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This is a counterpoint.
noose-children28 December 2017
Does this deserve 10 stars? No. But a certain one star review admitted they did not even finish a single episode in full. That, in my opinion, does not give them the right to even review.

I liked this show. It's not the best. But I am sick of these new "reviewers" who cannot sit through 45-ish minutes to review (while claiming to take reviewing seriously) yet can feel good saying this is worse than troll 2 or thankskilling or birdemic. Those are at least fun.

If you review, stop being a stupid elaborator. Seriously? 1/10? One of the WORST shows you have seen? Make ratings MEAN something again. Stop your dumb feelings-only blogs exaggerating everything, and leave an honest review.

It's not good. But it DEFINITELY isn't 1/10.

Screw this new age of reviewers.
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Surprisingly entertaining...
wildsparrow1625 July 2016
I was expecting some Camp Crystal Lake Gorefest and I am glad I gave it a watch because it's not like that at all. Sure, it's the same type of theme, but it's very well done. There is actually little gore and there is a lot of character development, especially when we learn the pasts of Alex and Drew - very well-played out. I will continue to watch this show and have not yet missed any episodes. It's also kind of neat that it takes place in the 80's, with Bowie music and all. Give this a chance - it's not worthy of an Emmy, but it is pretty creepy and atmospheric with good character development. But the girls need bigger hair - it's the 80's!
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Good for what it's suppose be.
sicundercover6 July 2016
If you like summer camp slaughter movies then this could be for you. Admittedly it takes a certain type of audience to like this movie and being someone that grew up on Friday the 13th, Slumber House Massacre, and Sleepaway Camp, I fell right into this category. If you're not in this category, odds are you'll be offended at the idiocy and lack of depth of the characters.

People who used to love these types of movies know the characters are the way they are so the viewer feels a level of joy when they finally get what they deserve.

The lead females in these stories always start off weak and eventually find the strength needed to survive. Usually this is straight forward in most of the genre, except a few exceptions like Angela in Sleepaway Camp.

The only real concern I have here is, they will add to much space between deaths in order lengthen the show.
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Phenomenal: Ended too soon
leahsmithlee17 September 2018
I tend to consider myself a bit picky in the television department. It takes a lot for me to become interested in a show long enough to watch an entire season. This is especially true when it comes to weekly television. Waiting for an entire week for another episode can be infuriating. Having said all that, this show hooked me I'm mediately. The cast was fantastic. The story line was intriguing, thrilling, and really surprising. I never saw the end coming. Honestly. I was blown away. To hear that there would neither be a season 2 shocked and disappointed me. It's just another example of television shoes being cancelled before they have time to build a proper audience.
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Ridiculous Characters Meant To Pander To Today's Teens
mikeonline-7448429 June 2016
Despite the fact that every reviewer should watch an episode in full to warrant any kind of review, I could not bring myself to finish this ridiculous piece of trash.

Some Freeform shows are a lot of fun and have some merit in one way or another, but this one fails right from the start when introducing us to its band of teenage cohorts ready for either slaughter or sleuthing.

While I appreciate the fact that this show may purposely be utilizing clichéd archetypes of the summer slasher genre, it completely fails when considering the time period that the show is set it, as it lazily throws around some buzzwords meant to invoke the late 80s, and that is as far as the writers went in putting any thought into it. Being a teenager myself in 1989, I was excited for this show, but my excitement turned to disgust and disappointment pretty quick.

Unless you are a clueless millennial who has virtually no knowledge of the 80s, do yourself a favor and give this show a pass. No doubt it will run several seasons as the kiddies of today lap it up...

