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"Lawrence: After Arabia" tells the story of the last 10 years of the life of the 20th century hero, T.E. Lawrence - Lawrence of Arabia. It asks the question as to whether his death in May 1935 was an apparent motorcycle accident or murder engineered by the British Secret Service and if so why? Lawrence was a writer and poet with friendships with GB Shaw, Thomas Hardy, Henry Williamson, EM Forster, Siegfried Sassoon and others but he was also a political agitator and good friends with Winston Churchill. During that decade Lawrence centred his life at Cloud's Hill, his simple cottage near Bovington in Dorset where he spent those 10 years escaping the "Lawrence of Arabia" and hero epithets by using pseudonyms and changing his name. He still had strong ties with his Arab friends, was building bridges with Mosely and the Blackshirts and was also be prepared for a leadership position in the Secret Service. There is also strong evidence that, in common with many other soldiers, he suffered ...

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