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Season 3

21 Oct. 2016
The Wrath of Hughes
Peabody and Sherman confront bizarro versions of themselves after entering an alternate reality that's ruled by a cyborg Mrs. Hughes.
21 Oct. 2016
Jump the Whale Shark/Frédéric Bartholdi
A beachy-keen Sherman squashes a rival by jumping the shark. Famed sculptor Frédéric Bartholdi learns to stand up to his overbearing mother.
21 Oct. 2016
Pea Dummy/Mary Anning
After scoring surprisingly low on an IQ test, a time-traveling Peabody meets his match in brainy Mary Anning, history's first female paleontologist.
21 Oct. 2016
Climate Control/Ziryab
Our hot-and-cold co-hosts come to blows over the temperature in the studio. Distracted designer Ziryab unveils his vision for a royal wedding.
21 Oct. 2016
Brain Switch/Koikawa Harumachi
Everything's off-kilter when Peabody and Sherman attempt to swap brains. Comic book inventor Koikawa Harumachi unleashes a literary monster.
21 Oct. 2016
Super Sherman/Ada Lovelace
Sherman gains unexplained superpowers when a meteorite hits the penthouse. Messy Math whiz Ada Lovelace writes the code for the world's first computer.
21 Oct. 2016
Mouse Hunt/David Bushnell
A mouse on the loose in the penthouse makes Peabody's skin crawl. The inventor of the world's first submarine sets out to find a sea monster.
21 Oct. 2016
Sweet Little Lies/Allan Pinkerton
Peabody vows to teach Sherman that honesty is the best policy. Pioneering private eye Allan Pinkerton searches for a stash of stolen diamonds.
21 Oct. 2016
Tree House/Queen Hatshepsut
A visit from Johnny Appleseed turns the studio into a woodsy wonderland. Self-absorbed pharaoh Hatshepsut opens up the world's first zoo.
21 Oct. 2016
This Is Your Life?/Robert Peary
Peabody and Sherman help Hobson cross items off his bucket list. Explorer Robert Peary's historic North Pole trek takes a detour to Santa's workshop.
21 Oct. 2016
Telethon/Enrico Caruso
Sherman hosts a telethon to help his school, and win a video game. / After the great San Francisco earthquake, Peabody and Sherman attempt to prove opera star Enrico Caruso's innocence.
21 Oct. 2016
Spooktacular/Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot
A spook-tacular show turns Peabody and Sherman into monsters. The inventor of the world's first automobile is also one of the world's worst drivers.
21 Oct. 2016
Return of the Guapos/Lucy Walker
The Guapo Brothers' rival talk show steals Peabody and Sherman's audience. Clumsy mountaineering maven Lucy Walker makes history on the Matterhorn.

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