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Seen it all before
Run-of-the-mill cliche horror with jump scares you see coming a mile off. The characters make baffling decisions and the ending is poor. You may have some fun if you go in with extremely low expectations.
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Was Expecting More And More
ymyuseda22 April 2019
It's definitely not as good as conjuring or annabelle. My expectations aren't too high just based on the reviews we're seen but overall it really wasn't bad. There were several scenes really did create the atmosphere. In the end it's another run-of-the-mill horror film despite having a great story !!
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Don't believe positive reviews this film is the worst.
whitemanfromtowne27 May 2019
The stuff they are calling horror nowadays is just HORRORble and nonsensical. Just going after the shocking effect to thrill the audience does not make a story good by a long shot. There needs to be some everyday common sense on how one reacts to things that don't make sense. But whenever I thought the story would become smart, it became more and more asinine. The sh...t thats being produced nowadays being called horror is a travesty to the genre. Gone are good ole days of great writing. DONT BELIEVE THE POSITIVE REVIEW. This film is the worst.
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The Curse of La Basura
schamarande28 April 2019
We were lucky to watch that movie in teen-free premises, which allowed us to focus on the story without suffering jumps, screams and laugh at their own jumps and screams, and repeat. That let us realize plot and twists were not part of the original budget. I guess all the money went to la llorona herself. The room was full of adults, we all laughed at how bad the acting was at times, when the tropes were too obvious... by the end, we were pissed we had not received money to waste two hours of our time.
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The Curse Of La Llorona Is Better Than The Nun!!!
pratheepdare18 April 2019
This movie is linked in conjuring universe. This movie having better horror elements to get scared. I don't know how it going to get linked in conjuring universe. Back to back scary scenes execution better. But horror background music must have been done better. But this movie worth watch.
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The Curse of La Llorona cries itself to sleep with ineffective jump scares and a repetitive plot.
TheMovieDiorama6 May 2019
"The Bad Spell of My Sharona". "What's the Capital of Arizona?". "I'd Rather Be in Barcelona!". The metaphysical entity that has now manifested into "The Conjuring Universe" has certainly had its highs, mostly with James Wan involved, and lows. "The Benefits of Swedish Krona" may just be the lowest point that this franchise has dipped to. It's rare, especially for me, for a horror film to be completely ineffective yet director Chaves (his debut!) releases a relentless amount of jump scares that were both predictable and tamer than a domestic cat. A case worker uncovers a dark secret involving a weeping ghost known as La Llorona who haunts families and takes children. It comes as no surprise that she starts experiencing her curse.

"The Woman from Oklahoma" is frustratingly poor, mostly stemming down from the atrocious writing. The expositional script is nearly absent of any character depth for both the titular ghoul and Velma (forgive me, but Cardellini will always be my Velma). The loose connection with "The Conjuring Universe" is that the father, who explains the entire motives of La La Loner, is the same character from the original 'Annabelle'. That's it. The amount of exposition, for a plot that really doesn't need any whatsoever, is atrocious. And yet, somehow, we practically have no idea why La Macarena is stealing children and how she came about doing this!? All these pathetic explanations and no frickin' depth.

Cardellini was sensationally good. Seriously she saves the film from being the worst of the year (thus far...). Displaying a range of emotions for her children and a ridiculously commanding presence. Sweet lord, I love her. But Velma clearly needed the rest of Mystery Inc. to satisfyingly unmask La Diploma. When Chaves decides to unveil the ghost in the opening sequence in her full form, it leaves little to the imagination. This therefore results in every jump scare (and there are many...) and suspense-driven camera movements to be ineffective.

There is some ingenuity used in various scenes, the umbrella scare was minimally chilling and the long take following Velma throughout her house was well executed. But it's not enough to differentiate itself against every other generic horror film one could easily find on Netflix. The quality and effectiveness that mostly exists in this cinematic universe is not present at all! Predictable right from the bloody start. Velma's children make so many stupid choices that she should've just given them to La Lymphoma. Do not get me started on that doll sequence as the girl reaches out for it on their porch. There's plenty of choking. Eggs explode blood!? Lord, take me now!

