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We meet the staff of 101.7 THE JAMZ, the top-rated radio station in Chicago. When Kasey, the host of the #1 rated morning show in Chicago, announces his impending retirement, Jay-Jay & Fitzy find themselves scrambling to get out of their overnight graveyard shift and into Kasey's coveted morning show timeslot. After storming into Program Director Danielle "Dan" Hansen's office and accidentally quitting their jobs, Jay-Jay and Fitzy beg their coworkers (Stanton, Chrissy, Wyatt, and Intern) for help proving to Dan that they deserve the morning show instead of midday host Geena. While they can't get Dan to commit to them as a replacement, they do get their jobs back and Dan's word that they will eventually be considered. Meanwhile Fitzy, trying to impress his work crush Chrissy, spills coffee all over her expensive shoes. To make up for his blunder, Fitzy purchases new shoes for Chrissy as a gift, but learns that she thinks of him only as a friend.

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