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Very touching portrayal of a struggling dad
joemcdermott-1732921 March 2017
I happened across this on a air Canada flight and only watched it as there was nothing else I hadn't seen. Glad I did. A very touching portrayal of a family with issues and how they struggle on. I don't wish to give away the plot but the acting is first class - the daughter with the tic is outstanding. I don't speak French so I watched with subtitles but it stil had me in tears a couple of times. Any parent who watched it and doesn't at least get a lump in there throats isn't being a parent at all. Brilliant
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Not what I expected
maurodc20 July 2018
As I said before in other reviews, I like a lot french cinema, and when I saw the trailer of this one, of course I wanted to see it. But, now that I've seen it, I think that it's a good movie, but I don't see it as my favorite french film of the year.

When I entered to see it, I was expecting a really cute, lighthearted movie that probably was going to be a tear-jerker. But turns out that the movie is less family friendly than what I thought, it has very intense moments and the performances were decent, but not the best.

However, it has its funny moments, and heartbreaking ones too. Particularily the ones with the oldest daughter of the protagonist, I think she did a great job, she was possibly the best of the entire cast.

Overall, it's a good job I think. Very entertaining and nice, but still, from all the french movies I've seen, this one is the most imperfect.
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