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Review: Hong Sang-soo's "Hotel By The River" Offers Something New

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The oft-repeated joke about Hong Sang-soo is that he makes the same movie over and over again, but at this stage in his career there is a necessary, if often overlooked asterisk: though the start- and end-points may vary slightly from viewer to viewer, he has carved out distinguishable periods. If periodizing the South Korean director is a manageable task, it’s ultimately a limiting one as well, a way to make a sometimes overwhelming oeuvre more digestible. Hong’s genius becomes most apparent when—as is the case with Yasujiro Ozu, another director who visibly honed and refined his style from film to film—one begins to look at the deviations, foreshadowings, and throwbacks within a particular period. Ozu’s pre-war sound films fascinatingly oscillate between polemical criticisms and more modernist depictions of Japan on the verge of mass societal uprootings, but maintained a commitment to a particular stylistic approach; Hong,
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‘Hotel by the River’ Trailer: Hong Sang-soo Returns With a Low-Key Rom-Com

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‘Hotel by the River’ Trailer: Hong Sang-soo Returns With a Low-Key Rom-Com
Hong Sang-soo is among the most prolific filmmakers in the world, and somehow manages to make each new film an event unto itself. “Hotel by the River” is his fifth film in the last two years — “On the Beach at Night Alone,” “Claire’s Camera,” “The Day After,” and “Grass” all preceded it on the festival circuit — and, like all of those earlier works, stars his creative and romantic partner Kim Min-hee (“The Handmaiden”).

After premiering at Locarno last summer, the black-and-white romantic comedy will soon be released theatrically. Watch the trailer below.

Here’s the synopsis: “Two tales intersect at a riverside hotel: an elderly poet (Ki Joo-bong), invited to stay there for free by the owner, summons his two estranged sons, sensing his life drawing to a close; and a young woman (Kim Min-hee) nursing a recently broken heart is visited by a friend who tries to console her.
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Trailer for Upcoming Korean Movie “Hotel by the River” by Hong Sang-soo

Long walks, meals, drinks, conversations and Kim Min-hee are all back in Korean auteur Hong Sang-soo’s latest monochrome offering “Hotel by the River”.


An old poet staying for free in a riverside hotel summons his two estranged sons. This is because he feels, for no apparent reason, like he is going to die. After being betrayed by the man she was living with, a young woman gets a room at the hotel. Seeking support, she summons a friend. The poet spends a day with his sons and tries to wrap up the loose ends in his life. But it’s not so easy to do that in one day. But then he sees the young woman and her friend, after a sudden, unbelievably heavy snowfall.

Apart from Hong Sang-soo’s muse Kim Min-hee, the film stars regular Hong Sang-soo collaborators Song Seon-mi, Kwon Hae-hyo, Yoo Jun-sang, who won
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Berlin Film Festival Hires Carlo Chatrian as New Festival Director to Replace Dieter Kosslick

Berlin Film Festival Hires Carlo Chatrian as New Festival Director to Replace Dieter Kosslick
After a prolonged search over the past year, the Berlin Film Festival has hired Carlo Chatrian as its new director, according to multiple German outlets, including the daily newspaper B.Z. Berlin. Chatrian, who served as artistic director of the Locarno Film Festival since 2013, will replace outgoing Berlin director Dieter Kosslick. Festival representatives did not respond to requests for comment.

Kosslick, who ran the festival since 2001, faced criticism in recent years for the caliber of films in the lineup. Consternation over his tenure reached a fever pitch last fall, when 79 German directors delivered an open letter to Spiegel Online demanding a “new start” to the festival as well as the hiring of “an outstanding curatorial personality who is passionate about cinema, well-connected internationally and capable of leading the festival into the future on an equal footing with Cannes and Venice.” Kosslick’s contract expires May 31, 2019.

The German Cultural Events Agency
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‘The Day After’ Trailer: Director Hong Sang-soo Is Back With His Soulful Cannes Standout Film [Exclusive]

The Day After” is a film that we’ve been following for a long time. After its premiere at last year’s Cannes Film Festival, we’ve been waiting for the official release Stateside. And with the film finally making its debut this May, we now are pleased to bring you an exclusive trailer and poster for the film.

Read More: Hong Sang-soo’s ‘Grass’ Is Brief But Dense With Ideas [Berlin Review]

From filmmaker Hong Sang-soo, perhaps best known for his films “Hahaha” and “Right Now, Wrong Then,” “The Day After” is an absolutely beautiful film.
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‘Claire’s Camera’ Trailer: Isabelle Huppert Teams With Hong Sangsoo For Charming Comedy About a Magical Piece of Machinery

‘Claire’s Camera’ Trailer: Isabelle Huppert Teams With Hong Sangsoo For Charming Comedy About a Magical Piece of Machinery
“Taking a photo is something very important,” the eponymous Claire (Isabelle Huppert) tells a new friend in the opening of the latest trailer for Hong Sangsoo’s “Claire’s Camera,” setting the stage both for the film’s tone and the happy mystery that drives it. Huppert leads the feature as a woman who might be in possession of a magical camera, and who uses that wacky piece of machinery to possibly change the fortunes of her newest acquaintance.

In the film, “Huppert plays Claire, a school teacher with a camera (that might be magical) on her first visit to The Cannes Film Festival. She happens upon a film sales assistant, Manhee (Kim Minhee) recently laid off after a one-night stand with a film director (Jung Jinyoung). Together, this unlikely pair become detectives of sorts, as they wander around the seaside resort town, working to better understand the circumstances of
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‘Grass’ Trailer: Step Into A Cafe With Hong Sang-soo & Kim Min-hee

It’s probably best not to try and keep up with the prolific out of Hong Sang-soo, but just prepare yourself for each picture as it arrives. The director’s latest, “Grass,” is set to make its World Premiere at the Berlin International Film Festival which kicks off today, and it looks like another gem from the filmmaker.

Reteaming with Kim Min-hee (“On A Beach Alone At Night,” “Claire’s Camera,” “The Day After,” “Right Now, Wrong Then“) the story takes inside a café where multiple dramas unfold before our eyes.
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