Cardellini deserved better. Way better. It started off with an interesting approach on child abuse, but no. Should've known it would throw that out of the window. What should've been a decent mainstream horror turns out to be a supernatural disaster. "I'll See You in Roma" wept its last tear.
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Could have been good
embracing_silence23 April 2019
The legend of La Llorona is a very interesting story that had potential to become a good movie. Unfortunately, this one suffered from showing the monster too much.

The plot wasn't bad. It would have been more interesting if they showed more of how the legend started, but they had a good idea to go with. What really didn't work for this movie was showing La Llorona too many times, to the point that she wasn't scary. What's always creepy in movies like this is not being able to see their face until the very end, which they had a perfect scene to show her, but by then it was too late.

If you like the Conjuring universe/horror movies, it's a fun watch, just don't expect anything special.
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The weeping woman is alot scarier than this.
grimreaperrr22 May 2019
I actually ended up falling asleep it's shame how unscary this movie portrays the weeping woman. What a waste of my time but at least I caught up on sleep.
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Absolutely terrible.
mrsmia-9663721 April 2019
A bunch of loud yelling and screaming. A plot that has been done to death and just a mess of a movie. Period.
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Taaa Daaa !!!
cvtehnikdamai13 April 2019
This movie is enough to make you have a nightmare.. good directing, making horror and tension collaborating perfectly.. Bravo !! 👏🏼 #Lallorona
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3rd best installment in Conjuring Universe
mnieves0319 April 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I really enjoyed this movie. I think the way to go is Dolby Digital because the immersive sound really adds to the scares and sounds of La Llarona and keeps your attention. What I love most about this movie, is that La Llarona is very visible throughout the movie. You actually see the spirit for good amounts of time and not just intended for a cheap jump scares. I also love that the mother quickly sees the spirit and right away believes in this and doesn't think her kids are just crazy and seeing things. The cinematography was beautiful as well. Now, they're are things I didn't like. Things that were just illogical and predictable. I know that little girl was way smarter than to open the door to reach for her doll while a spirit she knows wants to get her. I also didn't like how at first, when the mother saw the burns on the girls wrist, it was quickly dismissed and to really be believed as just a bad fall. Last but not least, why didn't the kids just say what they saw at first. How could anyone keep that a secret. Overall, good horror movie that exceeded my expectations, especially considering the horrible Nun movie. I'm gonna say this is 3rd best behind conjuring 1 and 2.
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It was a waste of my money and time
goody-0393822 May 2019
When i knew that it was in the conjuring universe I immediately wanted to see it and I knew the curse of la llorona previously so it made me wanted to see it even more, my brother and i went to see it (my brother is a huge fan of the the conjuring universe) We had high hopes for it and oh boy was it disappointing. The negatives: Let's start with how they didn't take advantage of the amazing story basically they told the story in about two minutes and that's it,they did mention it once or twice afterward but it didn't do justice to the story. Second thing to talk about is the jump scares, the movie consisted of jump scares (With the examination of the first of thirty minutes) after that it was either a jump scare or the music leading to a jump scare. Third thing is that the movie is a cliché, you have your cliché kids that will get everyone killed to get their toy and your cliché church that will tell you that they can't help you but they'll send you to normally a ghost investigator but this time it was a shaman and many more. That's all i have to say if the movie did anything good it was that it made us laugh.
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The Nun II (basically)
vincent-u1619 April 2019
Warning: Spoilers
If you enjoy any movie in The Conjuring universe, you will probably enjoy this one as well.

