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The Legacy
Tweekums2 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
As businessman Johan Verhulst and his wife attend a function a sniper takes a shot but fortunately nobody is hit. The police start to investigate and find Verhulst surprisingly unconcerned. Professor T suspects he may be somehow involved so knew the sniper was aiming to miss. A few days later Verhulst is missing and there is a lot of spilt blood in his house… Professor T is still suspicious that is was staged… then the body is found. There are several suspects; his young wife, two sons and his financial adviser… unfortunately they all have alibis for the time he went missing. Once again Professor T seems to have figured it out but won't tell Annelies just yet.

This was an intriguing case; at first it seemed obvious that the sniper had deliberately missed but when Verhulst went missing and the blood was found it looked as if that theory was about to be disproved; then when the blood was explained his body was found. There are a good number of suspects but the fact that they appear to have alibis confuses matters in a good way. There are the amusing moments one might expect as well as some more poignant scenes; Professor T manages to upset his mother, the dean and annoy Annelies to the point that she castigates him in front of his class… and he was definitely the one in the wrong. The cast are all on good form but it is Koen De Bouw who stands out for his performance as the eponymous professor. Overall this was another fine episode that fans of the series should enjoy.
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