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Don't watch, don't listen
Horst_In_Translation12 January 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Welll, it says here on imd in the summary for this title that "American Music Awards 2015" is fairly self-explanatory and that is only partially correct. It should be 100% correct, but it is not as this award show from 2015, almost five years ago is another music awards show that misses the topic basically. Most of the time it feels more like a concert show than an awards show and if you did the exact maths how much is performances and how much is really awards and acceptance speeches, the result would be devastating. That should also explain my low rating althought here are other factors that made this a really weak watch. First would be that Jennifer Lopez was not a good host by any means. The most cringeworthy moment of the night is maybe when she starts talking about future generations of Bronx girls who may be hosting the show. Oh well, it sounds motivational, but it just felt full of itself. Also kinda tough to watch the show host being announced on several occasions during the show, but maybe that's just me. As for the winners, it felt a bit bizarre. For example The Weeknd won sevveral awards, but for one of the big awards he wasn't even nominated. Oh well. I don't know what that meant as there were people nominated for that category, the one One Direction won *cough*, that had much less of an impact than The Weeknd. And are half as famous. I am writing this as somebody who does not really care about The Weeknd. I am not a fanboy or anything. What else? Oh yeah Nicki Minaj. Her scoring so much attention is not too easy to watch for me either as I personally think she is incredibly overrated. And even as somebody who is far from an insider when it comes to the world of music and 2015 it was just like it is 2019 today, I could predict most of the winenrs as it was usually the big names. And another strange moment was when Jeremy Renner announced a key category at the very end and I have absolutely no idea why him. They could have used Prince for that I suppose. But well, most people had switched the channel or fallen asleep by the anyway and probably werfe still awake early on for TAFKAP. And by the way I am a big Jeremy Renner fan, but it just did not make any sense at all. Most performances were also forgettable, not to mention the fact they had no business being featured at a music awards show. Maybe stick to the 5 big nominees and that is enough as live performances just like it is done at the Oscars with the five nominated movie songs. Anyway, lets not mention the Oscars and this one here in the same sentence. As bad as this event may have been, it is much worse that it is not any better now in 2018 and 2019 and they are still making the same mistakes and the same (at best) mildly talented singers are the ones reaping the big honors. Disappointing ets of winners compared to years and decades ago. Anybody who said the 2000s were bad in terms of music, boy did the 2010s prove him wrong. Maybe there is hope for the 2020s I don't know. But there is none for the 2015 American Music Awards. Highly not recommended.
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