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Graduation is an intricate, deeply intelligent film, and a bleak picture of a state of national depression in Romania, where the 90s generation hoped they would have a chance to start again. There are superb performances from Titien and Dragus.
Time Out London
It’s not a despairing movie – Mungiu even suggests that a new generation might put things right – but it’s a brutally honest one.
For all the moral degradation of its characters, Graduation is uncompromising in its vision of the cost of parental responsibility.
An excoriating, gripping, intricately plotted morality play, Mungiu’s film is less linear, more circular or spiral-shaped than his previous Cannes titles...but it is no less rigorous and possibly even more eviscerating and critical of Romanian society, because it offers its critique across such a broad canvas.
Graduation isn’t one of Mungiu’s finest, but even a restrained, emotionally measured work like this is more interesting and provocative than many another director’s best effort.
The intergenerational debate underlying Graduation does throw novel wrinkles into the mix.
With the camera placement being as meticulous as the use of Handel on the soundtrack, this impeccably played saga deservedly earned Mungiu a share of the Best Director prize at Cannes.
It’s a moving portrait, but it’s also a very familiar and transparently constructed one, preventing the narrative from generating the urgency necessary to endow its moral implications with genuine vigor.
Slant Magazine
Cristian Mungiu's film is more than just a cry of despair toward the hopelessness of life in modern-day Romania.
As expected from a master like Mungiu, everything is beautifully structured and utterly credible, yet Graduation feels like a retread.

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