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Jake McDorman: Brian Finch


  • Brian Finch : [to himself]  You remember a lot more than you think you do. Every experience you've ever had, every idea that came to you in the shower and then slipped away while you were brushing your teeth... it's all there for the taking.

  • Brian Finch : So, in the end, that pill got me past one problem I could never solve on my own and dumped me right in front of another one.

  • Brian Finch : But what if you could remember every documentary you ever saw? Every trig class? Could you do the math?

  • Dennis Finch : Oh, boy, I'm proud of you, kid.

    Brian Finch : You don't even know what I did.

    Dennis Finch : I don't need to know what you did. I woke up this morning feeling scared. Tomorrow, I'll wake up feeling hopeful. You did that. You saved my life. Thank you.

  • Agent Rebecca Harris : What do you want?

    Brian Finch : I can't tell you who killed Eli yet, but I can tell you a lot. You're an FBI agent. You can go places I can't. You have resources I don't. We're gonna figure who really did it.

  • Brian Finch : My mom... always wanted me to be a doctor. Instead, I... I turned out to be... nothing, I guess.

  • Brian Finch : I'd do anything to save my dad.

  • [last lines] 

    Agent Rebecca Harris : You were right, you know. About my father. He used for ten years, when I was a kid. My mom finally moved me and my sister out of the house in the middle of the night. He cleaned up after I joined the Bureau. He came to see me one night last year, and... something was off. He said he'd been blind his whole life, but now, tonight, he could see. When he left, he said the next time I saw him, he'd be a different person. A better person. Three weeks later, his body floated up in the East River.

    Brian Finch : I'm sorry.

    Agent Rebecca Harris : You know what I remember about that night? His eyes. They had this shine - just like yours did on that subway platform.

    Brian Finch : That's why you didn't shoot me.

    Agent Rebecca Harris : I think my father was on NZT that night. And if I can figure out where it comes from, maybe I can figure out what happened to him. You agreed to do a job, Brian.

    [with an NZT pill in her right hand] 

    Agent Rebecca Harris : It's time. Just don't lie to me. Ever.

    [gives the pill to Brian] 

    Brian Finch : You sure about this?

    Agent Rebecca Harris : I couldn't help my father. Maybe I can help you.

  • Brian Finch : Two weeks. She told me it would take two weeks. I guess I got carried away, 'cause I was done in two hours.

  • Jessamyn Eubanks : Kind of seems like you understand me.

    Brian Finch : Of course I do. I read your file.

  • Brian Finch : Nobody else could figure out what was wrong with my father. Why can't I?

  • Brian Finch : [narrating]  My name is Brian Finch and the first thing you should know about me is I didn't do anything wrong. Well, not the kind of wrong that leads to having a gun in your face, anyway. I'll explain.

    [a series of flashbacks] 

    Brian Finch : There were a few mistakes along the way. Five expulsions, four misdemeanors, three fake ID 's, two attempts at the 11th grade, and a partridge in a pear tree.

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