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A Satisfying Feast for This CSI Fan
rassie-057856 October 2015
The finale was a promised ending to the last network show I have faithfully watched. I was not the least bit disappointed.

We were given the return of the beloved characters: Catherine Willows, Jim Brass, and Gil Grissom. For any true fan of the show there were nods to past episodes, from the pilot to Boom to Lady Heather's Box and more. It was a wonderful Easter Egg hunt of such connections. Viewing the shows numerous times I am still finding these little gems.

For those who wanted a major case, that is not what this movie was about nor should it have been. It was about giving fans such as myself chance to say goodbye, and envision the future for some of our favorite characters.
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CSI: Immortality
Scarecrow-883 November 2015
Warning: Spoilers
So-so finality to the CSI: Las Vegas series isn't really all that high on drama as much as it follows up on some stories needing closure. Suicide bombers in Vegas and how their terrorism is rather odd considering the people strapping on the C-4 vests…they don't carry the history of being the kind that would strap on such a bomb vest and threaten the lives of many innocent people.

The threat inside an elementary school play theater towards kids is certainly a frightening moment, and the bombing inside a casino (Paul Guilfoyle's former Homicide detective Jim Brass is a floor watchman in the casino, and later he is nearly burned alive) that starts the show is quite a kick off to the tele-movie. While the series concluded with Elizabeth Shue's CSI blood expert in a coma, this movie informs us with a closing scene with Ted Danson's Graveyard Shift CSI Lead, DB Russell, that she succumbed to her injuries…a definite downer considering the uplifting conclusion to Gil Grissom and Sara Sidle's (William Petersen and Jorja Fox) rocky, up and down, love story. This is certainly Gil's show. If you are a Danson fan, and he wasn't returning to star in CSI Cyber, this movie would have been disappointing because he spends most of his time in the lab and his office. Gil and Sara's relationship is front and center…Sara wants DB's job, and actually she succeeds in the promotion, but the love that exists with Gil might just have her rethinking what she wants in life. The show gives fans of Catherine Willows (Marg Helgenberger) a satisfying conclusion to her story as well. She is with the FBI, returns to Vegas when she learns of her pops' casino's bombing, gets involved in the investigation (not getting in the way but helping wherever she can), and could just land DB's job if Sara decides to choose Gil over the promotion. Even better is Catherine's daughter, Lindsey, working in the Vegas lab. I really enjoyed Gil's scene with Lindsay investigating a luggage case. The culprit, a client of Lady Heather's, allows Gil to return to the lab and help the team…it also concludes the Gil and Lady Heather storyline as well in doing this plot. Sara and Heather's animosity (both are affectionate towards Gil) surfaces during interrogations/interviews and the way the terrorist threat involved Gil significantly makes sense considering the show wanted to end with beloved characters finishing their stories with completion.

Fans of the likes of Eric Szmanda, Elisabeth Harnois, Robert David Hall, Wallace Langham, and Jon Wellner shouldn't be too let down as each character gets their moment to help on the case. Harnois and Szmanda are part of a harrowing scene with Helgenberger regarding cars in a garage containing bombs threatening to blow up a building, Petersen and David Hall reunite to look at a prosthetic test dummy with a specific bee inside it, and Langham once again shares the screen with Gil, his idol, interrupting a *moment* with Sara. George Eades is certainly missed as his absence is unfortunate considering his ties to Catherine and Gil.

I think overall this gives long-term fans (like myself) a nice goodbye, and those characters we grew up with (I am 38 now and was 22 when it stared!) getting nice conclusions is gratifying. An iconic show that will stand the test of time.
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Absolutely dreadful
jezfernandez4 October 2015
Warning: Spoilers
CSI has been on the slide for a few years now, but this finale sunk to new depths. The writing was awful, the plot banal and the acting appalling. Where do I start?

I think the most galling aspect is that this does not feel like a tearful goodbye from the cast (like the finale of Friends or Frasier). Everyone has a look contractual desperation on their face, especially Grissom. DB's hardly in it, Brass looks incredibly bitter and the rest - Greg, Hodges, Morgan, Henry, Super Dave, Doc Robbins - are all bit players.

Then let's consider the script's rationale for bringing Grissom back; Lady Heather. Seriously? Who cares about Lady Heather? Did someone really sit down and say "fans will want to see her back one more time?" Which brings me to Lindsey. What?! That same writer clearly said, "...and they'll definitely want to know how things turned out for Catherine's daughter."

Everything about this finale was a travesty. The CSIs uncovering three car loads of C4 and heroically deciding ONLY THEY CAN SAVE THE BUILDING! Morgan doing her hysterical bluster routine and dropping the wire cutters. The bomber's motive (which I'm still a little hazy on). The coloured bees (which I'm even more hazy about). The mysterious Lady Heather double in the car who was never explained. Working out that Finn eventually died off screen (and off story), though I'm thankful they left her out.

