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Good who-dun-it.
ilearnall23 June 2016
I really liked the show. It is a mystery who-dun-it. I hope they don't cancel it. I didn't move from my chair till it was over. Sometimes shows do take till the 3rd or 4th episode before they take off.

Kinda had an old-fashioned feel to it. Beautiful grand old house too. I liked the characters and they all had their own thing going on too.

I don't want to give anything away. It's not crass and there is no foul language. I like to watch a show that has drama without going trashy. I also enjoyed seeing Justin Chatwin again--I hadn't seen him in anything for awhile. Also, I love the Gabriel Bateman--he gives me the willies! Give it a try! I hope you like it as well.
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Traditional Character Based Who-dun-it w/ interesting characters
moeursalen6 July 2016
This series has a clean, honest story line. It does have a traditional look about it, as someone mentioned, but that works for me. I'm a bit tired of the quick-cutting, montage-a-minute kind of film that passes for story these days.

The Hawthorne siblings are all different so you can find one to like and one to despise if that's your thing. Tessa is refreshingly naïve, a bit fruity, but I like Alison best, the cold, sophisticated one.

The other thing about this one is that it's not too freaky. I know it's fashionable to be pushing the envelope these days but I already think that sort of thing is done to the limit -- it seems like producers are going out of their way to find shock value. Sure, shock value gets people talking about your show but that's about it --- yada,yada,yada -- it's become boring, snore-producing.

Since I don't find much video/film/TV that impresses me anyway (compared to books where you can always find a good book), I like a good story with characters well-played even if fireworks and CGI aren't going on all the time.
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Perfect pace, great story line
zoocar-355057 July 2016
Sad to see some people find this boring. As one who is very tired all the silly tricks to try and pump up our adrenaline like Shonda Rhimes and her micro bursts of stills that made me walk away from 'Scandal' and trying to shock by pushing the limits on gratuitous graphic gay scenes that lost my interest in 'How to get away with Murder', I find this show very refreshing, balanced and intelligent. I like the array of characters and each of the actors that play them.

It is also great to have a break from being overfilled with shock and awe special effects and sci-fi silliness like 'Under the Dome' and 'Wayward Pines'. If you are looking for a TV fix to satisfy a need for high speed adrenaline pumping shock-treatments, this show is not for you.

For me, I find it vert well done and a perfect fit in quality entertainment.
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zepheryn8 July 2016
Luckily I disregarded other viewer comments and gave this show a chance. Very glad I did. The actors and cinematography make for first rate storytelling. I was captivated from the pilot episode. The writing has the perfect combination of a film noir and Hitchcockian tones that satisfy anyone looking for chills and suspense. I have been looking for a something that encompasses all the elements which this show has delivered so far. The talented cast has enough diversity to appeal to any audience while simultaneously being cohesive and maintaining the central theme of the shows dark and secretive ambiance. I hope it survives the buffeting that it receives in its first season because it looks very promising. Can't wait for episode 4.
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Fantastic Dark Show
digitalbrian9 July 2016
I didn't know what to expect but after a hurdle of a 1st episode this is hands down one of my favorites of this season.

It is like a dark version of Clue, and I am telling you the kid steals the show he is creepy as heck.

Premise who is the silver bell killer? a member of the family? staff? is it the bloody kid?

I have no idea or do I? muhahaha you must watch if you are into character driven mysteries.

I will suggest you binge watch though because having to wait a week will frikkin kill you.

