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Get ready to change your mind.
moway111424 October 2018
Warning: Spoilers
As a rule I do not believe much of what I see on TV or the news for that matter, but part 2 changed it all for me . This series was thought provoking,filled with intrigue and at times terrifying.The thought that this kind of witch hunt can still happen and does happen with more regularity than I would like to admit,is a horrifying reality. Part 1 made me sit up and listen...part 2 left no doubt. If you were on the fence about part 1,watch part 2. Kathleen Zellner rips apart the prosecutions case; step by step,point by point, with real science,a team of REAL experts and an unstoppable need to expose the corruption,seek out the truth and bring attention to the gross violation of human rights. How is that for a run on sentence?! I could not catch my breath while writing this...I felt the same way watching it.
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a_biltagi25 October 2018
This documentary is insane! The best true crime documentary out there. It purely sheds light on the TRUTH of this nightmare of a case. Its infuriating to say the least. The American criminal justice system is SO corrupt, twisted, and flat out wrong for convicting Steven and Brenden to life for a crime they did not commit. EVERYONE needs to watch this documentary and be angry at how they were 100% framed.

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More addictive than chocolate.
SpankyWardOnAmazonPrime20 October 2018
I should have been in bed 5 hours ago but I can't stop watching the new chapter of the Avery Saga. The miscarriage of justice is frighteningly insurmountable. Being a screenwriter, if this were a movie I was going to write, I would never have been able to use this plot. I wouldn't have believed an audience would accept such a series of ludacris events like the mishandling and planting of evidence, unethical prosecutorial actions and the total and complete lack of ability to self examine their actions, due to fear. Fear because they've fully committed to their guilty story and if found innocent, how bad they'll look.
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Unbelievable true story.
mactbc12 September 2018
After watching this I will never set foot in the State of Wisconsin. What was done to this man was a fate worse than death. I am normally a supporter of the police but not in WI.
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A deep look into the terrible American justice system.
TheLeon189710 September 2018
This is one of the best documentaries ever created and a must-watch for everybody. The story is so insane and unbelievable that you would think this is a piece of fictional work, but it is not.

The only thing that could have been made a bit better is the episode running-time, sometimes the episodes feel a bit too long.

--9 out of 10 stars--
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nagasaki-9801920 September 2018
You need to watch this to see what are the autorities capable to do to protect them self
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Haunting; Unbelievable
Thomas_from_CA20 December 2015
It's hard to put into words how moving this documentary series was. The view of this work from 30,000 feet is perhaps that it is a beautiful but tragic depiction of the powerful versus the powerless in the context of the American criminal justice system, and a haunting reminder of what human beings are capable of when we believe the ends justify the means. The view on the ground - from a very intimate front row seat in Steven Avery's hometown of Manitowoc, WI - is that one man likely endured not one, but two of the most egregious injustices imaginable.

One thing that sets this series apart from previous shows in this genre (like NPR's Serial) is that the producers never once make an appearance on camera, nor does the viewer ever hear their voices, at least not in a literal sense. Instead, they rely on interviews, court proceedings, news clips, and telephone and video recordings to tell the story, often against the backdrop of the Avery's family compound. In a simple and clean way, the series is beautifully shot. And the story itself... unbelievable. But even the most reasonable, even skeptical viewer will have to grapple with the theories put forward. Theories that would seem a reach at best if it weren't for the overwhelming hard evidence unfolding, on film, right before your eyes.

I started out by saying that it was hard to describe how moving this documentary was, and I actually found myself transitioning through the same emotional states (albeit to a much lesser degree) that the key figures seemed to experience: from shock and disbelief to anger and ultimately to a sense of despair.

To me, what separates television and film that constitutes true "art" from that which is merely entertaining, is that it reveals something perhaps not so obvious but nonetheless true about human nature or the human experience. This easily surpasses that standard, but what makes it particularly chilling is that this is not a carefully constructed fictional plot designed to pull our heart strings. This actually happened. And it happened to real a person. To a real family.
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Perfect portrait of the unreliability of the American Judicial System
pipo_brutal19 August 2018
This was one of the most heartbreaking, inhumane and irrational criminal cases I came across in my entire life.