It's basically the same concept as The Nun. ('Demon' has the same face etc) Created for jump scares, but very basic. A classic and enjoyable horror flick for the fans. Don't expect much but just empty your mind and enjoy the ride.
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beststaras15 April 2019
I may not have grown up with the legend of La Llorona, but I grew up with a healthy respect for superstitions and things that cannot be explained. In a number of Latinx communities, some of us give our children a piece of jewelry or amulet to ward off the evil eye. Mine is a bracelet of black and red beads that my mother bought. Even if you're not a true believer of such curses, it's preferable to be safe than sorry.
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Choppy and doesn't make a lot of sense, but passable
jtindahouse22 April 2019
If I were a schoolteacher grading 'The Curse of La Llorona' I would pass it, but absolutely minimally (I believe in America they call that a C-). It did just enough to keep me from hating it and nothing more. The film started off with a semi-decent opening scene. It wasn't overly long but it did enough to set the tone for the movie. Then the tone drastically changes in the next scene, then goes back to trying to be scary in the next, then everything is back to normal, then scary again. This continues for quite a lot of the movie and it really made it hard to stay in the suspenseful mood the film was trying to achieve.

The problems with the spirit were very distracting by the end of the film. Very rarely in films like this does anything make a lot of sense, but at least they're not usually as in your face as they are in this film. A spirit that can seemingly do anything, can also only walk through one door to enter a house? An embarrassingly bad piece of writing there. The rules just seemed to be made up as they went along to fit the story.

The film's biggest strength is, as you might imagine, 'La Llorona' herself. She is suitably creepy. She was also used a lot which I liked. Often in these Conjuring universe movies the title character goes missing for large parts of the movie. That can't be said here. The film relies on a lot of jump-scares, some of them are actually done very well and caught me off guard. 'The Curse of La Llorona' does just enough to get by, but there are worse things you could do than going out to see it.
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Scary in a good way
anamaka7021 April 2019
It is one of the same group of conjuring movies. Not a silly one but kind of scary and entertaining at the same time, do not listen to the bad reviews, got all of what you need to be on the edge of your seat. definitely Recommend.
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Sandra-durand8023 April 2019
It was a very good movie. Suspenseful from beginning to end. A lot of scenes that made me jump. Great cast. Enjoyed it very much!
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Not bad.
aayala-0290423 April 2019
Good jump scares. Decent story. It kind of was a little comical in the retelling of the legend but they made it work.
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It's hell...of an atrocious movie.
Hongwaree_Raitao7 May 2019
The curse of La Llorona dissapoints in every aspect. The cast is so cheap, and the screenplay so poor. The writers did not put any effort to develop a smarter story, with deep stuff or something. You will only find a sad, generic and pathetic attempt to scare people. La Llorona will make you cry... for the wrong reason.
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Welcome to Conjuring Empire!
hilaryswank201119 April 2019
The Conjuring Universe consumes successful horror film icons and devices, such as demons, possessed dolls, exorcists, evil dead, zombies, anti vampire tools, Kurt Barlow-like makeup in the Salem's Lot, The Amityville Horror and now James Wan consciously consumes local monster tales, ghost stories of the world as part of his own Conjuring Universe.

The Mexican folklore is not an exception from his ambitious imperialist list for Conjuring Universe. Delocalisation in the blockbuster film project which depicts the local legend is a serious issue aesthetically.

La llorona is said to be the wandering spirit of a woman who murdered her children after her lover betrayed her by marrying another woman. Spurned by St. Peter until she could bring the souls of her children with her to the Gate of Heaven, she roams the earth, crying, "¡Ay, mis hijos, mis hijos!" Her appearance is said to be a sign of impending disaster or death.

This La llorona film is not the first one in film history. The first one was La llorona (1933; 73min.) which made when Mexico film industry started the sound film making during the golden era. You can see full movie from Youtube.

