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"An Intense Romantic Musical That Ensures Hat-trick Box office Success For Prithviraj Sukumaran"
afsalthodupuzha13 November 2015
If someone ask me the best thing to happen in Malayalam Cinema in recent years,my prompt answer will be Prithviraj Sukumaran and his miraculous transformation as a matured actor and individual who believes that there isn't any shortcut to suceess,but hardwork!! The expertise that he showcases in choosing good scripts is a revelation that a large number of actors can only dream of .

Yes,after Moideen,now its the turn of Shantanu to steal our hearts with this refreshing new-gen saga of love thats well-packed with melodious music,heartfelt performances,engaging narration and some breathtaking visuals of the islands.

Sachi,from the writer duo of Sachi-Sethu ensures that his debut vehicle as a director is a lovable affair for all the sections alike and succeeded in presenting the age old tale of love in a refreshing canvas with all the required elements mixed in the right proportion for delivering a neat entertainer.The best part here is that Mollywood can get ready to witness three consecutive movies of an actor running packed houses at the same time which only the Big M's and the king of action Suresh Gopi could achieve.

There aren't much negatives to point out in the movie except for some sharp cuts and minor lag in the lengthy second half that's made up to a large extent by a lovely climax that will be well received by 99% of the audience.

Prithviraj played the role of Shantanu impressively and Biju Menon ensured that the lukewarm pace of the narration towards the second half is compensated with his funny lines that manages to make us laugh every time he appear on the screen.The most interesting part of the movie was his hilarious performance towards the climax that will make you laugh out loud for sure.Priyal Gor looked like a rehashed version of Ayisha from 'Thattathin Marayathu' and did her part well.Miya,Sudev Nair and Suresh Krishna gave notable performances.Kabir Bedi,Arun,Samskruthy Shenoy etc did their roles well.

After Abinandhan Ramanujam who captured the picturesque locales of Lakshadweep efficiently in Mosayile Kuthira Meenukal,Sujith Vasudev now its the turn of Sujith Vasudev to capture the beauty and essence of the islands which get to be an integral part of the narration which he accomplishes with full justice.

The soul of a lovestory is always music and noted music director Vidyasagar has comeup with nothing less than the best soundtrack of 2015 that's filled with melodious songs of which its diffcult to point out the best.

Overall, Anarkali is yet another delicious treat from Prithviraj that ensures a delightful watch from the big screens Verdict::Productivity is never an accident.It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort.This Friday belongs to Prithviraj Sukumaran and the planned effort that the team of Anarkali has taken.Go for it!
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A nice romantic movie 😉
nishanthappu-187719 July 2019
The movie Will give you a great enjoyment of romantic mood . And prithviraj and Biju Menon did excellent performance. Which is a different experimental romantic movie of malayalam . I enjoyed it 8/10
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romantic thriller
arun_mr4 January 2018
The film is about how Shanthanu waits for his love Nadira through many struggles which last long for 15+ years. In the film the incidents were well connected and the depth of their love was shown in a convincing manner and the climax was executed well even though it's predictable.
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another clichéd Indian romance melodrama
ajstuns14 October 2017
the movie is something like an old Indian melodrama.a hero, heroine and a villain (and that's naturally her father).clichéd story is the main drawback.the only good thing about the movies is its cinematography.this movie doesn't even have at least 1 percent standard that we see in other class malayalam romance films like namukku parkkan munthirithoppukal, thoovanathumbikal..etc.this film is just only a typical movie for dilwale dulhaniya lejayenke fans or some telugu or Hindi movie fans.overacting, melodrama scenes..etc in the movie are unbearable.
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Ennu Ninte Shanthanu ! "Kaathirunnu...Kaathirunnu"
IMDb-Malayalam28 March 2016
Yet again a great film from Prithviraj Sukumaran. As usual, he was amazing and stunning as Shanthanu Varma. Priyal Gor is surely the princess of coming generation of Malayalam industry. Their divine love inspires us the blockbuster, Ennu Ninte Moideen, as both the films has the same element, Hold Up in love! Supporting casts were outstanding like Biju Menon, Suresh Krishna, Arun and Sudev Nair. Frankly, I really loved the acting, slang and dialogues of Suresh Krishna. His role was certainly, one of the best in Malayalm as a character actor. Biju Menon, as usual, was so good. The comic scenes performed by him was certainly great and made us laugh. Arun and Sudev Nair were also good. Miya George played an entirely different role that she played so far. She represented a bold woman in the film. Others like Kabir Bedi and Samskruthy Menon also played major roles in the film.

Talking about the direction by Sachy, according to me, except the climax, everything was good. Climax was too predictable in the film. Cinematography was the main success of the film by Sujith Vasudev, who already proved his talent in Memories, Drishyam and 7th Day.

A big hats off to those Location Managers, who was responsible for finding a paradise, Lakshadweep. Those who watched the film will of course get a picture of picturesque Lakshadweep, its merits and limitations. Thanks to Art Director for such a visual film and for their sincere work towards the department. Makeup and Costumes were OK. Music and Background Music were also good.

According to me, there was no lagging in the film but a poor climax, which was not up to the mark. The climax was predictable.

Adult Film - Very Mild (1 scene) | Family film - Yes | Direction - 8/10 | Cinematography - 9.5/10 | Cast - 9/10 | Make Up - 5/10 | Songs - 8/10 | Background Score - 7/10 | Story - 7/10 | Climax - 5/10 | Art Direction - 9/10 | Location Department - 10/10 | Overall - 7.7/10 | My Rating - 8/10
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