we shall see my eyes are pinned to the screen and I will be buying the DVD too.
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Snooze Fest
dforce1023 June 2016
I thought I'd give this a shot since Antony Starr (aka Sheriff Hood) was in this and he was the lead in Banshee which was great except for the last season but boy was this a let down. The first episode is so boring, literally there isn't a single likable character in the whole thing. Nothing here to keep your interest. Even the production value is bad. It looks like it was filmed in the late 80's on a poorly degraded film reel. I might check out the second episode if I'm stuck for something to watch. So far though it's nothing like the original series. If they don't pick up the pace with this real soon I can see it being canceled after maybe 3 or 4 episodes.
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Dull Filming But Good and Suspenseful
lyngal-538197 July 2016
The show is pretty good, suspenseful and keeps you guessing--except for the filming. The entire show is filmed in dull and duller muted gray tones. Office settings, doctor's offices, even outside in broad daylight--all dull muted gray. Often times it's difficult to see what is going on. Even if it's supposed to be the gist of the show, it's very annoying. That being said, the characters are pretty interesting. Most of the family members have suspicious backgrounds and cracked personalities--especially Jack who has the makings of another "Norman Bates"! It's a good "who-done-it." Just when you think you know who the serial killer is, some background information comes to light which has you guessing again.
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Holy Cow, this is so not worth watching
grasswhisperer20 July 2016
I made it through the first 3 episodes and then wondered why I was wasting time that could have been better spent.

I know summer fillers are often not worthwhile but this one is right up there near the top when it comes to being that waste. IMO, it is poorly written. Among the characters there is not one, so far, that has any redeeming qualities except the cop who married into the family. It is both overacted and underacted.

What is more, is that by this time, I don't even care who the killer was (is).

Was this just created as a vehicle to give Virginia Madsen a job?
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Dull as dish water
smarkbrown27 June 2016
I'll admit I was looking forward to something more akin to the original American Gothic. This isn't that, not even near, not even the same ball park, or even the same game. None of the characters are remotely interesting, they are portrayed by seemingly exceedingly wooden actors none of whom add anything to the story. The script feels about as believable as chocolate snow flakes and delivery by people who don't care about what they are doing.

It feels so very weak and halfhearted, which is a real shame. It's not that there hasn't been thought put into the show, it's just that clearly not enough thought has been put in, not enough emotional investment from the actors etc. Something is just way off with this. Maybe it will get better with time, we can certainly hope so, but I doubt I'll be tuning in to find out.
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dvdinkman23 June 2016
OMG looky at all the little secrets! Who slots a soap opera during prime time.

If the actors were believable, and the writing plausible, the program may almost be worth watching.

If you're thinking it's a remake of the show American Gothic by Shaun Cassidy, nothing could be further from the truth.

After painfully sitting through the first episode, I discovered that I had been entertained by a Lucky Charms commercial, it was funny, colorful,and held my attention.

If you're into well to do families show with dirty little secrets, who support their love for one another through half truths, then this is the show for you.
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Fast paced American Mystery
Mysterybuff4 July 2016
If you are looking for Hitchcock, then don't watch this show. But if you are looking for a little shiver up your back and an "oh my goodness" moment, then is is great summer fun TV. I am really enjoying this program. The cast is great, they are deceptive and loving at the same time. You can see the manipulation playing through as the story wraps around the mystery of the silver bells murder. I love the mother character, a tad crass, and a lady to the last. I love the dynamics of the siblings. It's believable, a love-hate relationship. The son-in-law break up the Anglo cast, but even that doesn't bother me. I like him. I just love the antics, the what just happened there moment? The formula is like though you take a Nora Roberts Novel, and mix it with an good episode of Coloumbo, and add a little Nancy drew to the mix. It's good American TV, there is no Sherlock conjuncture, or Agatha here.. I wish we had more of these during the fall season.
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Like watching dust settle; watching grass grow is more fun
freddyk-5270726 August 2016
Other than some interesting facial expressions by Megan Ketch this show is destined to end abruptly after one season.

Too slow and boring for a full season TV show. Something should happen but it doesn't.

It's a boring soap opera.

The network TV offering has been terrible for the entire summer of 2016.

Hey writers you have to write a script and directors you have to direct. Actors when someone says action that's your cue to do something.

This feels like a cheap air time filler show.

Hope the production costs were cheap...
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Totally disappointed
reviewanitem26 September 2016
The minute I heard American Gothic was going to be back on TV I was so excited...until I realized (being forced to write the non-English version of this word with a z instead of an s for some reason as it isn't passing the guidelines despite saying I don't need to "correct" it) it had nothing to do with the originally named TV show American Gothic that was totally excellent.