The Curse of La Llorona (2019) is nether a spin off nor reboot of this tale. La Llorona is just the Nun in this Conjuring packaged film to scare people as a spooky house device. However it follows basic plot of the tale formalistically that La Llorona seeks other families' children to be sacrificed for her own victims, her two children. The official story of this film is below:

"When Anna Garcia (Linda Cardellini), a social worker and widow raising her two children in 1970s Los Angeles, is called to check in on one of her cases, she finds signs of foul play. As she digs deeper, she finds striking similarities between the case and the terrifying supernatural occurrences haunting her family. Enlisting the help of a local faith healer, she discovers that La Llorona has latched herself onto Anna and will stop at nothing to take her children. La Llorona, also known as the Weeping Woman, is a female ghost in Latin American folklore who lost her children and causes misfortune to those nearby. As she searches for them, she takes other lost children, making them her own. Anna turns to mysticism with the help of a disillusioned priest to fight the evil entity."
  • Warner Bros. Pictures and New Line Cinema

In short, the entire plot is that a social worker Anna Garcia 's children become targets of La Llorona after she mistakenly interrupted exorcism of Patricia Alvarez (Patricia Velasquez) which done for protecting Patricia's own children. The twisting plot is strikingly remarkable that Patricia Alvarez turns against Anna and asks La Llorona to get her children for revenge. It is psychological aspect of this La Llorona film.On the contrary, La Llorona itself is emotionless and mechanical, as the result, there is no emotional interaction with any roles in this film.

What other critics mentioned is high dependencies on jump scares; Kurt Barlow-like make up of La Llorona (The Nun is the same); lack of further in-depth approach to the interesting creepy story; anti vampire tools (cross, bible and holy water) for dealing with the monster; the creative tendency to create cinematic spooky house attraction etc..

There is one thing has to be mentioned is the unique character of the ex-priest, La Llorona hunter Rafael Olvera (Raymond Cruz). He makes Anna and her two children as baits to attract La Llorona for creating a chance to get rid of the evil ghost once and for all. His passiveness during the crisis of Anna's family is something new in this kind of exorcist film.

In general, audiences who want to enjoy spooky house attraction must see this film. However, horror fans who seeks in depth psychological horror drama based on the unique Latin American folklore should see the La Llorona (1933). The Curse of La Llorona (2019) should have explored the psychological aspect of La Llorona instead of creating a spooky house.
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Decent movie, similar style to The Nun
gameoveraus18 April 2019
Bullet points, Nice fast paced, decent enough movie with alot of jump scares, Easter egg tie ins to The Conjuring universe, aswell as the production style. La Llorana has a striking resemblence to Valak in form and actions. Fans of the TV show Grimm get a movie based on one of the folk tales covered in the show.

Downfalls for me were, The scares were very predictable As typical in most horror movies the responses from the actors to events going on around them was somewhat dumbfounding.

In summary it was a decent enough movie in the Conjuring style and wasn't dissapointed.

Tho it's M rated there were a few parents who brought there pre-teen kids in and they were obviously "scared" and the entire back row of theatre were teens who were giggling and talking the whole time but that's not the movies fault.
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Cursed To Mediocrity?
rgkarim20 April 2019
Horror movies, they seem to come a dime a dozen these days, following a carbon copy formula that does not shy away from trying to appease the die-hard fans. With the establishment of universe trends, various film franchises continue to work their hardest to match the success Marvel's comic universe is currently pulling. And tonight's review is a movie that barely finds a way into one of these universes, but still tries to make a claim on its own. Yes, tonight yours truly takes a look at the haunted cries of:

The Curse of La Llorona (2019)

Director: Michael Chaves Writers: Mikki Daughtry, Tobias Iaconis Stars: Linda Cardellini, Raymond Cruz, Patricia Velasquez


Jumps into scares Good Run Time Good Use of Shadows Decent Acting Comedic Relief Good Make Up

