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I'm a little confused
benjaminlauriesmith1 June 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I enjoyed the movie right up until the 'dramatic' reveal at the end.

It's a movie that feels like it was written in parts and then everyone took a break and came back to it after a while and no one sat down and read through it again to make sure it all made sense.

It tries very hard to be an intelligent thriller with as it turns out a reveal at the end that I guess was meant to be the big twist.

The problem is that the big twist at the end assuming it was a big twist and reveal is that she is in fact not blind and has been pretending all along which creates A LOT of plot holes in the movie you have just watched.

The other possible explanation is that the traumatic experience that caused her to go blind when she was a kid was reversed by the traumatic experience that she suffers at the end of the movie BUT the BIG problem is the movie does not explain either; in fact in a series of flashbacks it hints at she may have been able to see all along but that creates HUGE plot holes in the movie. For example why she simply didn't stop 'pretending' to be blind for ten seconds and slip the poison into the bad guys drink as she had planned before she dropped the vial.

Its one of these movies that could have been a great movie but it loses its way somewhere along the telling of the story and then just leaves you feeling confused and asking what was that all about at the end of the movie rather than the intended feeling of satisfaction that she 'won' the movie plot and how clever she was to pull off that deception
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questionable twists
SnoopyStyle2 June 2018
Sofia (Natalie Dormer) is a blind concert pianist in London. She agrees to play for the father of her upstairs neighbor Veronique (Emily Ratajkowski). Veronique falls to her death under suspicious circumstances. It's connected to her war criminal father from Bonsia. There are people after him and Sofia is hiding a secret herself.

It's not the first movie with a blind woman who witnessed a crime. This one takes on some convoluted twists. I question the logic of the big twist. The turns don't really surprise but rather exasperates. Natalie Dormer is a great actress but this doesn't really work. The twists need to be better supported. This movie needs some simplifying.
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Would have been a good movie if...
elizrug28 May 2018 had made sense. The story was too convoluted. None of the three of us ever understood what Alex, Marc and Veronique had to do with any of it, nor why Radic hated Veronique. Plus, the sex scene was completely unnecessary and seemed to be there for Natalie Dormer to show off.
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What a silly ending!
jeanbal5480024 June 2018
Warning: Spoilers
At the beginning, In Darkness plays like a good thriller centered on a blind musician who witnesses an horrible crime (with her ears) and then lives in a permanent paranoïa. Natalie acts - reasonnably - well. The director knows his jobs. Fine. And then things begin to unravel. Deeply. The plot turns to farce. Useless violent scenes are followed by useless dialogues. Just an example: would you torture a woman in van driving on a road, after kidnapping in a crowded street? Would you do that or, first, ask to give you what you want? Non, overkill, of course. Don't you think you could have met your victim, at night, in her appartment, without risking to be arrested by the police? Oh my... And that is far from being the sole inconsistency of this mediocre scenario. The worst being the so called BIG FINAL TWIST (Night Shyamala get out of this picture!) Silly. Meaningless. Laughable. You're left exhausted and bewildered by a big big mess. The scanrio has been co-written by Miss Dormer, and I guess she has managed to have some big melodramatic scenes, like actors competing for the Academy Awards like to play. Well, when a melodramatic scene makes no sense whatsoever and destroys the credibility of your character, you could do better without. Why a "5" note? Because of the photography, the level of acting and the idea at the start. I would give a much lower note to the script alone.
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Too complicated for its own good
jtindahouse1 June 2018
Sometimes when actors play a part in writing a movie that they know they will be acting in they spend too much time trying to give their character room to flourish and not enough time on making the rest of the film sustainable. I think that is a little bit of what happened here. Lead actress Natalie Dormer co-wrote the movie with her husband (who also directed the film) and it has to be said she turns in a very impressive performance as a blind woman. The rest of the movie though leaves a lot to be desired.

The biggest problem is has is that it's over-complicated. Many previous films have fallen into the trap of over-complication and it has almost always harmed them. Unless you are Christopher Nolan who seems to be able to simplify even the most complex of storylines, you really shouldn't try too hard in that respect. 'Ocean's Twelve' was a prime example of that. It got so complicated that it was no longer fun. 'In Darkness' is very similar. You're working so hard to keep up with everything that you're never actually able to just sit back and enjoy yourself.

