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Season 1

2 Jul. 2015
The Sakurada Family's Nine Siblings
Shy Akane is the fourth of nine siblings of the Royal Sakurada Family. Although she cannot even pass by a surveillance camera without wanting to hide, her father, the King, has decided to hold an election to name his successor.
9 Jul. 2015
Big Sister's Good Image/Sato's Unrequited Love
We learn more about Kanade, the second royal princess, and her relationship with Akane. We also meet Sato, Shu's classmate, and find out her feelings for him.
16 Jul. 2015
I Want to Be Popular/First Errand/Life as an Idol
It's another typical day for the Sakurada Royal Family. Hikari tries her best to appeal to the citizens. Teru endures the trials of his first errand. Hikari decides the best way to get more votes for the election is to become a popular idol.
23 Jul. 2015
The Royal Princess' Skirt/The Mysterious Student Council President
Akane goes to school without a crucial piece of clothing. Also, the student council is making all students participate in a town beautification day. Who is behind this and how will Akane deal with all the cameras?
30 Jul. 2015
Summer Vacation/Online Secret/Eight of Misaki
It's summer and the Sakurada Royal Family are at the beach! Haruka is doing something fishy on the internet, and Misaki is busy at school as all her clones help out in different clubs. Misaki isn't too happy about it, though.
6 Aug. 2015
The Election and Me/My Big Sister Is Sentimental
There are six months left until the election. Akane and her siblings are campaigning--all except Misaki. Then, we learn more about Akane and Aoi, and their reasoning behind their attitudes toward the election.
13 Aug. 2015
Worrywart King/Secret Idol
The King goes on a business trip, reluctantly leaving Kanade in charge of a Akane and Shiori. Meanwhile, Hikari gets to work with Sacchy, but Sacchy is not friendly. How can Hikari get Sacchy to like her?
20 Aug. 2015
Troubled Sato/The King's Side Trip
The whole family's superpowers are acting up! Meanwhile, Hana asks Akane for dating advice about Shu. Then, we take a look into the past and see how Akane's mom and dad met.
27 Aug. 2015
Scarlet Bloom/Big Sister's Birthday
We meet Scarlet Bloom, a masked heroine with red pigtails and who can control gravity. Who could her true identity be?! While things are ramping up for the election, it's almost Christmas Eve, which is also Aoi's birthday.
10 Sep. 2015
Search Light's Whereabouts/Big Brother Acting Like a Big Bro
The elections are drawing near and Search☆Light is performingagain, but there is tension in the air between Sachiko and Raito. Meanwhile, even though Kanade and Shu are twins, they have their differences in opinion.
10 Sep. 2015
Goodbye, Scarlet Bloom
It's one month before the elections. We learn why Akane hates being in the public eye. Then, due to an unfortunate circumstance, the king cannot perform his duties. How will the Sakurada Royal Siblings save the day?
17 Sep. 2015
Who Will the Crown Shine Upon
The elections are finally here and the siblings are preparing for their final speeches. Who will be crowned as the successor to the throne?

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