Summary: A horror movie has to keep the speed going and get to the darker thrills that this genre brings. The weeping woman's journey does not hesitate to give its audience the chills it wants, hopping into the jumps and creepy tone within minutes of it starting. As such, the pace of the movie is very brisk, keeping in time to present as much of the scare fest as they could in the 90-minute run time. For yours truly, the jump scares don't quite get me, but instead the creepy atmosphere is there to settle into the crevices of your mind. La Llorona is all about utilizing the shadows to stoke the embers of your imagination to craft unspeakable horrors. It's those slight sounds and eerie music that were the scariest components for me and it worked well. I'll hand it to the cast in this film, for they sold the terror of the movie, as if they were being haunted. From the kids to the adults, each one did a wonderful job with the limited roles they had in this film. My favorite was Raymond Cruz, not because he was the star of the film but more so the comedic relief used in his role. Despite all the bone chilling screams, and various telekinetic pulls, the rogue priest makes for some laughs without it being too forced. Finally, in regards to haunted make ups, La Llorona does a nice job of the pale pallor, dark lipstick, and gory liquids to satisfy most make up fans. Nice execution, with some haunting special effects makes for an interesting antagonist.


Simplistic Story Is Okay Jump Scares not So much Flat Characters Trailers Revealed Much Unoriginal Makeup Not The Best Connection To The Universe

SUMMARY: While scaring is the name of the game in these types of movies, the fact they are pumped out rapidly leads to some quality drops for this reviewer. The simplistic nature of this film is a limitation for me, the potential decreased by just the simple presentation that they pulled out. No twists, no original edge, and a story that held a lot of promise were all just mediocre for me and led to a story that was hard to grip onto for me. Even the characters were only semi-there, flat one-dimensional people that weren't the most engaging for me to hook onto. Perhaps the scares would get you, but seasoned horror people like me won't find much in originality from scares, nor the most suspenseful climax. Now part of this was due to me finding tricks of avoiding jumping, and others due to the trailers showing much of these scenes in their brief life on the television. Yes, La Llorona falls victim to the trailer revealing too much, giving you much of the premise in the short two-minute commercials. And while I said the makeup was executed well, this universe is having trouble coming up with unique make ups that don't follow the same template. Because of this, the weeping woman may look good, but she's another pale figure with black lines to emphasize death. And finally, the connection to the Conjuring Universe is like a derivative line touching the main curve. A brief exchange from a shared character it the only opening to the universe and without a teaser or much else to connect, the story telling continues to be lackluster at best.


In truth, the movie about the legendary figure is okay for me. It fills the void of a scary movie for the month, and has some of the traditional means to generate a few jumps. Your best source of entertainment will be to bring those who scare easily to the film and watching them react. Yet in terms of the movie, it's just not the same dark magic that the Conjuring wielded a long time ago. It's got the superficial "charm" to it, and uses shadows well to terrorize the actors they have casted/ Fortunately, despite the limitations, the movie has a low run time, meaning you won't be in the theater that long in case it's not your particular cup of tea. Worth a trip to the theater? Kind of, but I'd say this one leans more towards the home viewing in this reviewer's opinion. My scores are:

Horror/Mystery/Thriller: 6.5 Movie Overall 6.0
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very good this horror movie
gabipesa19 April 2019
Very good this horror movie. i recommed this to you..
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This is scarier than US it is the most scariest Horror so far this year. Weeping Woman is absolutely terrifying
ziadsayah21 April 2019
The Haters and bad Reviewers always have issues with understanding any film. Do not believe what they say they are lying through their teeth with their stupid reviews.

This film was unspeakably terrifying, I dont get scared easily but this one will terrify you from start to finish. It is haunting, dark.

Masterpiece in the making a great cast, phenomenal directing and absolutely magnificent performances by all cast.

A truly edge of your seat Horror that will leave you breathless. She is so terrifying and she is coming for you. An outstanding 10/10
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Good Scare!
antonmartiz22 April 2019
Good Scare , good acting and good photography for a horror movie !
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