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A pilot with potential
midas-jacobs30 September 2015
"Limitless" the TV show is about Brian Finch, a nobody. His dad has medical problems and Brian feels like a disappointment for his family. But one day he gets offered a new drug called NZT. After he has taken this drug he gets access to every braincell. With this power he finds out what kind of decide his dad has. He turns out to be correct, but now his dad needs a new liver. When the pill doesn't give him access to every brain cell again he goes to the dealer who gave him the pill in the first place, to get another pill. In the house of this person he finds him dead. Of course he doesn't know what to do, and he starts searching after the pills. Then suddenly the police arrives and they think he is guilty for the murder, now he has to prove he hasn't done it...

The acting of this episode was very well done. In the beginning Jake McDorman (Brian Finch) wasn't that convincing but later on he showed a lot of emotion. Bradly Cooper (Eddie Morra) reprise his role as Eddie, and he did a really good job portraying him again. I really liked that they put Bradly in this show, this shows that the series and the movie are connected. The script was also very good.

The thing I liked the most is how they handled when Brian takes an NZT pill. In the movie this wasn't handled that good but here they showed some speed ups, a sort of different filming style, multiple versions of him... I very much liked this. The narration of the movie was also fun, this was useful for the people who haven't seen limitless (the movie) But with good things also come bad things, for example: it starts of more or less the same as the move (the dealer gets killed), It felt rushed and a bit ridiculous at times.

But overall I very much enjoyed the pilot episode of this series and I think it has great potential. I also think that this show is better than the movie, but that is for you to decide!
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