Show-writers, just a hint... unless this show is set in 1989 Alphabet City or San Francisco, there will not be an openly gay teen flaming his way around, and making passes at every boy that walks by. This is just demeaning and degrading, and not in the least empowering or realistic.
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bbaddobby29 June 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Based on episode 1. Cheap frights. Uninspiring story telling. Female lead seems to break down at every tiny little thing, which makes you roll your eyes and ask "seriously? She freaked out at that??!". This has the feel of a low budget B movie where even the props of a dead deer look more plastic the Real Housewives of Hollywood. The chemistry between the actors seems like the only genuine thing in this pilot episode. Unfortunately this is yet another inexperienced amateur director trying to learn by ripping off old 80's camp movies. Probably good for millennials who "like oh my gawd" don't have a clue what good television is.
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'Scream' is to MTV as 'Dead of Summer' is to Freeform
ezzie-9517429 June 2016
Not going to lie, but I really thought this was going to bomb. Not in reviews, but in execution. And it was surprisingly good--almost great. I watched both episodes 1 & 2, and trust me, it may have cliché' aesthetic but it puts a refreshing spin on it. It is comprised of a lot of 80s horror movie easter eggs so look out for those. It's good to see Zachary Gordon acting in something decent, and to see Tony Todd (for anyone born later in the 90s, a.k.a Candyman) on the small screen. The characters all have archetypes that we're familiar with, but with motivations the show has yet to dabble with. Not to mention I couldn't tell it was set in the 80s until I saw the ol' camcorder. So far I'm keeping this series on my recommend list. You want something dramatic, yet not overbearingly serious, (and you're not butthurt about "cliches") give this a shot.
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Best thing about it is the soundtrack.
s01523741 July 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Think back to every cliché you've ever seen in a horror movie set on a lake and they're all here.

Young, pretty people, at summer camp, on a lake. Throw in a map shaped like the Devil, a creepy janitor, and spooky woods. Couple that with a super annoying lead female with zero gumption and even less likability and you've got the picture. First episode tries to leave the viewer with unanswered questions, but ends up asking 'Why did I even bother?'. The best thing about it is the soundtrack, and even that misses the mark. Don't care a fig about the characters and have no desire whatsoever to watch the next ep.
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If you watch this you will want a refund on your time
jonnithomas4 July 2016
It seems like the TV writer and producer have a very low opinion of adolescents and their standards. It doesn't make them intellectually challenged and willing to accept absolute rubbish simply because they aren't adult yet. In fact, a lot of them can be really quite bright.

This story is actually non existent and relies upon 'scary' dark woods and dead bodies to create the whole scariness of this sorry tale. trouble is it might just scare you if you were six and not fourteen.

Totally unsuitable for adults and probably anyone over ten.

Is it better then taking a walk in a storm ? No, not really. Is it funny, does it have solid likable characters and a strong storyline.... errrm NO.

So my advice is don't watch it.
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Not bad, not excellent but somewhere in between.
hungry_nirupam30 June 2016
So this TV show has a 80s feel. And the story takes place then. I love Once upon a time and I love the creators. This show has that Lost feel with constant running back and forth of a character's past. It has a Whodunit element along with a supernatural story. AND Tony Todd guest stars! The acting is good. I love both the Elizabeths. The only thing I disliked was that there were less kills. It's a slasher show (I guess) but the pilot was not gruesome. When you watch the Pilot, don't keep a critical mind and watch it without judging. It's entertaining and I know it'll improve in future episodes. I love the story line even though some characters seem lil' annoying. I suggest you give it watch.
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bear traps
SnoopyStyle30 August 2016
Warning: Spoilers
It's summer 1989. The young camp counselors arrive at Camp Stillwater, Wisconsin run by Deb Carpenter (Elizabeth Mitchell). Amy Hughes is the new one. Carolina 'Cricket' Diaz, Joel Goodso, Blair Ramos, Alex Powell, Jessie Tyler, Drew Reeves, and Jason 'Blotter' Cohen are former campers. Deputy Garrett Sykes and Sheriff Heelan investigate when caretaker Dave turns up dead. There is a mysterious ghost (Tony Todd) haunting the camp.