Gave it a watch and yawn boring! I fell asleep 10 minutes into the first episode. Why call a show by the same name as a great one with an amazing plot line when it's utter garbage...? They might want to consider renaming the show to stop viewers reading it and associating it with the original show.
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Good mystery with a liberal agenda
craig-alan3 June 2018
The mystery part of the show was pretty good. A little slow at times but the story picked up speed as the season went on. There were enough twists and turns to hold my attention.

But there was definitely a liberal agenda. For starters this show is about a ridiculously wealthy family in New England. So wealthy that no average American can relate.

Then the family is involved in local politics. This is where the Hollywood starts to ooze out. There are little comments made about getting rid of guns, a gun buy back program, taking care of refugees, blah blah. Just like Hollywood, they fight for the rights of refugees but there isn't a refugee within a 20 mile radius of their gated community.

Make a good crime thriller. Keep the politics out of it.
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American Gothic revival, review
calcifersmail30 October 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I recently just watched this TV series online. I chose to watch online after it aired live for a few reasons. One, time restraints, I watch way too many shows, thank you TiVo! And second, I was unsure if I would be kept captivated by the plot. So after watching I realized that I didn't like the series for a few reasons. I did contemplate not watching all of the series for the acting and writing was not good. But I figured maybe it will get better, it did not. The story line has been overdone too many times. Serial killer on the loose. Family in distress. Possible family members are responsible. Something has got to give. Well I wouldn't recommend this show to anyone. But feel free to watch and make your own judgments. The actors and actresses just don't seem natural. They seem like they are just waiting for directions that never happen. I have seen some of these actors and actresses in much better roles.
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nothing ground breaking or shocking here
SnoopyStyle8 September 2016
Concrete in a tunnel collapses in Boston. It's a blow to Alison Hawthorne-Price (Juliet Rylance) who is running against Mayor Conley. Her father ran the family concrete business which supplied the material. Evidence of the "Silver Bells Killer" is found in the rubble. The killer has been silent for almost 15 years. The cold case is reopened led by detective Linda Cutter and suspicions land on the Hawthorne family. The father suffers a heart attack. Madeline Hawthorne (Virginia Madsen) is the matriarch. Her son Cam (Justin Chatwin) is a recovering addict with his own family. Her daughter Tessa (Megan Ketch) is married to police detective Brady Ross (Elliot Knight). Her son Garrett (Antony Starr) has returned from parts unknown.

It's a crime twisty mystery family drama. It's good enough for a network TV show but nothing more. It's not exciting or terribly compelling. There are some twists but nothing terribly compelling. The characters are fine and so are the actors. It needs one central character with real charisma to drive the show but this is more of an ensemble cast. This is not going to rewrite the TV playbook. There is just enough interest to keep watching all 13 one-hour episodes.
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Love This Series
beamcl11 October 2016
I love this show. When I watch a TV show, I want to be entertained. It's my escape from reality. This show keeps me guessing as to what will happen next, which is something I really like. I like the actors and the characters. The mother is evil, which may be a cliché, but it's fun. The little boy obviously has problems, which makes for a good horror story. I'm already emotionally involved with the characters and want to know what happens, next. Hopefully, Tessa's baby will be born healthy (although there's a lot that could be written into the show about THAT). I really like Garrett, and Alison's obviously just like her mother. I'm REALLY hoping there will be another season.
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Entertaining and Fun
pmbeatlefan1 August 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I'm really surprised at some of the reviews. Perhaps it's because I binge watched all the episodes instead of waiting week to week, but my husband and I enjoyed it immensely. It's the story of a family in crisis as it deals with the discovery that one (or more) of them may be involved in a string of notorious serial killings. As is always the case, there are subplots and mini dramas aplenty. The Hawthorne family closest is full to bursting with skeletons. But as a good mystery should, you're not really sure those skeletons are what they seem.

