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Overall incredibly disappointed
lilven4 January 2018
I was very excited to see this as I am a big fan of David Tennant, but sadly this film left me with a sinking feeling by the time it was over.

The good: I am amazed they were able to make this film with a budget of under $160,000. That is incredible and I give the filmmakers huge kudos for that. There were also several good to great performances. Faye Marsay was wonderful, as were David Tennant and Sarah Parrish. And I even laughed once or twice.

The bad: The writing was not good. It doesn't matter how top notch the talent is, the writing dragged them down. There were moments that were just so ridiculous (and not in a good way) that my suspension of disbelief was compromised and I just kept repeating: this is awful, who thought this was a good idea, etc.

Another big problem I had was that there was very little chemistry between the two main characters (supposedly lesbians in a loving relationship). We don't see much evidence of this at all (it was more being told something vs being shown something). The women hardly touched, hardly kissed, and most of the time didn't seem like they even liked each other. For a romantic comedy, there was not a lot of romance. Instead we start the film at two truly horrible decisions being made that should make any sane person turn tail and run from such dysfunction. Most of the film has the two people not even talking let alone trying to fix their relationship. By the end of the film there is a voiceover sort of giving a recap and it's not clear whether the two are even together. I don't consider it a successful romcom if you can't see whether two people are together, but need to wait until you are told whether they are or aren't. Again, I blame the writing and directing choices.

I debated whether or not to include a spoiler, and I won't. BUT there is an event that happens in the film that made me so angry to have watched it, because I thought I was going to be watching an edgy though fun and light hearted romcom. It was traumatic and heartbreaking and not implied in any official chatter around the film. I almost stopped watching right then and there. This film is being sold as a rom-com, but people should know going into it that it is in no way fun or light hearted.
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A movie with wit, charm and honesty
o_jones-3639515 January 2018
I loved it! Absolutely fabulous!

I mean I finished the film thrilled (and dabbing my eyes) because it was way better than my expectations. I think it's one of the best romantic comedies that I've seen in a long time. It's so funny yet so sad, just like life! It's so good to watch something that feels raw and honest and yet still makes you giggle. There was so much vulnerability to the script. This is where cinema should go.

I'm so glad that it was made in the UK because the US would have drowned out so much of the sincerity. The film was so, so good. I connected with every character and fell in love with them all. I was there and felt the pain, happiness, and love.

It's fantastic to see a lesbian relationship not treated with sugar-coated, kid gloves, but like a real, living and breathing human relationship - and all the crap that comes with that. Olivia and Alex have terrific chemistry which is undeniable. David Tennant needs to do more comedy.

I laughed, I cried... it moved me! Ten stars!
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You, Me, and Him - Review
emmaziff6 June 2018
SPOILER: Beware of distressing stillbirth scene. I went to see this film with my partner. Everywhere we read that it is a comedy about a couple having a family. No where on the internet did it say anything about stillbirth. We were horrified when this scene came up as six months earlier, due to medical negligence, our baby died during labour. We ran out of the cinema distraught as the words and scene were identical to us. This absolutely should have been mentioned in the promo. It's an important subject but was very raw for us!
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A comedy that will make you both laugh and cry
lameconi1 January 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I was able to watch the movie, at last! And I can say it is a really good comedy, You must watch it as it is really worthy.

David always amazes me for his versatility, he can play both drama and comedy effertlessy and he reminds me Cary Grant for this peculiarity. ...he made the role of John his own, I was worried to be distracted by the beard, piercing and hypster's look, but I wasn't a bit. It was all part of the character, just in appearance frivolous.He was brilliant! Nina Sosanya and Sarah Parish always a delight to watch, Sarah was a surprise as I know her in serious roles. The team ladies have good chemistry and, especially Lucy Punch was good and also Simon Bird as her brother. Appropriate music and lovely cameos by the Tennant's clan.