The movie is made with some nice style and I liked the amount of ambition that went into it. It wasn't done on the cheap and nasty, that's for sure. Unfortunately though it just didn't really work for me. It tried to have some "knock your socks off" moments but none of them really landed and the end result was a pretty forgettable film.
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what a mess
davish_wulf-127 May 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Movie kept me interested until about a third, then the plot holes start to appear, one after another, repeated scenes over and over again, repeated dialogues and gets worse and worse until the end. Fish-eyed posture of Dormer worked well in terms of acting, the rest of the actors were completelly passable and lacked charisma, specially the "big boss". The plot holes are huge but nothing surpases the predictable huge plot hole in the end, you will see what I mean and stop reading now if you don't want a predictable spoiler.

How the hell, during a fight with the person that you wanted dead for the past 20+ years, you are still pretending to be a blind person?

Shame on you script-writes, at least put some logic in what you write. How Natalie Dormer accepted to be on this utterly homage to boredom and child-script escapes me.

Terrible effort, not worth my time.
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Decent thriller with a nice lil twist, the sex scene n nudity was required....
Fella_shibby24 November 2018
Dormer's earlier film The Forest was boring n lousy but in this film she gave a good performance. I liked this film's suspense n story. This movie will keep u glued till the end. The sex scene was necessary to establish the connection between the characters n the nudity to show off the tattoos.
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Too many twists degrade the film
byron-11627 May 2018
Too many twists to an otherwise watchable movie. However, why oh why so many twists to the story???
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Quite an excellent thriller...
kevcoe25 May 2018
Just watched it. It really is a rather good film. Well acted, well written and with a couple of twists that you might not see coming. I'm a huge fan of Natalie Dormer and she's just terrific here. I don't want to say anymore because I don't want to post any spoilers, but if you fancy watching a tight and exciting UK thriller, I doubt you'll be disappointed. Give it a shot, eh?
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Something a little off when Engulfed "In Darkness"
jtncsmistad30 December 2018
Natalie Dormer ("Game of Thrones") is fine as a blind pianist with a tortured past. The script she co-wrote with Director Anthony Byrne is thoughtful and delivers ample twists and turns. And the sound editing amplifying a sightless aural experience is first-rate on behalf of a talented team headed by veteran pro Harald Ansorge.

This established, I came way from "In Darkness" strangely less than satisfied. The pace never felt quite right. At least for me it didn't match the inherent volatility of the story being presented.

And I'm still in the dark as to why.
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Guess I am not the only one confused....
sugarnspices17 October 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Judging by the other comments and reviews on this page, everyone else is confused and disappointed by the "twist" and "turns" throughout the movie.

Firstly, I am not very familiar with the actress that played the main girl. I think I am one of the very few who never watched GOT or The Tudors, with that being said, I think she did an OK job. Wasn't a phenomenal actress, but she wasn't wooden or horrible either. I would say just kind of...dull?

Real Spoilers Below:

I knew from one of her first flash backs when I saw 2 little girls hiding in the closet, that she wouldn't actually be blind and take the one kid who died (who was actually blind) spot. (Also figured that kid died considering they also show in her flashback she is the only one being carried away.) I paid very close attention to see if she ever gave off any clues she wasn't actually blind. As far as I could tell, although me not actually being blind and all, she didn't ever slip up or give up the notion, even while not being watched at all, that she did have sight. Like when slipping the poison into the bad guys drink, why not just break character for 10 seconds to complete your "24 year" old mission?? There's a difference between tricking the audience and misleading the audience.

I am not a history buff and don't know tons about the Bosnian War, but why did the bad guy come and blow away her whole family? Also, did he know that it was his supposed daughter and the woman he raped? Was that why he killed them? Or was it random?

Who was the old man that coughed non-stop and the one that took her away in her flashback? Is that her father? How did the bad guy know that some woman he raped ever had a kid that was blind? Did he follow up on her? Did he love/know her? But also, how do you end up being raped 2 times by the same person randomly? He had to of "known" her? So his real daughter is the one that died in the shooting in her flashback.

One final thing about who was who's daughter. So the woman upstairs that is murdered, bad guys daughter...did our main girl know this before moving in? Or did it just so happen she moved in below her? I am assuming she knew which is why she was so new to the building and had been stalking/wanting to kill the bad guy since she was a small child?

Also, did the identity she stole, was that right after the coughing old guy saved her? Or did she do that recently to better help stalk the bad guy?

