Isle of Dogs (2018) Poster


Bryan Cranston: Chief



  • Nutmeg : Will you help him, the little pilot?

    Chief : Why should I?

    Nutmeg : Because he's a twelve year old boy, dogs love those.

  • Rex : I used to sleep on a lamb's wool beanbag next to an electric space heater. That's my territory, I'm an *indoor* dog.

    King : I starred in twenty-two consecutive Doggy Chow commercials. Look at me now, I couldn't land an audition.

    Boss : I was the lead mascot for an undefeated high school baseball team. I lost all my spirit, I'm depressing.

    Duke : I only ask for what I've always had, a balanced diet, regular grooming, and a general physical once a year.

    Chief : You're talking like a bunch of housebroken... pets.

    Rex : You don't understand. Uh, how could you, I mean you're a...

    Chief : Go ahead say it. I'm a stray, yeah.

  • [repeated line] 

    Chief : I bite.

  • Chief : [to the Owl]  You'll meet a bitch named Nutmeg. Tell her Chief says, "I'll see you in Megasaki."

  • Chief : [Trying his first Puppy Snaps treat]  Hmm, crunchy, salty, supposedly it cleans your teeth. This is my new favorite food. Thank you.

  • Chief : We'll find him. Where ever he is, if he's alive, we'll find your dog.

  • [first lines] 

    Chief : Ten centuries ago, before the Age of Obedience, free dogs roamed at liberty, marking their territory. Seeking to extend its dominion, the cat-loving Kobayashi Dynasty declared war and descended in force upon the unwary four-legged beasts. On the eve of total canine annihilation, a child warrior sympathetic to the plight of the besieged underdog dogs, betrayed his species, beheaded the head of the head of the Kobayashi clan, and pledged his sword with the following battle-cry haiku. I turn my back - on man-kind! He would later be known as the Boy Samurai of Legend, RIP. At the end of the bloody dog wars the vanquished mongrels became powerless house-pets: tamed, mastered, scorned. But they survived and multiplied. The Kobayashis, however, never forgave their conquered foe.

  • Chief : Don't ask me to fetch that stick.

  • Spots : I've become the leader of a group of outcasts that depend on me for their survival, and I'm going to be a father. With deepest sadness and humility, I must ask you to relieve me of the duties of my position, effective immediately.

    Chief : You son of a bitch! If we don't drown, I'm gonna strangle you myself. I don't care how many exploding teeth you try to spit out at me. Do you have any idea what that little pilot just went through to try to rescue you? How dare you?

  • Chief : That kid is gonna get us all put to sleep. Euthanized. We won't find the dog, but we will die trying.

    Rex : Not a bad way to go.

  • Chief : Rex! King! Duke! Boss! You made it!

    Rex : What happened to you?

    Chief : I took a bath.

    Rex : What, he's got soap?

    Chief : Just a little.

    Rex : You're too fluffy.

    Chief : We played fetch.

    Rex : With a stick?

    Chief : With a hunk of rubber radiator tubing.

    Rex : And you brought it back to him?

    Chief : Yeah. He's a good boy.

    Rex : Don't you tell me that! I was the one that tried to make you be loyal to him in the first place!

    Chief : Stop, *stop*! This is the rendevous! Where's that trash-tram taking you?

    Rex : You think we booked this flight through a travel agent? We were fighting for our lives in a high-velocity trash-processor while you were getting scrubbed and brushed!

    Chief : Jump!

    Rex : Where?

    Chief : Here!

    Rex : When?

    Chief : Now!

    Rex : Why?

    Chief : *What*?

  • [Two packs of feral dogs growling at each other over a garbage bag potentially containing food] 

    Rex : Wait a second. Before we attack each other and tear ourselves to shreds like a pack of maniacs, let's just open the sack first and see what's actually in it. It might not even be worth the trouble.

    Igor : Alright.

    Rex : A rancid apple core, two worm-eaten banana peels, a moldy rice cake, a dried-up pickle, tin of sardine bones, a pile of broken egg-shells, an old smushed-up rotten gizzard with maggots all over it...

    Chief : Okay, it's worth it.

    [All dogs proceed to fight] 

  • Chief : Was... was I the runt?

    Spots : Not anymore.

  • Chief : I'm not doing this because you commanded me to. I'm doing it- because I feel sorry for you.

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