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New Harold, New Number, New Recruits, New Voice & Ice9
Messi74248 June 2016
Warning: Spoilers
This episode is as brilliant as it gets. This episode begins with the burial of our beloved Cocoa Puffs. I'm gonna miss her terribly, but also I'm glad to know she's the voice of the Machine. Can't wait to see her all in God Mode. Although Harold is in complete God Mode and has unprecedented access. Reese & Shaw try to save the President, while the previous Irrelevant numbers try to secure the exit strategy of our primary assets. This is our hope of new spin off for the show. The new recruits getting the numbers. But it was still unclear to me, if Samaritan was all behind i (Because no Samaritan agents were shown in contact or Greer for that matter) The twist to me was unexpected and I couldn't even see that coming. But when Logan Pierce showed up, following Joey Durban & Rose Harper, I knew something was special about this episode. But I still fear that Reese & Harold might die, because of what Harold said to him in the pilot episode; Sooner or later they'll both end up dead. Actually Dead this time. I just hope the finale will be as exciting as YHWH or If-then-Else. Btw this is one hell of a quality show. Frankly I don't understand people rooting for stupid shows like Supergirl, TWD or 2 Broke Girls. SMH!

Also Harold uploads Ice9 virus that could bring Samaritan to it's knees but could have serious repercussions/ramifications
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Can a machine love? Can a sociopath grieve? (Vague spoilers)
skipperkd8 June 2016
Warning: Spoilers
No specific spoilers here, only vague outlines. The title "Synecdoche" probably refers to Root's voice representing all of Root, her entire personality. She comes through beautifully in the Machine now.

I found this to be a very enjoyable episode, if somewhat lacking credibility and continuity. Good mix of suspense, action, humor, and bittersweet poignancy regarding Root. The opening scene at Root's grave-site brought vivid memories of Detective Carter's heartfelt burial in Season 3:2 The Devil's Share.

Most of the action takes place in DC around the White House. For most of the episode, I couldn't guess what would come next; the plot was unusually twisted. The theme echoed season 3, with Vigilance-like vigilantes fanatically fighting government surveillance. (They came out of nowhere. Samaritan would probably have killed them all months ago, given their anti- surveillance stance.)

Reese, Shaw, and Fusco got the President's number, because Samaritan didn't deem him relevant. Lol.

Sarah Shahi as Shaw played the grieving sociopath to perfection.

Three irrelevant persons that Team Machine saved in the past play key roles: Joey Durban the soldier from Season 1:3 "Mission Creep" (James Carpinello, married to Root/Amy Acker); Logan Pierce the billionaire coder from 2:14 "One Percent" (Jimmi Simpson); and Harper Rose (Annie Ilonzeh) the shady grifter from 4:16 "Blunt" and several more episodes, including "Asylum" wherein she saved Fusco.

Fun little plot twists. I liked the surprises. Scenic. Heartwarming scenes. Feels!

Meanwhile, Finch takes a road trip via Kentucky to Texas, alone with only the voice of Root, spoken by his brainchild The Machine. Lovely conversations, at times almost profound. Can a machine love? Does she truly grieve Root's death?

Finch, in the guise of Harold Osprey (a new alias -- a raptor, no less!) takes drastic action at Kelly Air Force Base in Texas, which, if he follows through, will likely cost untold collateral damage. His actions brought "Cat's Cradle" by Vonnegut strongly to mind.

For those of us who've been impatient for Harold to take the fight to Samaritan, we must wait no longer. He's finally in god mode. Be scared.
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