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22 Jun. 2016
Arrangement in Grey and Black
Alison is running for mayor and is helped by Naomi. A tunnel collapses on the expressway, revealing new evidence about the serial killer of Boston. Tessa and Cam make a surprising discovery.
29 Jun. 2016
Madeline tells her children a story about her husband. The family get ready for the funeral. The police begin investigating Mitchel in relation to the murders.
6 Jul. 2016
Brady divulges to Tessa, who in turn tells the family, that new evidence in the Silver Bells Murder case is that he has a photograph of Cam as a teenager wearing the distinctive belt like the one that was discovered as evidence in the collapsed tunnel. Brady believes the easiest course of action to clear Cam if the photograph does come to light to his superiors is to get a sample of Cam's DNA, a request which Cam is advised by the family not to oblige. Brady has to decide if he will take measures against Tessa's wishes in getting that DNA sample. Alison and Naomi ...
13 Jul. 2016
Christina's World
With Gunther dead, Dts. Ross and Cutter pursue new leads in the Silver Bells Killer case. Meanwhile, Garrett is getting closer to Christina; daughter of one of SBK's victims.
20 Jul. 2016
The Artist in His Museum
With the police trying to track down Cam, the Hawthorne siblings struggle to also help him detox from the heroin. Except things become more troubling, as Cam starts to uncover repressed memories from long ago.
27 Jul. 2016
The Chess Players
News that Cam's DNA has been collected and that he is not the SBK but that there is a familial match (meaning that a blood relation of Cam's is the SBK) quickly hits the media which in turn derails what was a successful debate Alison was having against Mayor Conley. The police issue warrants to collect DNA from all the Hawthorne family members, which they are able to do except from Garrett who has disappeared without anyone in the family knowing where he is. With the vultures as Jack calls them i.e. the media circling the mansion, the family members feel trapped ...
3 Aug. 2016
The Gross Clinic
New information about the Silver Bells murders creates havoc in the Hawthorne family; Christina can no longer trust Garrett; Alison's mayoral campaign falters; Jack displays disturbing new behavior.
10 Aug. 2016
Kindred Spirits
With Cam away at rehab, Jack is easily charmed by a new friend who takes on an alarming adventure; Garrett and Allison struggle to keep a reporter quiet; Brady comes across some strange info that helps move along the investigation.
17 Aug. 2016
The Oxbow
Brady has arrested Garrett on the discovery of the knife with the chipped handle in his cabin. During his incarceration, Garrett is able to reflect on the fourteen years he lived out in the woods including how he came about the cabin which he lived in for most of that time, how he learned to trap for food, the unexpected companionship he received leading to a specific act near the end of that time period, and how he learned that Mitchell was in the hospital. Madeline and Darcy Campano, the lawyer that Madeline hires to represent Garrett, tell him not to say anything ...
24 Aug. 2016
The Veteran in a New Field
The city is in an uproar as the SBK strikes again; Alison relies on Brady to clear her name as she sets out to find the culprit who is at fault; Tessa has doubt's about Madeline; Cam decides on the custody of Jack and Sophie's involvement.
31 Aug. 2016
Freedom from Fear
Garrett and Madeline are finally revealing all the old secrets and the mysterious events that took place in their house
7 Sep. 2016
Madame X
Because of Madeline and Garrett coming clean about the events of the night of David Morales' murder as they know it (or purport to know it), Brady has no other option but to charge them for their various crimes. They assisting and cooperating in the on-going investigation as to SBK's identity and his accomplice could help their cause in the long run. The one favor Garrett asks in return is to be able to contact Christina in whatever form so that she can hear the story directly from him rather than through a third party. In general, the family and the police believe ...
7 Sep. 2016
Whistler's Mother
It's election day. Most of the family is at Alison's campaign headquarters, both as a measure of support to Alison and as it is perhaps the safest place from an attack by SBK's accomplice being so public. There are two conspicuously absent family members: Madeline, who may no longer be welcome based on the confrontation she and Alison had; and Alison herself, she who has missed some key engagements on this important day, and who is not picking up her cell phone. Alison's absence worries the family, as she being possibly abducted by the accomplice. As Tessa passes this...


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