I have no problem with borrowing from Crystal Lake or calling it homage. The pilot sets it up well. There's no need to reinvent the wheel. The show has it all with the great Tony Todd. The kids are fine and Elizabeth Mitchell has plenty of experience. When the death cult shows up, the show gets muddled. At least, they have the good sense to kill themselves. The low point has to be the bear traps. It may be cool to have bear traps but they don't make sense. It's a TV horror show that is never quite good enough.
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SEASON ONE - Starts off meh, ends off amazing
tomdylan-1815917 September 2016
Warning: Spoilers

On the surface, Dead of Summer is an average slasher show, you got your horror stereotypes, like the final girl, the slutty girl, the black guy, the jock, the gay guy, etc.. And in the Pilot episode until like Episode 3, yeah, it's exactly what you expect. Until it actually starts to actually be good.

One thing about DoS is the how it wants you to believe it's an average slasher movie, when it truly is something great. The same creators of Lost and Once Upon a Time? You know you got good stuff on your hands... Or do you? After watching the Pilot I was sorta confused: "Is this actually what we got?", but I kept watching and I think it was the best decision, because after episodes like 3 or 4, it gets going and suddenly you realize THIS is Dead of Summer.

Have I mentioned the horror stereotypes? Yeah, they start off like them, but the character development is truly amazing for a slasher TV show, in fact, it might be the best character development we have come to expect in slasher.

At Episode 6, we start seeing what DoS is all about: demons, rituals all on a seemingly innocent camp. This is where it gets good, finally you start seeing this seemingly clichéd characters into actual characters with personalities, but by far the best episode on the series is Episode 9, where we get a plot twist that makes so much sense but you still are shocked, and when that happens, you know you got something good.

In conclusion, Dead of Summer is a really good show. Don't let those first episodes and the IMDb rating fool you, it surprised me and the others who watched it along the way. The sad thing is those first episodes, and they don't help the show get a better rating then 7/10. It's a shame, but hopefully, if they renew this, I will certainly watch this. It is a surprise (even though a late one) to discover.

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Absolutely Hilarious
dongillette130 July 2016
Warning: Spoilers
The most "politically correct over-the-top" TV show I've ever seen in my life. They've got it all: the slut, the gay guy, the transgender, the drug dealer, the deputy sheriff, the inter-racial relationship, the young guy and old woman relationship, the summer camp, the devil- worshippers... What more could you ask for. It's easily the worst show on television. Easily. The writers are either juvenile fatheads in a room full of dope smoke or geniuses who know exactly what appeals to these hipster-millenials who don't have a clue what the world is about. I watch it for all the wrong reasons, I guess. But it really is a joy to watch. Sort of like watching "Plan 9 From Outer Space."
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Think of it as a visit to that years old traditional state fair. There might not be anything new but sometimes familiarity can be fun!
Janine-The-Barefoot6 July 2016
OK, so it's not Scream the original movie. It's not smart or sophisticated and it's not a fresh and exciting new take on an old genre. But if you let go of all your preconceptions and expectations, it CAN BE something else. It can be a summertime guilty pleasure; and that's not at bad thing at all. Because it's actually pretty easy to be entertained by something you don't expect much from… and if you do that with this show, you give it the potential to deliver.

First, everybody has something to hide so by the end of episode 2 you know that much of what you've seen isn't what it appears to be. Sure, it's been done before but in some cases, and with these people, the humans are just as scary as the ghosts! If nothing else, trying to figure out who's going to mess with whom and why can actually end up fun. Or, put another way, let the backstabbing begin and just try to follow the knife!

So what if the history of the camp has been seen and done before in any number of ways. We haven't seen it done with Tony Todd, who floats through the show like an avatar of death and destruction without giving the viewer enough knowledge yet to be certain of why he does it or what it actually means. So, bad guy? Yes. In this context? No way to know yet.

And by the end of episode 2 it would also appear that filing this show away in a box marked "guilty pleasures 2016" might not be a half bad idea. So give it two episodes, get out your popcorn and surrender your disbelief, cynicism and critical analysis. Don't try to take it apart, take it for what it is and enjoy the ride. It's not brilliant, surreal or groundbreaking. But neither is a trip to the old state fair and we enjoy going to that every year in spite of it all!
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Cliché, however good.
rawrfacemeow5 July 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Although the show is Cliché, as you watch it it becomes obvious that it is intentional. It's based off old 80 camp movies and it has the good jump scares. If you like those kind of movies it is a good show to watch. Although the scene of the 80's isn't quite captured like it should be, they tell you which era the scene your watching is from due to flashbacks.