One scene *LIGHT SPOILER* made me remind a sad period of my life. I rarely saw it (if never) on movies in all its rawness. I sobbed, but it was, finally cathartic.

A word for Daisy Aitkens. I get this is her first movie as director, apart a couple of shorts. The girl has talent, she already seems a veteran, good shots, perfect edit, as they talk about equality, this is a case of a female director that should be given more opportunities. Bravo! There was just a few (luckily) moans on socials by some claiming to be LGBT that went so far to bully/harassing people on tumblr/other socials just because those people loved You,Me&Him and shared stills/gifs. An idiot stays an idiot, male, female, LGBT or whatsoever, still an idiot if the main purpose is to bully unknown people on socials. Not going to waste further time on it.

.Better to be clear: This movie is a comedy, not a documentary, it doesn't mean to teach a lesson, and albeit what are the main characters, this is a movie about maternity. And a decent movie, too. People need to keep polemics for more serious things.

And this movie made made melaugh, but also cry. 4star from my humble person
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Funny, charming and witty new Brit rom com
bluerinse-947089 January 2018
No spoilers here. This is just the best fun ever. Well done Showtime for snapping it up. Written and helmed by Daisy Aitkens it does what it's supposed to; makes 'em laugh, makes 'em cry. But mainly laugh. With a rumoured budget of only $3million God knows how they managed it. I guess if you get the script right the good actors will follow and the young Brit pack guys seem to have piled in here. David Tenant, Lucy Punch and Fay Marsay headline an excellent cast aided and abetted by the usual gang of oh so polished and subtle UK character actors that we expect in these Downton days. It is about two women, a couple couple, who despite being total opposites, go together as comfortably as yin and yang symbols. One is the business woman with her sharp suits and mind, the other an anguished artist with seemingly permanent artists block. Their warmth, vulnerability and loving humor gives the movie its whole feelgood thing. Then they get pregnant at the same time. And there is the third side to the triangle in the form of David Tenant who goes into a hilarious new high gear as the neighbour from one of the outer suburbs of hell. But no more. Go see, have a great laugh and take a tissue.... For the tears thank you people!
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Loved it and Annoyed by it
GunnersMate7 March 2018
Simply loved so many aspects of this movie. David Tennant, Faye Marsay, and Sarah Parish were nothing less than brilliant; you couldn't take your eyes off them when they were on screen. Add to that the genuinely true-to-life moments of humor and deep pain - the reasons that we go to the movies in the first place - and the result is a sharing of the human condition and seeing what connects even the most different of us. The reasons to love this movie.

Then there are the reasons that this fils is so annoying...While Lucy Punch was competent as the solid core of the film, her complete lack of chemistry with Marsay held the film back from truly shining. Add to that a script that had a pair of contrived moments for every brilliant one and enough f-bombs to prove the lack of dialog inspiration and the foundation for the movie to be annoying were firm laid.

Daisy Aitkins direction was alternately spot-on and muddled, but the wonderful moments were enough to make me want to see her next project. Oh...and seeing Georgia, Olivia, and Wilfred Tennant make ridiculously blonde, beautiful, and hilarious cameos were a nice perk too.
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Heart warming comedy
I was fortunate to watch "You, Me and Him" at a screening this week and must say it was a delightful British comedy with a much more current twist on the usual rom-com. A stellar cast that made me laugh out loud, but also shed a tear. Go and see it, highly recommended.
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Unadulterated Tripe!
john-3623224 February 2018
David, David, David - do you not read scripts before you agree to appear in childish panto? The only redeeming contribution to this pile of excrement is the casting director - she / him must have a touch of genius to attract good character actors to sign up to a life un-enhancing period of agony before the camera, the faster this is buried and Ms Aitkens gets back to her media studies degree the better.
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Very forgettable.
d-garutti1 January 2018
Faye Marsay stole the show in here, a not-so-feel-god comedy drama that will most likely go unnoticed by most. It has some strengths in funny moments but it's definitely not enough.

