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peraalol18 May 2016
This episode was so amazing, i were completely blown away. Acting and the story were on a really high level, this TV show surpassed the Vampire Diaries so much that, they can't even be compared anymore. Season 3 peak is reached, and the episode 21 is by my opinion one of the best from the whole show. I don't want to spoil anything u guys and girls can check it out by yourself, but i am telling u to expect the unexpected, a lot of twists and great scenes. Started watching the originals as a tvd alternative, now its quite the opposite, i am looking forward to the season four, and more of excellent episodes, keep up the good work guys always and forever! :D
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Why the disappointing ending???????????
supermaggie16 May 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I love this show, I love the characters (will miss Cami), esp. Klaus and Elijah and Rebekah (come back!!), but this episode really let me down - I was at the edge of my seat and couldn't believe that Marcel was finally gone (thanks Elijah!!), however then he was back - damn, damn, I hated Marcel from the first episode, I was so happy-good riddance, but no-very disappointed! I realize that there must be an enemy, but why Marcel (again)??? Kill this xxx finally off and come up with any other enemy. And why did nobody tell him that they were only protecting his Rebekah? Marcel, go kill yourself, whiny, ungrateful brat. I hope Klaus+Elijah+Vincent will kick your xxx, and soon.
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