I think this show has been executed quite nicely, it has an eerie feel to it whilst watching and makes you want to keep watching. If you've ever been to a summer camp you'll know how creepy it can feel by being in the middle of the woods, which helps you relate to the characters in the show to know how their feeling. The show has twists and turns and I'm excited to see where the show will go in the future.
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The Worst Show I Have Ever Seen
zach-9781926 July 2016
Warning: Spoilers
"Dead of Summer" is a supernatural horror show about a group of teens who are all counselors at a summer camp. My first impression of the show was that it was trying to feed off of the success of the recent MTV hit, "Scream". After actually watching the show, I wasn't quite sure what to think. I maintain the idea that the show-runners and writers wanted the same success as "Scream", but what I did not understand was how they could think that this show was a passable substitute. "Dead of Summer" may honestly be the worst show I have ever seen, due to the terrible writing, acting, pacing, and atmosphere. The actors all seemed bored and distant, which is very harmful to a horror show that is supposed to scare you and keep you intrigued. The writing was abysmal, it was as if this was the first script ever written by the writers, and it should be the last. For all I know, maybe this was the writers' first script, that would actually make a lot of sense. Other than the script, the pacing of the show was very weird and hard to keep up with. The show would jump from one scene to the next, with no explanation or time to develop a creepy atmosphere. It felt like the show was more concerned with just progressing to the next plot point then taking the time to actually be scary or entertaining. Not that it really could be though, with such a horrible and laughably bad story (which involved the stupidest death of a character that I have ever seen). This show really does not even deserve a chance. If you're in the mood to watch some teen horror-hijinks, than I heavily recommend Scream, which is a fantastic example of what a show like this should look like. Just please, don't waste your time with this garbage.
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This show is about teenagers who attend school while working at a camp that seems to be haunted.
daniellomboy21 July 2016
I had hopes for this show when I saw the trailer. However, when I saw the first couple of episodes, I came to the conclusion that the show was going nowhere. The setting is set in the 80s, but the characters that are displayed show little to no qualities coming from that time period. The attire is just awful and doesn't add up. Whenever a "jump scare" part came up, I just ended up laughing instead of actually being scared. I have no idea where the director and producer were going with this. I'm still confused on the status of the characters. The cloaked figures are not scary whatsoever and look ridiculous. If you are looking for a way to waste your time, I suggest watching this show.
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kitty-7422715 May 2019
This show grabbed my attention from the very beginning. Definitely will watch again!
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Totally horror serie
perryz327 February 2019
This show is amazing. I love must be a typical horror movie but it has a lot of fun and suspense
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First episodes are bad, but later...
andrejnjx19 January 2019
Okay, I was expecting just another one crappy show, but I'M GLAD I gave it another chance. To be clear, It's not the best TV show, but IT IS NOT BAD. It was getting better and better. We also have some good character development, good stories and especially AMAZING PLOT TWIST. Give it a chance!
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A Solid Hit
jhester961411 January 2019
My family and I loved this, it gives you that Friday the 13th/Camp Crystal Lake feel while keeping the scares to an appropriate, fun-scary level. The unreliable narration makes it FEEL like a scary story told over a camp fire. Is it perfect? Nope. But it's fun. If you like the Scream TV series or even shows like Sleepy Hollow or something else on cable, you'll like this.

It takes a break from the gore and over the top grossness of American Horror Story and brings it down to a more palatable view.

I wish there were more like this, Freeform is like Fox in which it keeps okay shows on forever, but never let's show that could be great, blossom.
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Very slow beginning.
theblabla24521 February 2017
This TV series had the slowest build up in existence. Episodes 1-5 it seems to drag on, like the person who wrote the script was just throwing in random things in an attempt to make a 10 episode series. The first half of the show was more a teen drama than a horror mystery.

However, if you manage to power through the first half of the series it does begin to get better. I don't think the last few episodes were enough to save this series but it made a decent try.