What was up with the brother sister combo? Why was the sister hated by the bad guy towards the end? Wasn't she one of his minions throughout? Why did our main girl and this guy act madly in love after only knowing each other, what seemed to be a few days? Did they try to solidify that by the sex scene?

This movie, I think, could have been fairly good, had they not left so many things unanswered and plot holes. Also, I need a drink.....
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Natalie Dormer only positive.
bazookamouth-221-8980976 October 2018
Oh my this was boring. Natalie Dormer exceptionally good in a terrible movie. The plot was all over the place like a fly on crack and the pace of a slug in slow motion. Did they hype up the sex stuff to cause controvesy because the shower scene was nothing like you hadn't seen before in virtually any other movie of this certificate and the bedroom sex scene was dark and mixed with stupid flashbacks. Also I spotted the actor from celebrity Big brother who coughed all the time. Pretty poor around
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waste of time!
mithranjayan31 May 2018
Only the cop in this movie was decent .... they dint give him much... when i started watching this movie the IMDB ratings was 8/10 .. i was soo angry on IMDB and was never going to trust its review again.. but when i finished watching and went on IMDB to give my rating.. the rating had already dropped down to 5.2 LOL
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Poor conclusion but still a gripping nail biter
garygwilliams1 June 2018
I love Natalie Dormer's classic beauty as it has an underlying strength to it. I loved her in Game of Thrones and The Tudors but she really gets the spotlight in this engaging thriller. The problem is the ending seems like is should have been the sequel. In Hockey, they saying goes "Play for 60 minutes", Anthony Byrne was up 5-0 going into the 3rd and lost 6-5 in overtime. By trying to make the ending too twisty, he loses all of the momentum he had so carefully and effectively constructed. This could have been a classic with a bit more modern action and more pathos in the back story especially towards the end. Anthony's TV background shows and not in a good way.
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Expected much more
crejk6 June 2018
I watched this flick mostly because Natalie Dormer played the lead chatacter, and was involved in making the script. It had some ponential, but lot of twists that were not in line with the whole movie, made this movie to be almost laughable. So many plot holes regarding her bindnes, and totaly unexplained reasons for the main antagonist, why would he be such a master villain, was to much for me. Everyting from the score, acting, and the script in this flick were poorly performed.
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The Movie Explained... Massive Spoilers
Mehki_Girl17 October 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Read this only after you've watched the movie and are thinking, what the heck???

First clue: she couldn't hear the announcement on the train.

Second: She watched the news on TV when buying coffee.

Third: She looks at herself in the mirror. Yeah, she really is, in hindsight.

Fourth: She knows Veronica and moved downstairs to follow what's going on. She heard what happened because she didn't have her earphones on and was listening. Not clear she saw her fall past the window. Her hearing isn't super sharp.

Fifth: when the cop turns around and looks to the back of the room, she looks, too.

Sixth: She moves her eyes with purpose at times. They are clear and she doesn't have any of the involuntary movement normally seen.

Seventh: she glances around when the brother saves her through the streets.

Goes on and on.

There are huge plotholes around the devices they used.

The inconsistent plothole devices, some explained:

She continued her role even at home the better to play her role in public, plus you never who's watching ever. That's why she doesn't look down at Veronica's body. A neighbor could notice if she does.

The Serb dude is a bad guy and killed her family. He's running guns through his fake charity. Veronica and the brother and sister team want to bring him down. They want the info that Veronica had. She wants him dead because he killed her Bosnian family.

Questions. Some possible answers: If the brother and Veronica were lovers and working together, why is she acting afraid and kills herself (I believe she did based in the sound of only her footsteps)? Maybe she thought the boyfriend turned on her? Would kill her?

The protagonist has nerves of steel. She knows the brother is in the apartment. She doesn't break her role.

Inconsistancies: Why when talking to the sister at the party, the brother says he hopes the bad guy didn't kill Veronica if he knew she was pregnant? If the bad guy kill her. Did he lie when he said Veronica killed herself???

Why did the protagonist continue the role when she dropped the bottle? All she had to do was knock over her glass and palm the bottle. Or glance down. Because her back was turned, she wouldn't know if they glanced over. If she dropped something like an earring and started groping for it he might come over to help.

Why continue the act while fighting the bad guy in the end? Wouldn't it be a cherry on top to the revenge?

Is the street guy in on it? Probably not. Just did a favor giving the brother a scarf.

The cop realizes that in the station she saw the pic of the brother, so he knew the truth.

