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Kuosmanen’s unassuming yet immaculate command of tone and form here would impress at any stage of his career, but it’s entirely remarkable in a first feature.
The movie is a small marvel of impeccable craftsmanship.
Low-key performances by the conflicted Lahti and the radiant Airola prove the final knockout hit, with The Happiest Day in the Life of Olli Mäki at its best when it’s lingering upon the nuanced expressions on their faces, or highlighting the way their portrayals so convincingly convey their characters’ affections.
A unique and beautiful boxing movie.
It’s an authentic celebration of the timeless delights of country bike rides and skimming stones. Absolutely lovely.
Village Voice
Olli Mäki isn't a knockout, but it does go the distance.
Although “Olli Mäki” ostensibly belongs to the boxing film genre as much as it is functions as a romantic drama, it never seems truly invested in the underdog narrative of its title character.
The Film Stage
It finds a poetically understated ending, but the drama, especially near the end, borders on being too repetitive. Still, it’s a worthwhile showcase for excellent performances, assured direction, and a twist on the sports story that prioritizes character before history.
As for the winner and new champion, it has to be Kuosmanen, who never met a boxing-film cliché he couldn’t discreetly avoid.
Slant Magazine
This is a sports tale in which the character building has almost nothing to do with the sport.

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