Kingsman: The Golden Circle (2017) Poster

Michael Gambon: Arthur


  • [Eggsy enters the Kingsman briefing room] 

    Arthur : Ah, Galahad! You're late. We were wondering if you'd had a second encounter with Charlie.

    Eggsy : I wish. I'm looking forward to finishing him off.

    [Eggsy sits down and puts on his glasses to greet the holographic projections of the other agents] 

    Eggsy : All right, gents.

    [Merlin enters the room] 

    Arthur : Merlin, come in. Galahad and Lancelot, please remain for Merlin's debrief. Everyone else, reconvene at 1900 hours.

    [the other agents sign off as Merlin activates the main screen] 

    Merlin : So, the man who attacked Galahad in the taxi was Charlie Hesketh, rejected Kingsman applicant turned bad. We last saw him back at Richmond Valentine's HQ.

    [Merlin plays the security footage of Eggsy knocking out Charlie] 

    Merlin : Like everyone else there, Charlie had a security implant in his neck. A weakness we had no choice but to exploit.

    [security footage shows the heads of Valentne's guests exploding] 

    Eggsy : [recalling Merlin's words]  Hey Merlin. Still fucking spectacular, eh?


    Eggsy : Come on, guys. Loosen up. We saved the world.

    Merlin : Yeah. Unfortunately, Galahad, you also saved Charlie. When you electrocuted him, you damaged his implant. Instead of his head exploding, he only lost an arm and his vocal chords.

    Eggsy : Fucker should be thanking me.

    Arthur : And now he's back for revenge?

    Merlin : We don't think so, sir. We believe he's being recruited by an unknown organization. Lancelot?

    Roxy : Got the police autopsy reports from Charlie's colleagues in the SUVs. They're not just goons for hire. Fingerprints removed. Teeth filed smooth. I did a face recognition. Nothing.

    Arthur : And that thing?

    Roxy : A cosmetic tattoo made of 24-karat gold. They all had them. Seems like we're looking at some kind of underworld organization.

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