One puzzle, everything can't be logically explained. So one may think, was it hysterical? Did she really suddenly realize who the brother was? Well, no, because the flashbacks shows and looked at him at the party. She might not have clearly seen him from elevator, which was lit and he was in darkness. But she didn't she know he was one and the same when he said he was in the apartment with Veronica??? Why wasn't there a police guard on her in the hospital? Why not just walk out of the hospital? If security cameras are checked, it would expose the secret.

The movie was good with holding you. And if they kept it straightforward or else consistent throughout, then the reveal would have been cool.
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What a mess
VoyagerMN198612 July 2018
No British thriller can be done without the most absurd, ham-handed and obvious conspiracy thrown in. I won't spoil the "twist" at the end other than to say it is childish.
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Outstanding Thriller, Well Acted
Scot_Rutherford26 May 2018
Natalie Former is compelling to watch in this thriller reminiscent of Hitchcock's works. Emily Ratajowski even does OK. James Cosmo is still very much on his game and Ed Skrien was an excellent anti hero and would make a good James Bond imo. In these days of superheroes and CGI it's nice to see films like this to remind us why we go to movie theaters. The visuals and overall tone of the film was magnificent Anthony Byrne and Natalie Dormer! This has to be the most underrated film of 2018.
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Quite a good movie
Gabriella-R27 May 2018
It's been a while since I've watched a movie that surprised me pleasantly. The script is well written. Halfway, the story gets a little bit twisted in a good kind of way. The flashbacks to the past are a great insight to find more about the real story. Natalie Dormer plays the role perfectly and the music during the important scenes is just amazing. I've read a couple of reviews and I can see the point and the glimpse of predictability at the end, but still it is a good movie; we're just becoming used to so many sci-fi and superhero films (nothing wrong with them) that we just forget to appreciate a simple good and intriguing storyline.

Don't expect it to be life changing, just watch it and enjoy it.
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Halbermensch99926 May 2018
Many great actors/actresses but the story didn't pull me in.
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Poorly developed, confusing plot line spoiled the movie for me
joandoyle-9172126 August 2018
The acting was excellent but the plot was confusing from start to finish. Maybe some movie watchers don't mind if a movie doesn't make sense, as long as it keeps your interest, but I strongly object to a movie ending where I don't understand the answers to all my questions. I would not recommend this movie to anyone. I hung in there hoping it would all eventually make sense but it did not! Very disappointing!
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Boring Stuff!! Boring Stuff!!
wmusiwa10 June 2018
Boring Stuff!! Boring Stuff!! Very predictable a big thumbs down!
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A refined and artistically well done thriller!
alliedrein28 May 2018
Got a chance to see that new indie thriller film "In Darkness" a few days ago. The film stars Sofia, an in an impression-wise cultivated blind musician who listens in on a murder committed in the apartment upstairs from hers which leads her onto a dark path in the story. Despite her disability she poses this reflective yet mentally confined act and demeanor throughout the film until she confronts her truncated fate. Her acting chops are top-notch with her expressions unbeknowingstly refined though in a mundane artsy sort of customary fashion. I felt every breath in her interactions with her surroundings; the palpitation of soulful entropy will engulf you as you precariously indulge yourself into this artistically choreographed piece with intricately put-together motion pictures. The colours and lighting backgrounds added that narratively accounted for feel in the overall jigsaw puzzle this film puts together inside of your mind. The plot involves what you imagine Sofia's real motivations and secrets are, and in discovering that craved-for truth amongst an albeit self-sacrificing force to unlock that magical box that is called the unknown. The possible killer, Marc, was an interesting dawg, with his criminal cohort sister whom demonstrated that sinister fem persona all-out to claim her stake. The perpetrated Serbian war criminal in the film is creepy af with his take-all motives and sinister intent you will discover upon completing the film. All personas end up intersecting into one big f-ed up consummation which will literally leave your soul breathless. So overall this movie was superb and very well-crafted, with beautiful cinematography and set pieces to boot. I especially loved the grimly artful piano pieces musically elaborated into the scenes. Dark, sexy, and enigmatic are the damsels in this film as well as is the film itself!
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Well acted and thrilling
johnstonbalan29 May 2018
I don't know how to feel about this but it was a good movie.
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certain charm about her I just can't resist
guangmerchandiser27 May 2018
Pretty well done movie,few plots seem to be a little untight .But the editing,score and acting are quite nice.Not mention Natalie Dormer is so incredibly gorgeous,she must have more chances to be leading in a movie.
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