There are no gimmicky special effects. No mysterious sci-fi elements. No flashy cinematography to distract from the story. No gratuitous sex or violence. No unnecessary graphic scenes at all. Just straightforward storytelling. Amazing, huh? So, I guess for some people that equals boring TV. Although, how a macabre 11 year old who wants to be a pathologist can be boring I have no idea!

I saw someone comment that they felt the filming seemed all gray. ? I don't see that. It didn't seem like that to me. Yes, a great many scenes take place at night, or in places that may not be brightly lit. It also takes place in Boston in the fall - cloudy, overcast weather is pretty common here for that time of year. Not a lot of opportunity for brightly lit spaces, but colors seemed true to me.

I don't feel the acting is bad at all. I do feel that the director made a choice to have the actors hold back and open up as the show progresses. You definitely get to know them better as the show goes on, as would happen in any show, but I felt the actors bloomed slowly with each new episode and that it was deliberate. It made it very interesting.

This is not the most riveting drama or mystery you will ever watch, and for my fellow New Englanders, Deirdre Lovejoy's Boston accent will be cringe worthy, but it's a good show with an interesting plot and diverse characters (Dana in DNA is a hoot!) and plenty of mystery to keep you guessing. I recommend you give it a try.

******* SPOILERS ********

For the person who commented on the harm to animals:

1. Obviously, no actual harm was done to any animal, so calm down.

2. Also obvious is the set up of Jack as a deeply disturbed child. Most serial killers and other psychopaths have a history of harming animals in their youth, so..... it's setting up Jack's psychopathy. Also, again, obviously, the cat wasn't actually harmed. (Jack is supposed to have cut the tail off of the neighbors cat in a 'medical experiment' and his father takes the cat to have the tail sewn back on)

3. Many people trap raccoons and other animals that cause problems on their property. The traps they showed were humane, and should not cause harm to an animal. In the story, a raccoon got part of himself caught in the trap and Gunther killed it rather than see it suffer. Sometimes things like that happen. Of course, nothing was ever shown, not even a raccoon in the yard. So I have no idea what the fuss was about.

Certainly the show is not encouraging violence against animals. They were moments that furthered the story for each of those characters. Animal lovers need not worry. My three cats are not offended.
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Enjoyable show.
aletheanewton28 June 2018
Although it took a few episodes to fully draw me in and the seemingly endless unanswered questions that kept piling up, this was an enjoyable watch. The questions were eventually answered and nearly everything is wrapped up nicely by the end. I was able to figure out most twists before they were revealed though so it may seem a bit too easy for some people.
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Pissing off half of your audience isn't the best strategy.
chipd-8614326 August 2016
Warning: Spoilers
American Gothic started well, with a nice twist at the end of the first episode, but the writer/director has decided it must goosestep the leftist party line.

While watching, I decided to check off as many PC tropes as possible:

1. Interracial couple - check. 2. Women are in control, men are bumbling idiots - check 3. Homosexual couple - check 4. Successful is bad - leaning that way, waiting for more income inequality trope. 5. Republicans are bad - check 6. Transgender hero - not yet. 7. White people are evil - check 8. Minorities are good - check

Was at least watchable until the lesbian publicist decided to attack VoterID and the GOP.

Really? In the second episode?

Apparently, the writer/director had to get their pre-election slams in quickly, because they don't believe this steaming pile of political correctness will last until election day.

Don't waste your time. If you want your intelligence insulted, just watch the network news.
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Best Film Noir Taste in Decades!
cakarirmak22 August 2016
I feel Film Noir genre has returned with this series! Its like a novel from Stephen King & Agatha Christie! At least feels like it! There is this mystery that you can guess what will happen but the next step you're expecting is not happening as expected but it surprises you. One of the greatest series like in a decade! I loved it because I feel sometimes anger, fear, horror, mystery, homicide, killings and the part of Jack (the character) is amazing! I wish I was that boy when I was at his age! Great mind, great point of view. There are more than one family that come to gether to be as one family because they are siblings (that have theirown families)
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Please let me save you from wasting 12 hours of your life
LilyDaleLady7 February 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Very disappointing and disjointed TV series -- I guess it was a summer fill-in a couple of years back. No surprise it was not renewed for a 2nd season.

