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Season 1

6 May 2014
Pilot: Miller's Mountain
Hapless alcoholic mountaineer/ice cream van driver Jimmy Miller (Jimmy Chisholm) is entrusted with training eager novice Conor (Kevin Guthrie) in the art of mountain rescue but instead seems preoccupied with downing as much drink as possible, scoring "hellish" egg rolls and fending off scathing one-liners from The Busted Femur's landlady, Jules (Sharon Rooney). When a distress call is finally received, the incompetent Jimmy sets out on a calamitous rescue attempt that rapidly dissolves into a hilarious staccato of broken limbs, pineapple chunks and cannibalism.
14 Aug. 2015
Having accidentally burned down his cottage mountain rescue leader Jimmy Miller is squatting in his local pub, the Old Goat, causing landlady Jules to suspect a poltergeist before throwing him out. When young Conor, a member of his team, decides to move out to escape his domineering mother Norma, there is a spare room for Jimmy but he proves to be a far from ideal lodger and ends up back at square one.
21 Aug. 2015
After Jimmy fakes the team's fitness assessment they are called upon to complete an army-style assault course to prove their capabilities as rescuers. Knowing that Jimmy will give up easily Conor takes control though Jules, who has become addicted to gambling, is leading the betting on Jimmy failing to complete the course. However, after a word from team member Bernie she finds a way to both win her bet and encourage Jimmy to successfully get past the finishing post.
28 Aug. 2015
Whilst walking volunteer Bill's dog Tom Jones Jimmy manages to lose him and annoys Bill further by insisting on leading the search party rather than bringing in rival group the Inverkelly Rescue Service. An irate Bill storms out but when Tom Joes reappears Jimmy is able to use him to track Bill down and effect a daring if revealing rescue. Jules' efforts to attract a bunch of middle class ladies to a gourmet evening are much aided by a sudden outbreak of male nudity.
4 Sep. 2015
Having accidentally knocked out a young lad with a golf ball Jimmy is declared a hero for giving him the kiss of life and the boy's grateful father plies him with drink to the annoyance of Jules, who has just barred him from the Old Goat. Indeed Jimmy becomes a local celebrity and is about to be presented with a bravery award in the pub. Sadly for him an eye witness to what really happened also turns up for the ceremony.
11 Sep. 2015
When Jane Lovely walks into the Old Goat hate at first sight turns to passion between her and Jimmy, who the extent that he neglects his rescue duties. However Jane is not all that she seems but a brewery trouble shooter travelling incognito and when Jimmy gets down on one knee to propose he literally finds it a truly painful experience.
18 Sep. 2015
The rescue is put in jeopardy by a fraudulent insurance claim, and Jimmy must clear his name - one problem: he's a pathological liar.

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