You will find two major types of reviews in here:

1. The skeptic type, based on rational and logical analysis of all the evidence and framings towards Steven Avery and Brenden Dassen making them not guilty (attributing around 10/10 rating).

2. The emotional type, based on irrational and illogical analysis of all the speeches and horror stories the prosecution, the police and the media told the public making them guilty (attributing around 01/10 rating).

This documentary series is constructed to favour the skeptic type (1). However, reality favoured the emotional type (2).

Living the American nightmare, shall them say.

Enjoy this highly unbiased masterpiece.
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Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse
eogeaux22 October 2018
This documentary is incredible. It may seem a bit one sided but if you look at the list of people at the end who declined to be interviewed you will see why. You can't begrudge the producers for the other side not cooperating. That being said, the outcome is not very surprising. If you've paid any attention to America's justice system ..... ever would understand that cops and judges are above the law and they can do whatever they want and they have zero accountability. This series just solidified that. Everyone is going to act angry and appalled but then never actually do anything about it. And it will continue and the "good ol' boys" will continue trampling on our basic "freedoms and liberties." Yay USA!! *insert exaggerated eye roll here*
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The best true crime legal documentary ever made
vasiln20 December 2015
Making a Murderer documents the true story of Steven Avery, sent to prison under questionable circumstances, exonerated on DNA evidence 18 years later, and accused of murder shortly thereafter under equally questionable circumstances.

MaM, ten hours long, is gripping throughout. The story is revealed chronologically, paced so perfectly to leave the viewer gasping at regular intervals, yet never feeling manipulated. But make no mistake: the filmmakers do have an opinion. And by the end of MaM, it is an opinion you will share.

The comparisons to gems like Paradise Lost and The Jinx are inevitable. Up until now, Paradise Lost represented the pinnacle of the genre; MaM tells its story similarly, yet surpasses PL. Where The Jinx, an otherwise excellent documentary, left me with a bad taste, feeling that the truth played second fiddle to its filmmakers' ambitions, MaM never focuses on its creators. The drama is narrated only by the players, the argument made convincingly by historical footage, media and police manipulation made plain not by rhetoric, but by the simple evidence provided by context.

Avery's story, as presented in MaM, is a horrifying story that leaves one infuriated at law enforcement, politicians, and news media. Not generally one for righteous indignation, this was the first series I've ever watched from which I had to take regular breaks out of sheer rage. Avery's story is not a pleasant or uplifting one. But it is as well-told as any I've seen.
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This is one important documentary
kiss_fans20 December 2015
This is one important documentary. This shows just how wrong the justice system is in America. Im from Sweden and did not know anything prior to this series. But If you have - like me, been reading and seeing other documentaries of this kind. You know this have happened several times. It makes me sick. When it comes to Brendan and his statement I immediately started to think about Jessie Misskelley. A boy with below average IQ and was one of three teenagers that got falsely accused of murdering three young boys in Memphis. He also made a "confession" after the cops had lured and guiding him towards what they wanted to hear. Anyway, I hope that one day, the truth will come out and the ones, that still walks free, get the judgement they deserve and that Brendan and Steven Avry will get their freedom back. This is something everyone should see. If I were a parent I would show it to my kids, if I was a teacher I would show it to my students. I will recommend it to everyone I know.
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Kathleen Zellner brings hope...
nicksholl24 October 2018
....don't mess with Avery's new lawyer. Her relentless and intelligent approach leaves no stone unturned and has brought much astounding new evidence to light.

I was impressed by the 2 original lawyers in Part 1, but they come across feeble and impenetrable compared to her.

