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Evil Bong High 5: How is this still going?
Platypuschow29 June 2018
The 5th movie in the Evil Bong franchise, 6th if you include Evil Bong vs Gingerdead Man. Credit where credit is due, it's astonishing that it's lasted as long as it has.

Stuck in the "Bong world" our heroes are given a chance to escape Eebee forever. They must return to the real world and using their weed shop accumulate 1 million dollars in 30 days!

Along the way we see more of the Gingerdead Man and a couple of other Full Moon alumni. Ontop of that practically every character from the last few movies has at least a cameo appearance.

This impresses me further, the fact they still have most of the original cast and from movie to movie feature the same ensemble of oddball characters.

Make no mistake none of the Evil Bong films are exactly good but you can do worse and this believe it or not is one of the better ones.

The Good:

Consistent cast

The celebrity references are quite funny

The Bad:

Mindy Robinson

Still really damn dumb

Things I Learnt From This Movie:

Weed stores make a million per month

I need someone to teach me how to nothinghead

I want a badass dolls collection
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We have now reached the lowest point for Full Moon and Charlie Band
biscutbuu6928 April 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Full Moon Features has put out some solid stuff over the years honestly. The Puppet Master films are classics, Intruder is good, Demonic Toys is fun yet bad so are the first few Evil Bong and Gingerdead Films and to an extent Charles has made some really great low budget horror over the years. After watching his effort from 2014 Trophy Heads I thought it was a step in the right direction and I really hoped that it would mark the return to form for Full Moon. This hope was shattered once I watched Evil Bong 420 Which while it was horrible it had its moments although the Gingerdead Man is more common than the titular villain. I expected High 5 to have its moments just like 420 did. Sadly there is nothing redeeming about this film, its not a horror film its a sad attempt at appealing to the lowest common denominator, stoners. With terrible effects and writing from a company that used to pride itself on great effects, puppetry and using its low budget to do its best work. Charles Band (or whoever does the cover art and titles these movies) has even taken it upon himself to make the titles and cover art so bad that he knows hipsters who ironically watch bad movies (like myself) will see it. When you reach the point where even the worst stuff from Troma is good in comparison to your company's best director's recent works you have to stop. All that is left to say is why make Evil Bong 666?
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THIS close to quitting Full Moon
wakezakzak-8919024 April 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Remember when there were things other than Puppet Master to look forward to, like Demonic Toys or Subspecies? The only thing worth staying to watch is Killjoy Psycho Circus, which apparently is mentioned to be a part of this franchise's universe.

The film barely clocks in at 70 minutes, including opening and closing credits. This film franchise has reverted to Monty Python self-aware type of humor, clearly not caring about continuity, what makes sense, or whether if they're being racist or sexist. A big chunk of the film is promoting crap from BadAssDolls.com or promoting Ooga Booga and Zombies vs. Strippers with Hambo. This movie is just a big advertisement vehicle for other Full Moon toy related products while barely trying to make a halfway decent, entertaining movie.

Do not buy this movie. If anything rent it on Amazon Instant for a very cheap price, or find a way to watch it for free if it's a must see for you. Also, Evil Bong 666 is supposedly coming soon, and yet I am still waiting for Evil Bong vs. The Killa Crack Pipe.
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The pleasure is all swine.
nogodnomasters22 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This follows is a sequel to...I am not sure, but I didn't see it. Gingerbread Man and 4 others are trapped in Bong World. EeBee has plans for world domination, but first needs one million dollars...and not a nickel less. Larnell (John Patrick Jordan) a line reader and not an actor, and Rabbit (Sonny Carl Davis) must sell dope to raise the money. This Charles Band production takes place mostly inside a smoke shop where they advertise Full Moon dolls and combine this film with characters from the racist "Ooga Booga" to add to the sexism.

The humor consisted mostly of bad puns, I mean really bad puns. Mindy Robinson keeps her top on because now she wants to be considered a "serious actress." For those who like something juvenile and idiotic, this is it.

F-word, sex, and nudity (Rorie Moon, former adult star Raylin Joy/Skin Diamond, adult stars Adriana Sephora and Cameron Dee)
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