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good try from Malaysia! 80s Hollywood action style!
fluffset1 February 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I like this movie, this is what I can say. Its totally cliché, but at least its not considered cliché at all in the scene of malaysian cinema. Its my fault to watch a lot of Hollywood action movie from 80s & 90s such as Lethal Weapon, Die Hard, Predator etc. It make me not surprised at all for everything that happen in this movie. I've seen everything. The plot is good, poor action scene/fist-fight but OK, ridiculous amount of TNT but OK etc. Some thing that bother me a lot from this movie is some poor judgment by the policeman character that supposed to be experienced and wise, when you already got caught by the villain and escape, can you come again & expect the villain to wait for you? That's the ridiculous thing that ever happen but so far this movie is good and a lot of Malaysian like it. Congratulation!
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2 hours of action,crime,drugs,comedy and pure entertainment.
navenkumarselva1 February 2016
This is probably the best Malaysian film I've seen.Lets break it down into a few parts.The positives of this film are the performances of the cast,stunt choreography,cinematography and many more in the list.Performances by Sam and Zizan should be the most appreciated,they develop a significant relationship as the film goes on.I'm talking about character development,which I have not seen in many Malay movies before.They play their roles so convincingly that you'll believe they are buddies in real life.Secondly,the cinematography is stunning, given the budget is only $500,000.He(The cameraman) made this movie look really badass and high budgeted.The choice of music was good.There were a few stunts like car stunt sequences and other action scenes were very well shot and executed,most importantly not over the top.The only negative that I have with this movie is the clichéd story.We have seen this like 100 million times if you know what I mean,but considering using the same story and plot line,it was still well executed.It's not the best movie ever created,but certainly a good entertainment to watch for 2 hours.Don't get me wrong that I'm giving a rating of 7/10,I'm not downgrading this film,it's just that I'm comparing it with Hollywood and Indian cinema ,that's all.Anyway,please do watch this movie.AWESTRUCK...
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A Rare Breed of Malaysian Action Film
syazwan_rosman6 November 2015
Skeptical. That's my first feeling when I heard the title and the casts. Because as you know it, Malaysian action films tend to be as tasteless as you could imagine. Try watching "Gangsterock" and you'll see it. The last time I watched a good quality action film from Malaysian Director was Gangster (2005), a film directed by Bade Hj. Azmi. It was so good that I couldn't find any other Malaysian film that can topple it. That was until I watch Polis Evo.

Directed by Ghaz Abu Bakar, I only knew him from his "Cicakman" and some Malaysian artist Music Video. Starring Zizan Razak and Shaheizy Sam, I never could imagine that they would be good pair. I mean really good. What I loved the most about the film was the action scene. Ghaz Abu Bakar was trying so hard to make it as "Hollywood" as it can. Explosives, car chases, shooting scenes, all were shot brilliantly in a very Hollywood manner. Although the budget for the film was quite high, but it certainly paid off with the whopping RM17 millions Box Office.

A certain perfection and quality must be reached for a film to be good, and this time, Ghaz has reached it. I am really hoping that this film would be an "eye-opener" to all of Malaysian film directors out there. Pound some budget, put some work and tremendous effort on it, caress it with quality and perfection, and it will definitely be paid off.
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firdauskhairuddin-5441911 November 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Bullet movement , action still below satisfaction far compare to thailand and indonesia film. Should make it more realistic..ending action poor.
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Overall rating: 10/10. Worth for money.
manutdin27 October 2018
Action: 10/10. Where you can find almost real shoot fires from guns and real explosion.

Plot: 10/10. There are detailed and exciting chonogical scenes plotted in this film making the audience excited to know what will happens next.

Script: 10/10. Indirect dialogues mixing with jokes making each scene more valueable when it was happens in action movie like Avengers films.
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