Exploding to see the corruption finally get unfolded- this show has clearly taken the world by storm, and I pray justice and the truth will be brought to light.
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Kathleen zellner
heartyjoanna24 October 2018
What a women ! She makes me feel powerful and strong ! Women to stand up for what they believe in ! It's so hard sometimes to be a women in this world ! she is in incredible! And so so strong !
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Great doc movie
xtinec-nyc25 March 2018
Warning: Spoilers
It is shocking to see how justice system was so twisted and it really disgusts me to see those shameless disgusting faces from police dept. It is a great film and I truly admire the team who documentaried the film and the lawyers who had courage and wisdom to defend Steven Avery. Although i was truly devastated when I saw the result and it's so depressing to see Avery's family had to suffer from all this non sense. It is so sad and disappointing to know how ugly this reality is.
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Are the Authorities watching the same confession tapes as we are?
dinadavis-9950516 November 2018
I've been binge watching this and I'm halfway thru season 2 and all I can say is I'm thoroughly disgusted with the cops, prosecutors, judges, jurors all of them. All one needs to do is watch the very 1st time Brendan's so-called confession tape was aired in the series! That CHILD had NO CLUE what the interrogators were talking about nor what they wanted him to say. This boy was, no IS so innocent, that when they started their LEADING questions regarding "what happened around her head area"...after a long bout of silence he responds quote: "I CUT HER HAIR?". That is how innocent and non-violent Brendan is. That the first thing he could think of ON HIS OWN was a freaking HAIRCUT!!! Those interrogators were SO frustrated by his obvious lack of knowledge of what happened to the poor woman that they announced for all of us to see THAT THEY TOLD HIM she was shot in the head. Haircut to a Bullet in the Brain. Despicable. Wisconsin is full of corrupt cops, prosecutors, state attorneys, forensic analysts, and at least TWO COUNTIES. SHAME ON YOU!
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Gripping and at times almost unbelievable
deltaop19 December 2015
This documentary series potentially depicts the greatest miscarriage of justice on American soil as the producers go out to prove that Stephen Avery, a Wisconsin resident, is purposely being made a scapegoat for crimes he did not commit.

The series possesses the hallmark quality of Netflix's original programming:'bingeability'. Once you get a grasp of what it is all about, you just continue on with the flow until the documentary reaches its conclusion.

An important point if you are coming fresh from the similar true crime series, The Jinx, then you might feel that this documentary series doesn't put as much emphasis on flair and reenactments. Instead the approach is based on journalistic substance with a lot of focus being placed on police reports, recordings, court documents etc. However, I found the series intro theme to be hauntingly beautiful. It really gets stuck inside your head.

Like The Thin Blue Line, Murder on a Sunday Morning, and Paradise Lost documentaries before it, the approach is overwhelmingly in favor of the defendant. You feel like you are witnessing a great injustice unfold before your eyes. There is little room for you to argue that Avery is guilty. But with the amount of evidence both substantial and circumstantial presented in Avery's favor, there is certainly little to argue anyway.

In conclusion, I would recommend this documentary to anyone into true crime. It really is well-prepared and worth a watch despite being a tad exhausting due to its length.
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2+2=5. Orwell was right.
thomassmith7428 October 2018
This is an incredible documentary. There is no doubt that Steven Avery was framed by the police in order to prevent the $36M law suit. I wonder how long this will go on until the State of Wisconsin admits to the unbelievable injustice of Avery and the corruption of its officers. This also proves how much power lies in the State and how they really can do whatever they want, and how they control all authorities across it's jurisdiction.
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cpeck-1630722 December 2015
Warning: Spoilers
This is disgusting. The state police are culpable in this conspiracy as well for allowing the crooked sheriff's department to be on the scene. It is so scary that this is going on in our country. I wouldn't dare step foot in Wisconsin. The police, DA, and crooked defense attorney in that county should all be in Federal prison!! Even more troubling, that no upper court recognized the corruption and evidence presented to give these guys another trial. It seems to me this was retaliation, enacted to preserve the jobs and reputations of the police. It is scary to think how many times this may have happened. Bless the hearts of the innocent.
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monastery2721 October 2018
Planted evidence, multiple LE departments colluding to frame a target, coerced false confessions, unconscionable behaviors, ruined lives.

