Moonlight (2016) Poster

(I) (2016)

Ashton Sanders: Chiron



  • Kevin (16) : What you cry about?

    Chiron : I should have cried too much sometimes I feel like I'm just gonna turn into drops.

    Kevin (16) : Just roll out into the water, right? Roll out into the water just like all these other muthafuckers around here trying to drown their sorrow.

  • Teresa : Aright. Water for me, and a little gin for you.

    Teresa : [chuckles]  Boy please. I know Juan used to give you that gin, but we ain't doing that up in here Chiron.


    Teresa : You don't think my joke was funny?


    Teresa : What's wrong?

    Chiron : Nothing. I'm good.

    Teresa : No. I done seen good, and you ain't it.

    Teresa : Stop putting yo' head down in my house! You know my rule. It's all love and all pride in this house! Do you feel me?

    [Chiron nods] 

    Teresa : [scoffs]  I can't hear you. Do you feel me?

    Chiron : [quietly]  Yeah.

    Teresa : Okay.

    Chiron : [firmly]  I feel you.

    Teresa : Aright.

  • Kevin (16) : Man, you don't smoke. Why you pretending'? You puttin' on a show for me Black?

    Chiron : Why you keep calling me that?

    Kevin (16) : Black? That's my nickname for you. You don't like it?

  • Paula : I need some money.

    Chiron : For what?

    Paula : That's my business! Don't you ask me no shit like that!

    Chiron : [mumbling]  I don't have any money.

    Paula : No, no, don't lie to me boy! I'm your mama! That bitch over there ain't no kin yeah? I'm your blood! Remember?


    Paula : I ain't feeling good. I need something to help me out.

    Paula : [sobbing]  Come on baby. Come on baby.

  • Chiron : You don't even know.

  • Paula : Where did you go last night?

    Chiron : Why?

    Paula : Well, I'm your mama ain't I?

  • Chiron : Thanks for the ride man.

    Kevin (16) : No problem Black. I'll see you around.

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