And then the ending. Was CSI ever about Grissom and Sara? No, it was about the crimes and the forensics.

Grissom is right - they jumped the shark a long time ago. CSI will not be missed.
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Good riddance. Ciao.
NanoFrog2 October 2015
Warning: Spoilers
How this "finale" rates above zero is beyond me. There was nothing believable about this show a any moment. Having the Peterson character show up was the signal that this was a joke episode. The plot involves a series of bombs, a case uncovered by a series of brilliant "deductions" that are just impossible...including bees that scout a distant mountain range. The last year or so this show has been just absurd. The acting is terrible, the stories absurd, everything seems so aged, decrepit and foolish. I cannot describe this show as there is nothing there. An empty plot, bored, worn out actors and it was just nonsense. Good riddance at last.
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RONY-322 October 2015
Warning: Spoilers
This finale will go down as one of the worst. They could have at least solve an unsolved case or a case wherein no one was arrested or convicted. like the one wherein the episode was written by the writers of Two and a Half men, I believe no one was arrested in that. But instead Lady Heather was a person of interest which is why they asked Grissom to return to help. If Grissom had ended up with Heather it would have been OK but instead he got back together with Sara. Which is something I didn't want to happened cause I never liked them. And it so unfortunate George Eads didn't want to appear; I mean Grissom was in San Diego which is where Eads' character Nick now works. And if he didn't appear they could have him call or text Grissom. And Catherine after leaving to join the FBI decides to come back after a few years. It would have been better if Grissom decided he wanted to come back. And if Sara went with Grissom does mean that she gave up her job and does that mean Catherine gets it. Cause there was no explanation. And all we have to know about what about happened to Finlay is that when DB was packing he also packed a plaque honoring her. Another thing what's going to happen to the lab with DB gone and possible Sara that leaves Greg, Morgan, Lindsay and maybe only Catherine. I also wonder why Greg and Morgan didn't hook up, I think they look good together.
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What a way to end fifteen years!
Carycomic27 September 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Grissom's pun, during the 20-minute prologue, was right on the money. The script writers for this episode really did jump the shark!

For those too young to remember, there was one season of HAPPY DAYS where the cast went out to Hollywood. While there, Fonzie made a water- skiing jump over a captive great white shark! Well, a lot of people--fans and professional critics alike--expressed disapproval of it. Accusing ABC of stooping pretty low for Nielsen ratings for the show.

Since then, "jumping the shark" has been TV-industry slang for such story lines. Especially on series about to go off the air!

Having someone blow up her father's casino, just to get Katherine back from the LA branch of the FBI, I can understand. But, to relegate Jim Brass to a mere security chief, there, after such a long absence? And to have Julie (Elizabeth Shue's character) die off-camera when most of us probably don't even remember her being made comatose as a result of that needlessly prolonged subplot involving the Gig Harbor twins?

{A plot twist I had to back-track to look up, btw.}

Shameful. Plain, simple, and undeniable. And, that goes double for not even a photographic reference to Warwick Brown or Nick Stokes!

The only reasons I don't give this just one star? D.B. Russell is going on to CSI: CYBER (yay!). And, Grissom and Sarah got back together (double-yay!). At least in that regard, the writers deserve some credit.
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Remember what was good about CSI? Forget most of it. Remember what was bad in CSI? Expect to see most of it return to your screen
theelf-893-70756123 April 2016
There is a thing called CSI Effect. People *expect* ultra fast DNA tests, they expect "scientific evidence" very far from reality. This final chapter brings conclusion to the show. But the new case lacks original ideas, it is just as tired as the worst seasons of the show, and and it manages to inherit all the issues the CSI series had.

Old stars and characters return to a "yet another" important and big scene that can showcase it all, but as the show tries to amaze us with "detective fantasy" it manages to serve us more nonsense and an uninteresting plot.

When we watched the show the tale about individual characters added a bit of spice to this bland soup of scientific nonsense. The characters and how they performed added a lot to the "drama" in this series. But as a "service to old fans" they wanted to add conclusion to the show, and brought back (revived) old characters in an attempt to please most of us. Too bad it meant: We lost continuity.

And events in the team and continuity were one of the key redeeming qualities of the original show.
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Disappointing ending to one of the greatest shows ever
kristianekrystad14 June 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Very disappointing ending for one of my favorite shows. I first discovered CSI when I was really hung over. There was no Netflix at the time, only my roommates DVDs. I never really liked crime shows, but decided to give CSI a change due to the lack of choices. CSI has been hailed as one of the best TV shows ever. This last episode did not give that credit. It wasn't even exciting! They had 2 hours! They could have been spent better. They could have come up with a better crime with more feel to it. This was too much a love story between Grissom and Sarah. The characters personal life has always been second to the story crimes - this time the personal life of Gil and Sarah was give to much space.
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