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(I) (2017)

Lil Rel Howery: Rod Williams



  • [last lines] 

    Rod Williams : I mean, I told you not to go in that house. I mean...

    Chris Washington : How you find me?

    Rod Williams : I'm TS-motherfuckin'-A. We handle shit. That's what we do. Consider this situation fuckin' handled.

  • Rod Williams : [to Detective Latoya and two other detectives]  Then he sent me some weird pictures. I'm like, "Ah man, that's Andre Hayworth." This dude's been missing for 6 months, right? So I do all my research, you know, 'cause as a TSA agent. You know, you guys are detectives. You know, I got the same training. We might know more than y'all sometimes, you know, 'cause we are dealing with some terrorist shit, so... but that's a totally different story. So look, I-I go do my... my detective work, right? And I start putting pieces together. And see, this is what I came up with. They're probably abducting black people, brainwashing them and making them slaves... or sex slaves. Not just regular slaves, but sex slaves and shit. See? I don't know if it's the hypnosis that's making 'em slaves or what not, but all I know is they already got two brothas we know and there could be a whole bunch of brothas they got already. What's the next move?

    [after a few seconds, the three detectives look at each other and burst out hysterically in laughter] 

    Detective Latoya : Don't ever, ever say that I don't do nothing anymore.

    [still laughing] 

    Detective Latoya : Oh, white girls. They get you every time.

  • Rod Williams : [about Andre Hayworth]  But Chris say he is acting real different.

    Detective Latoya : Different how?

    Rod Williams : [shows picture that Chris sent him]  This dude is from Brooklyn, huh. He didn't dress like this.

    Detective Latoya : I didn't use to dress like this.

    Rod Williams : Plus, he is married to a white woman twice his age.

    Detective Latoya : That would explain the clothes... All right.


    Detective Latoya : Oh Lord, Rod Williams from TSA.

  • Chris Washington : He's different.

    Rod Williams : No shit! Why is he dressed like that?

    Chris Washington : It's not that, it's everything. He came to the party with a white woman like 30 years older than him.

    Rod Williams : Sex slave! Oh, shit! Chris, you gotta get the fuck up outta there, man! You in some 'Eyes Wide Shut' situation. *Leave*, motherfuck -

    [cell phone line goes dead] 

  • Chris Washington : I got hypnotized last night.

    Rod Williams : Nigga, get the fuck outta here!

    Chris Washington : No. Yo, yo, yeah it's to quit smoking. But Rose's mom's a psychiatrist, so...

    Rod Williams : Bro, I don't care if the bitch is Iyanla Vanzant, okay? She can't fix my motherfuckin' life. You ain't getting in my head.

    Chris Washington : I know, she caught me off guard, right? But it's cool because... I'm cured. It worked!

    Rod Williams : Bro, how you not scared of this, man? Look they could have made you do all types of stupid shit. They have you fuckin' barking like a dog. Flyin' around like you a fuckin' pigeon, lookin' ridiculous. Okay? Or, I don't know if you know this. But, white people love making people sex slaves and shit.

    Chris Washington : Yeah, I'm pretty sure they are not a kinky sex family, dawg.

    Rod Williams : Look, Jeffrey Dahmer was eatin' the shit out of niggas' heads. Okay? But that was after he fucked the heads. Do you think they saw that shit comin'? Hell no! Okay? They were coming over there like "I'm just gonna suck a little dick, maybe jiggle some balls or shit." No! They didn't get a chance to jiggle shit because their head was off their fuckin' body! Yeah, they still sucked the dick, but without their heads. It was fuckin' weird detached heads shit. You know, that's Jeffrey Dahmer's business.

    Chris Washington : Thanks for that image right there, man.

    Rod Williams : Hey man, I ain't makin' this shit up. I saw it on A&E. That is real life.

    Chris Washington : Yo, and the black people out here too. It's like all of them missed the movement.

    Rod Williams : It's because they probably hypnotized. Look bro, all I'm doin' is connectin' the dots. I'm takin' what you presented to me, okay? I'm gonna tell you this, I think that mom is puttin' everybody in a trance and she's fuckin' the shit out of 'em.

  • Rod Williams : I'm mad at you because you never take my advice.

    Chris Washington : Like what?

    Rod Williams : Like don't go to a white girl's parents' house. What is she doin'? Lickin' your balls or somethin'?

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