If they had just changed up the first few episodes or else made this series a 8 episode series then this would be a much better show.
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Not worth watching
smitz-6703227 August 2016
Let's see, you have a cute girl wanting to be a boy, you have a gay boy, and you have a black and white relationship, what do you think they are pushing here? Ah right, let's talk about the show now; You have a maintenance guy found dead, you have a sheriff and a girl almost dying in a house that was started on fire by someone and you have a deer dead with its heart cut out. Yes, the camp still opened up with all this happening not to mention the camp leaders seeing deadly spirits. This all happened in the first 2 episodes a few days before the camp opened for little children to have fun. Also, did I mention all the girl camp leaders running around screaming all the time with spirits chasing them. You also have a girl getting struck by lightning in the lake and returning to work the next day. I think I said enough, you can see the show isn't worth watching.
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Seems like a mix of Stranger Things & Scream: Two of my favorite TV shows!
icarusatlantis1 September 2016
I started watching this show before reading any reviews and I'm glad I did, because the reviews might have pushed me away, but I ended up loving the show! It's one of my favorites now.

First of all, what my summary says. After I finished watching, I figured out that it seems to be a mix of two of my favorite TV shows: Stranger Things and Scream. This is probably why I love this show. Plus, the producers also produced Once Upon a Time and Lost, both of which I enjoy/ed watching! If you like any of the above shows, I definitely recommend that you give Dead of Summer a chance!

Plus, there are so many plot twists along the way that it kept my interest. At first, the show might not seem as if it sticks out, but I recommend that you keep watching because it certainly made an impression on me. I also love the characters and the fact that we got to see their backgrounds and how their pasts effected them and shaped their personalities. There's character development, from the flashbacks to present time and how they react to things. They really stick to these personalities, too, and I love that. They're not all over the place and they don't suddenly just change. You at least see a build up. It's these reasons that I ended up loving Dead of Summer.
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The '80s The '80s The '80s
byson518620 July 2016
For years, I have heard so many people talk about the 1980s thinking life was better back then, and wishing we could go back to that time. That being said, I've noticed how a lot of TV shows and movies done today will take place in the '80s, trying to remind people of the lifestyle back then. Obviously, one show that does that is The Goldbergs, 1980 something.

Dead Of Summer also takes place in the '80s, specifically the Summer of 1989. This show involves a group of young adults as camp counselors at Camp StillWater who experience creepy, paranormal things going on around the camp, and they can't really explain what or why this is happening?

That's the thing about this show. I find this show entertaining, something I want to watch on T.V. But, it would be hard for me to write like an article or school paper about what this show is all about? I really can't say too much more about the plot of the TV show than what I put in the previous paragraph as the ideal summary. It's also hard to know the reason for the supernatural activity? The opening scene from the first episode seemed to give a quick reason behind the supernatural activity at the camp, but it wasn't specific enough, and there seem to be other reasons in the later episodes.

Another thing to mention, is unless I really looked into this show, I wouldn't be able to give a Dead Of Summer wiki article for the characters. I feel like it's hard for us to remember the characters names, or even say what is going on with them. I feel like this show focuses on too many things, that it is hard for us to keep a grasp on an individual character. Like one scene, it will focus on a character experiencing something paranormal at the camp, the next scene it will focus on another character, then the next scene, they take us out of the camp focusing on a character's life at home before going to camp, and then switch scenes, making it harder for us to keep up with what is going on?

While this TV show takes place in the '80s, I like a lot of you don't really feel like this show gives us an '80s feel. I mean, their clothes and hairstyle don't really look '80s, and it almost feels like this show takes place today rather then back then. Though, they do a good job showing the technology at the time like an '80s radio, and we hear '80s music. But, this won't take us back to the '80s as much as The Goldbergs and Everybody Hates Chris does.

In all, while I mostly talked about what is wrong with the show. Mostly saying it's hard for us to know what's going on because of the uneven pacing, and it focuses on too many things. I still find this show entertaining to watch. The creators of Once Upon A Time, are co-creators of this show. I'd recommend watching it, but if you start watching now, you'd probably also have trouble explaining what is going on. I think this show deserves an 8/10.
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