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'Strad Style' triumphs at Slamdance 2017

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'Strad Style' triumphs at Slamdance 2017
Stefan Avalos’s feature dazzled jury and audiences in Park City.

Stefan Avalos’s feature earned the Sparky Prize for Best Documentary Feature and the audience award in Park City on Friday night.

The Sparky Prize for Best Narrative Feature went to Daniel Warth’s Dim The Fluorescents and Bill Watterson’s Dave Made A Maze won the Narrative Feature Audience Award.

Jamie Greenberg’s Future ’38 earned the Beyond Feature Audience Award.

Moriom by Francesca Scalisi and Mark Olexa won the Sparky Prize for best documentary short, while Tim Mason’s No Other Way To Say It won best narrative short and Hold Me (Ca Caw Ca Caw) by Renee Zhan took the animated prize.

UpCycles by Ariana Gerstein won best experimental short and Maxwell McCabe-Lokoss’s took best anarchy short for Ape Sodom.

The Spirit Of Slamdance Award went to the film team behind Neighborhood Food Drive by Jerzy Rose.
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2017 Slamdance Film Festival Announces Audience and Jury Prizes

Last night, the 23rd annual Slamdance Film Festival announced the feature and short film recipients of this year’s Sparky Awards. A jury of filmmakers and industry professionals determined the Slamdance Jury Awards for Narrative Feature, Documentary Feature, and Short Film categories. The Audience Awards and the Spirit of Slamdance, an award given by the filmmakers of Slamdance 2017 to the director who best embodies the spirit of the Festival, were also bestowed. The award winners were announced at the festival’s annual Awards Ceremony at the Treasure Mountain Inn in Park City, Utah.

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“Independent film is made beautiful not by those individual artists that form celebrity culture but by creative collaboration” said Peter Baxter, Slamdance Co-Founder and President. “At Slamdance this year we’ve experienced an entire program of beautiful independent film and the promise
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‘Strad Style’ Docu Wins Slamdance Grand Jury & Audience Awards

‘Strad Style’ Docu Wins Slamdance Grand Jury & Audience Awards
The Sundance Film Festival won’t be handing out its awards until tomorrow but that other Park City shindig held its ceremony last night and a certain Stradivari obsessed documentary took some top prizes. There were wins for the Bill Waterson directed Dave Made a Maze and a Spirit of Slamdance victory for the Jerzy Rose helmed Neighborhood Food Drive, at the 23rd Slamdance fest on Thursday. The event at Park City’s Treasure Mountain Inn also saw the Stefan Avalos directed S…
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Slamdance 2017 Review: Laugh At Awful People in Neighborhood Food Drive

Neighborhood Food Drive’s synopsis should be a clue as to what kind of film it is: “Awful idiots fail at throwing a party over and over”. Director Jerzy Rose definitely wasn’t out to make a feel-good comedy with those emotional moments the more mainstream ones tend to tack on during the last 20 minutes. The idiots in question are Madeline (Lyra Hill) and Naomi (Bruce Bundy), the owners of an upscale yet curiously always empty restaurant. Wanting to supposedly help their community, they set about organizing food drives with the help of their dimbulb waiter Steven (Marcos Barnes), his flighty girlfriend Bianca (Ruby McCollister) and the couple’s douchey, bearded, Jason Sudeikis-type college prof David (Ted Tremper), who apparently has nothing better to do than hang...

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