Justice is an illusion, held hostage by those with twisted motives and the means to subvert it. Shocking, infuriating. But then again, this is one case which has come to light. Very possible this is a systemic ill within the US justice system, something we subconsciously tend to overlook since the repercussions, were it true, could be so shattering.
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leahking-6990728 October 2018
I watched the first season and did not think it was biased in any way. It clearly showed the facts, so outrageous and unbelievable the average person trying to make sense of it often decides that it is "one sided". Season 2 is the same, it makes you angry it makes you sad but most of all it gives you hope because Kathleen Zellner is solid and will not stop until these innocent men are free. A must watch.
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Bone chilling documentary
rasmusramsboel-891-69699222 December 2015
I'm speechless, just speechless.

I checked out this documentary because it somehow struck a chord with me in some resemblance of True Detective.

Only thing, this is real, which makes it so much more frightening.

I sat through all episodes on end, while rewinding bits to get details I missed.

Had it been fiction, it would have come off as too far out.

Most engaging and chilling piece of documentary I've ever seen bar none.

I'm still shaken and really disturbed.
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i pray kathleen zellner will not give up
allcarcraig28 October 2018
This is a very disturbing case, i am a local in the area, and there was no insurance coverage for the county on steve's lawsuit, thus, pay it out of the general fund, or get him arrested and sent to of the biggest problems is how deputy colburn called in the rav4 plate 2 days before it was discovered, then when they played the recording of his call to dispatch, he said he did not recall doing that.
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skully-3081719 December 2015
Warning: Spoilers
A great gripping documentary proving the innocence of a man the mainstream media led us to believe was guilty. This poor man and his family have been put through hell. Open your eyes to see the corrupt justice system. I hope they find the actual killer because he is still out there. No justice was found for Theresa and thats a shame. These film makers should be proud of the fantastic work they put together. They clearly did a lot of research and spent a lot of time on this. I've watched many documentaries but none compare to this. Thank you for opening up our eyes to the truth. I would recommend this to anyone! Stay strong Avery family.
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Making a Murderer
divingchamp117 January 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Yes, I agree that this film is incredibly important for understanding the flaws of our Justice System. Ironically, however, this 10 part documentary also exemplifies the flaws of the movie making industry.

After binge watching the show in a single night, I decided to follow my satisfaction with research about the film's origin and process. Much to my dismay, I uncovered crucial evidence that was deliberately undisclosed. In order to keep this review concise and factual, I will not elaborate on the method of my findings. Trust me, however, when I say that this evidence is legitimate.

Nevertheless, these are the most important of my discoveries.

1) Steven Avery touched on the horrific memory of when he "accidentally" roasted his family cat in an open fireplace. What he did not disclose, however, is that this was no accident. In fact, he went so far as to douse the poor cat in oil before intentionally setting it alight. This information alone is enough for me to conclude that this man has an innate blood lust.

2) Remember the conversation during the trial in which the prosecutor states that Teresa Halbach was receiving constant calls from a man with whom she was becoming annoyed/frightened? The name of this caller was not revealed in "Making a Murderer," but it would be staggering news to discover that this caller was the one and only Steven Avery. And yes, it was.

3) Teresa Halbach specifically asked not to go to the house of Steven Avery. This is by far the most crucial evidence, as it confirms that Avery is problematic at the least.

The part of "Making a Murderer" that most troubles me is that the filmmakers portray Avery as a magnanimous, almost saintly citizen of Wisconsin. The way they present his case, it is perfectly clear that he is innocent of every charge that is set against him -- yet this is untrue. This false portrayal makes me question the validity of this documentary, and others.

However, with all this being said, our Justice System has countless flaws in its method of convictions and obtaining evidence, and that is undoubtedly true. So as stated earlier, I do believe that this documentary is important, but its reliability could have been improved upon.
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Heart stopping and devastating.
gigikami-1390125 October 2018
Jaw dropping evidence of the lengths corruption will go to to protect itself. A brilliant documentary series which takes us leagues deeper into the tangled web of the Avery case: at its core, a story of a murder still unsolved, and several innocent lives ruined by an (in)justice system which is deeply flawed.
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