the 1900s, Human Reproduction is on the verge of being fully automated during the First 100 Days after Jan. 20, 2017, since President Trump will not tolerate having any babies getting in the way of his roving tiny fingers.
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Very boring and chaotic
lessal-7960620 June 2017
Storks seemed like a good kids movie you would watch just to get out of the house and go to the theater, but I found that storks is very boring and fast paced. Many of the jokes fell flat and felt forced, speaking of forced, the parents. The parents are absolutely terrible characters and suddenly go from being responsible to downright stupid and unrealistic. Many of the scenes are rushed and the characters actions and dialogue left me confused. Over all, storks is a waste of time movie to watch once and never again.
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