Enjoyment: 4/10 Relevance: 2/10 Acting: 3/10 Script: 3/10

Final grade: 4/10
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Highly original feature debut!
mmclennan-9291822 January 2018
What could possibly go wrong when you combine a gay couple (one a career driven lawyer - Lucy Punch, the other a pot-smoking, fun loving layabout - Faye Marsay ) and throw in their neighbour, an annoying bearded Casanova (David Tennant)? Answer - quite a lot.

I really enjoyed this inventive funny debut feature by writer/director Daisy Aitkens. Well worth checking out!!
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Laugh out loud funny, with a tinge of tears
timpenhale-jones27 February 2018
This is a great film. Great cast, great (unexpected) storyline, in the vain of Bridget Jones / Love Actually.

Fast paced, witty and funny, but with thoughtful twists and heart wrenching turns, this is a film that will become a classic in the 'Great British Gems' will be shown every year at Xmas and everyone will watch it over and again.

A slow burner that will become one of the great LGBT films in time.
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Couldn't get passed 20 minutes
spamade30 June 2019
Honestly thought this was dreadful, infantile crap. I really wonder how this got funding. Embarrassing.
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Well intentioned but IMO disappointing. Possible part spoiler
oz_rain_walker2 July 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Some hectic positive PR on social media by those closely involved and by fans of those people, is understandable but, for me, the film lacks enough of what it takes to elevate it to the ranks of the very good. The basic plot and sub plots, contemporary in tone, give rise to the potential for character development and also for witty, sometimes acerbic ripostes, and even several challenging viewpoints. Some of these potentials are realised while others fall with a bit of a clang. As for the unexpected twist, it came as no surprise to me, and I'm certainly not psychic! It was well handled and beautifully acted. The cast is mostly impressive, especially David Warner, Gemma Jones and Sarah Parish who are outstanding. The Who family, indeed, is strongly represented in general, which may or may not be always a good thing. But something doesn't gel. As others have said, strangely, the main pairing have little to no chemistry with each other so, for me, their very relationship defies credulity and I found it hard to care about either of them. David Tennant, who could never turn in a less than committed performance, does a sterling job but is ultimately wasted. Honestly, any competent actor between 30 and 50 could have played John. Being the Name needed, I presume, to encourage investors, is all very well but I hope it does not come with too high a price in time and effort. I've seen several of Ms Aitkin's short films and have found each of them to be thought-provoking, entertaining, well conceived, well written and well made. This is apparently her first full length feature. While it left me feeling mostly less than exhilarated, she is definitely a talented new film maker with real potential, having a distinctive wit along with a strong eye for the foibles of the human condition. I wish her every good fortune for her future in the industry.
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mrscefai15 March 2018
I really enjoyed this film. A light hearted comedy was just what I needed at the end of a busy day
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Tedious, I Wish It Would End
martimusross5 November 2018
The main problem with the shallow script and predictable jokes was that it just wasn't funny, nobody laughed even though we were desperate to do so.

There was a total lack of chemistry between the three main leads despite there total commitment to this project.

This is a movie that should never have been made.
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sapperdiosio25 August 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Comedy? I laughed one time. And I am a huge fan of pretty much all romcoms/rom-dramas etc etc, but this was really dissapointing.... Expected much more, and definitely not a miscarriage.
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Definitely Laugh out loud!
Brilliant at last a comedy film that actually makes me laugh! Well done all involved. Why hasn't this film gained more critical acclaim?
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gemmamcdermott5 July 2019
I did not get my hopes up for this film and it was still below my expectations. The plot line was extremely poor and the acting was ridiculously bad! Some scenes in this film added little to nothing to the over all story and that gave it a tacky feel! As someone who is part of the LGBT community, this film showed Lesbians in a bad way, almost suggesting that lesbian couples are dependent on a man in one way or another! David Tennant's character was the worst

I do not and will not be recommending this film!
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