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29 Sep. 2015
Adam Ruins Giving
Host Adam Conover dispels widespread misconceptions about everything. In the series premiere, Adam tackles the secret history of diamond engagement rings and explains why you should stop giving food pantries leftover canned goods.
6 Oct. 2015
Adam Ruins Security
Host Adam Conover sets his sights on "security theater," explaining that airport security wastes too much of our time and money, medicine safety seals do nothing to protect us, and your credit card number isn't remotely secure.
13 Oct. 2015
Adam Ruins Cars
Adam dives into the much-beloved auto industry exposing the surprising truths behind the car dealership monopoly, and the fact that the concept of "jaywalking" was created by auto manufacturers to blame pedestrians for car crashes.
20 Oct. 2015
Adam Ruins Forensic Science
Adam uncovers the scary truth behind unreliable methods used as evidence in criminal cases. He exposes the flaws of fingerprinting, hair strand matches and bite mark analysis - which often send innocent people to jail.
27 Oct. 2015
Adam Ruins Restaurants
Adam uncovers the hidden truths of dining out. He explains why tipping is a custom worth ditching, shows that experts can't tell the difference between wines, and reveals that mislabeled seafood is rampant in the industry.
3 Nov. 2015
Adam Ruins Hygiene
Adam shows how mouthwash, soap and baby wipes companies invented terms like "halitosis" for their ad campaigns to make people insecure about their hygiene, and why running water and sewers are among the greatest miracles of the modern age.
10 Nov. 2015
Adam Ruins Voting
Adam explores the twisted history of the Electoral College, explaining that the Founding Fathers did not want most Americans to vote. He also takes a stab at fixing a political system that seems rigged against true democracy.
17 Nov. 2015
Adam Ruins Work
Adam Ruins Work: In "Adam Ruins Work," Adam reveals how the 40-hour work week not only exhausts employees but also harms businesses. He then highlights the legal mess behind hiring interns and freelancers, and he explores how discussing your salary with co-workers is actually healthy for you and the workplace.
1 Dec. 2015
Adam Ruins Summer Fun
Adam crashes the last day of summer by revealing that extended vacation makes you dumber, and that iconic rodent Mickey Mouse has made a mess of our copyright laws. Adam also dives into the world of video games and unveils a surprising gender bias that's forever changed the way we play.
8 Dec. 2015
Adam Ruins Sex
Adam reveals that circumcision was popularized by a bunch of masturbation-curbing 19th century prudes. Plus, he reveals why the fear of having herpes is overblown and explores why the term "pop your cherry" is a bunch of nonsense.
15 Dec. 2015
Adam Ruins Nutrition
Adam explores nutrition. Included: truths about vitamin supplements; a look at balanced breakfasts; the lack of science in "nutritional science."
22 Dec. 2015
Adam Ruins Death
Adam explains that "the end" is inevitable; it's a reality that should be accepted and embraced. He shows why immortality is a fantasy and reveals that the American funeral industry is a racket that exploits mourners' grief and fear of dying. He then demonstrates that when people don't accept death, they wind up making terrible medical decisions that ruin whatever life is left.
23 Aug. 2016
Adam Ruins Hollywood
Straight from the red carpet, and with the help of celebrity guests Rachel Bloom and Ariana Madix, Adam exposes the hidden truths behind Hollywood's glitz and glamour, from the clothes stars wear to the process behind movie ratings.
30 Aug. 2016
Adam Ruins Football
Adam hits the gridiron to illustrate why the playoffs rarely determine which team is best, and he then explores how hydration myths spread by sports drink companies are putting kids at risk. Adam also tackles football-caused brain injuries.
6 Sep. 2016
Adam Ruins Weddings
Emily and Murph's wedding day is finally here - but Adam's gift of information may rain on their parade. Adam reveals how most wedding "traditions" were recently created by consumerism, and that divorce is actually a wonderful thing.
13 Sep. 2016
Adam Ruins Shopping Malls
Adam and Emily have a play-date at the mall, where he ruins malls, outlets, and supplements, before triumphantly rushing over to buy himself some new glasses, where Emily snags the opportunity to turn the tables on him.
20 Sep. 2016
Adam Ruins Animals
Adam explores how purebred dogs are genetic monsters created by bored Victorians; domestic cats are overpopulated lethal killing machines that threaten other animals; and wild animal trophy hunting can actually help endangered species.
27 Sep. 2016
Adam Ruins Immigration
Adam illustrates how: a border wall wouldn't keep out legal immigrants who overstay their visas, racist mass deportations have historically led to disaster, and immigration courts are a huge mess.
4 Oct. 2016
Adam Ruins Housing
Adam gets kicked out of his apartment for throwing golf balls in the toilet and proceeds to explore the flaws with buying over renting, the pitfalls of Airbnb, and the easy solution towards ending homelessness.
15 Nov. 2016
Adam Ruins Drugs
Adam weeds through the misconceptions of marijuana and exposes the blunt truth about the War on Drugs - that it stemmed from a racist and political agenda. Plus, Adam illustrates why prescription pills are the true gateway drug.
22 Nov. 2016
Adam Ruins Prisons
After her arrest last episode, Adam, along with Emily's cellmate, explains how private prisons make money by keeping people in jail, that solitary confinement is a form of torture, and the whole system is ineffective at crime reduction.
6 Dec. 2016
Adam Ruins the Wild West
Adam reveals how prostitution - despite its reputation - actually helped settle the West. He then explains why the "All-American Cowboy" is a myth and that the real western hero wasn't a person; it was air conditioning.
4 Dec. 2016
Adam Ruins the Internet
Adam shows how complaints about the Internet are as old as society itself, people in Europe and Asia pay less for faster Internet than in the U.S., and how we pay for sites like Facebook and Google with every keystroke of our information.
13 Dec. 2016
Adam Ruins Justice
Rhea takes on helping Emily's cellmate Kendra, and reveals the struggles public defenders face, while Adam shows how juries are never completely impartial, and everything you heard about the McDonald's coffee lady was wrong.
20 Dec. 2016
Adam Ruins Christmas
Ho ho...huh?! Adam teaches his sister that the real St. Nick story is a lot creepier than she thought, and modern Santa was created by commercialism only a century ago. Adam also reveals how gift-giving actually hurts the economy.
27 Dec. 2016
Adam Ruins Going Green
Adam meets a young dad on a personal mission to save the world and end climate change...until Adam turns his world upside down. Find out why electric cars and green products don't make the impact you've been promised.
25 Oct. 2016
Why the 2016 Election Is Just a Big Rerun Special
Adam's stand up special explains how the mudslinging politicians are nothing new; just look back to the Founding Fathers.

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