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Season 2

18 Nov. 2016
Demir Yumruk
Young throne prospect Murad is given opportunity to take charge. His mother Kösem Sultan honors him to the royal throne. But as soon as Murad puts on the Crown, he no longer appreciates a support nor an assistance to his authority.
2 Dec. 2016
Hainler her yerde!
Sinan Pasha takes over the control of communication systems for Knights Templar messengers inside the Empire. He then invites the exiled Gülbahar Sultan to pay a visit to her son, Bayezid, the strongest Throne prospect. Only a federal Vatican officer shares this secret with him.
30 Dec. 2016
Karanlik. Dipsiz kuyu!
Sultan Murad decides to teach a lesson to his younger brother Kasim, who is indeed very loyal to him except one or two small mistakes of not obeying certain rituals and regulations. Kasim is put in a doomed underground cell, in which a lunatic fearsome Ottoman emperor resides.
14 Feb. 2017
Bir devrin yangini!
Gülbahar Sultan masters the worries of Bayezid and secretly gets together with her constituents to set the Empire on an ever-expanding fire, of which Sultan 4.Murad believes that it occurred due to a not properly extinguished cigarette butt. Yet the reality is much more horrible than that.
21 Feb. 2017
Ya devlet basa ya kuzgun lese
Kösem develops a counter-espionage tactic to protect her family inside the Empire. But his son Sultan 4.Murad disregards the needs of his family nor does he ever care for the needs of his Empire, since whoever believes in him must fear his presence or taste his vengeance.
28 Feb. 2017
Yasaklarini sultani
Upon the recent fire disaster in the capital city, many governors are found dead. Filled with wrath and revenge, Sultan Murad postures as a hangman in the middle of the night and executes overnight twice the number of citizens who died in the fire in two weeks of time.
14 Mar. 2017
Ask ölümdür!
Upon Silâhdar's release from the fasting cell, Kösem disregards Gevherhan's devotion pushing her to the edge of suicide. When Sinan Pasha frees Ester for a favor of espionage against Kösem, Bayezid baffles the Throne by faking a funeral for Gülbahar Sultan.
21 Mar. 2017
Ölmedin ölmek!
Self-inflicted emperor Murad goes hunting and course charting as his doubts grow for the reasons behind the deaths of his noble children. Silâhdar, his Grand Vizier, neglects his duty of executing Ayse Sultan due to his merciful heart. Meanwhile several public executions begin to take place in the bazaar.
28 Mar. 2017
En büyük düsman!
The ego combat between the two noble brothers Kasim and Bayezid reaches to climax as Kasim squeals on him. Yet Bayezid proves his loyalty to Sultan Murad by passing his ruthless test of executing Kasim's suspect of treason, Klika Hatun.
4 Apr. 2017
Gölgenin gölgesi
Gulbahar Sultan's assassins attack Kösem when she is asleep, as Kasim arrives to her rescue at the final breath. Upon the recent dispute between Kösem and Sultan Murad, Kösem decides to take Kasim's side in his struggle to take over the throne. Together they decide that their first target shall be Bayezid.
11 Apr. 2017
Sadakat serbeti!
Bayezid challenges Kösem Sultan in her attempts to reveal Gulbahar Sultan's secrets. Sultan Murad suspecting a treason inside the Empire remains silent while struggling for a romantic reunion with Princess Faria. Sultan Murad takes his army and declares war against the Persian residues, during the night of which Bayezid's hire-keys attack his tent next to the Persian stronghold to assassinate him.
18 Apr. 2017
Kan revan!
The empire which Bayezid consents to die for, though his mother Gulbahar Sultan and his viceroy Sinan Pasha are ready to sacrifice a nation for his well-being, relies on Kösem Sultan once more when she has to execute Bayezid in the throne room in front of his younger brothers Ibrahim and Kasim. But will this bring an end to the misdemeanors Sultan Murad has made a habit of taking too personally?
25 Apr. 2017
Simsir agaclarinin ardinda...
Imprisoned in a cell in Rumeli, Gulbahar Sultan succeeds in protecting Sinan Pasha's espionage strategy when Sultan Murad interrogates her. Sultan Murad shows mercy to the Persian war commander who lost the recent border battle against him and summons up with him. Kösem Sultan rebels against Sultan Murad's authority by arranging a political gathering with all the governors and counselors in the empire, when he is not around.
2 May 2017
Siham-i kaza
Both Atike Sultan and Sultan Murad arrives too late to find Silâhdar and Faria Sultan assassinated. When Kösem Sultan makes a false accusation involving Gülbahar Sultan, Sultan Murad faces the unbearable facts that his mother is responsible behind the assassinations. Meddlesomely Sinan Pasha kidnaps Sultan Murad's infants letting Gülbahar Sultan to conclude her vendetta by threatening Sultan Murad with the lives of his noble brothers in exchange for the lives of his two children.
23 May 2017
Bagdat fatihi!
Sultan Murad attacks Persians and invades Baghdad. But due to his alcoholic addiction he falls sick. Viceroy discovers that Sultan Murad's medicine has been replaced with poison. He is betrayed by his doctor who is under oath to Kösem's sultana.
30 May 2017
Dört kanatli kus!
Sultan 4. Murad loses his throne to Kösem Sultan's partisans due to lack of his reputation and weakness in health. Though young Ibrahim is not willing to take over the throne, he won't have any other choice than winding up at it.
6 Jun. 2017
Gayrimesru sehzade!
After the death and burial of Sultan 4. Murad, his unhinged brother Ibrahim takes over the throne. Knowing too much but doing too little he can neither withstand Kösem Sultan's partisans executing the senate members, nor her revenge taking actions against non-hereditary children of the empire.
27 Jun. 2017
Valide-i maktule...
Kösem Sultan stands against her daughter Atike Sultan when she attempts to rescue the imprisoned Sultan Ibrahim. Turhan Sultan takes advantage of this squabble by ministering a fatwa from the senate. A fatwa to end Kösem's epoch.

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