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Sex & Nudity

  • Some corpses around the game seem to be naked, buttocks are seen, but there's never any genitalia seen.

Violence & Gore

  • Very violent, but not very gory
  • Whenever an enemy is slashed with a sword, plenty of blood sprays and some graphic slashes are shown on them.
  • There are many dead bodies throughout the game, many impaled on giant wooden stakes, some in piles, some hanging above the player. The bodies generally are covered in blood or in varying stages of decay. Some of them are even graphically burnt.
  • Senua at one point gets a large cut on the side of her head, she then heats up a broken sword in fire and uses it to cauterize the wound, she screams in pain.


  • 1 use of the F word, a little other profanity scattered throughout.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • VERY intense and frightening atmosphere. There are many dead bodies strewn throughout which makes it even more disturbing.
  • The main crux of the game is that the main character is an emotionally damaged woman who often has eerie and disturbing voices in her head which occasionally taunt her. She also seems very distraught throughout the game which makes the atmosphere even more intense.
  • The appearance of the enemies is very disturbing and scary. Basic enemies are unnerving and boss enemies are even more frightening in appearance.
  • Fights between the player and enemies are very intense and stressful given the player character's vulnerability. In addition, there's a permadeath feature wherein the player is permanently dead after being defeated a number of times which makes the game much more stressful.
  • The main character has a black substance on her arm called "rot" that grows as the game progresses or if she gets defeated. She seems to be in a great deal of pain and it seems to be slowly killing her, very stressful.
  • Throughout the game, the main character is in a constant state of emotional turmoil that gets worse as the game progresses. This is very emotional as it is reminiscent of actual depression. Throughout the game, she is also being chased by a creature called The Darkness that constantly torments her.


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Sex & Nudity

  • The goddess Hela gives off the appearance of a naked woman. No detail whatsoever is seen for the most part, but one of her breasts is very briefly seen later, not sexual

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • At one point, the player has to traverse an area that's almost completely pitch dark while evading some terrifying monsters. The monsters are never really seen in detail, but the implication is pretty disturbing and the entire segment is quite tense and scary.
  • The player has to traverse an area where if they go into shadows, they'll see some obscure but horrifying imagery unless they get a torch or get back into light. Being exposed to darkness too long will result in Senua going insane and losing a life.

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