If I'd tried to follow on TV as broadcast, I would have dropped out by the 2nd episode, as things were already getting ridiculous....but with DVD sets, it is all too tempting to just keep going. "I'll watch only ONE MORE episode..."

Anyways: after finishing this, I felt exploited. The storyline is full of inconsistencies, and feels like something that was just made up on the spot by desperate screenwriters, trying to come up with something "shocking" or "MORE shocking" in every episode. There is not internal logic to it -- by the end, more than half of the characters are killers, serial killers or accomplices of a serial killer. The ending is especially annoying, as it is not deserved and gauzy (everyone not outright killed, is now happy and has a cute baby!). Also, the show drops a lot of "fact bombs" by the end -- things we were deliberately deceived about.

The really interesting ideas touched on -- can a child of 9 be a budding monster and future serial killer? can the tendency to be a murderer be inherited (especially if your mom, both your grandfathers, your grandmother and a few aunts/uncles are killers!)??? But this is all dumped, in favor of addle-brained plot developments, and ridiculous scenarios, and people who just don't act like real human beings.

It's all set in a monstrously lavish house, decorated like a showcase home -- in the first episode, a canny PR person can't even find a room in the home to shoot an interview, because it is so lavish as to be off-putting to voters -- I don't know if this was a real house or a set, but it is claustrophobic and only serves to make the very rich family at the center of the plot unsympathetic yuppies.

It helps not at all that one major character (yup, a murderer!) is running for mayor of BOSTON -- hardly a small town -- but spends all her time trying to track down various serial killers of her family & others, so that she spends close to zero time on her campaign (yet wins!) -- while having a lesbian affair with her black campaign manager -- how many trendy PC points do you get for THAT? Her father AND mother were killed by serial killers (but not before her father is NAMED wrongly as a serial killer for most of the episodes!) and this doesn't hurt her campaign, nor that her one brothers is a crackhead junkie and her other brother ALSO is a murderer (but don't worry, she got him off without jail time!).

If all that is not bad enough to deter you....this vastly rich, powerful political family in BOSTON lack any Boston accents whatsoever. The Kennedy's all had Boston accents, so how could they ALL grow up in Boston and yet sound like they came from Columbus, Ohio? (The only character with a genuine accent is the female police officer, which only serves to make it more glaring for the others.)

Oh, and NOBODY for 12 episodes has a problem with the chief police investigator on a huge serial murder case, with bodies all around piling the BROTHER in law of the suspects (oh yeah and black, while they are all white) and NOBODY has a problem with this. (In real life, his presence would make prosecution impossible, so he'd be tossed off the case instantly.)

Those are only the highlights of a very bad viewing experience. It makes you feel totally ripped off for having sat through it. So many of these long series -- 12 episodes or MORE, some running for YEARS -- tell stories that could easily and BETTER be told in ONE two hour movie -- or at most, a 3 episode "mini series". What ever happened to mini-series? today, a silly murder mystery requires as much time to unfold its story, as "War & Peace" or GWTW! and that is just absurd, and almost punitive towards viewers. It needs to stop!

In conclusion: not recommended.
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Very good
sawanigabadage27 October 2017
This one of the greatest show i've seen.. this has great written story line, great acting, suspenseful and it let you to guess what happens next.. you can watch this show without stopping it or without getting bored.. I highly recommend this to anyone who's looking something interesting and suspenseful..
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Worth Watching!
jdrichter-6555216 May 2017
American Gothic is well written, great cast, plot begs for you to come back for more. What else could viewers ask for? I like the fact that this show is filmed through a "dark" lens; the show's title warrants it. Each character was so richly developed in the first season; I was really looking forward to the twists and turns that the next season would bring. In my opinion, canceling this gem is a BIG mistake.
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Intelligent, Cleverly written and wonderfully directed show
paaindo13 September 2016
I ignored many bad ratings and reviews and decided to watch the show and judge it myself, and I can't say I had high hopes for it. But I was proved wrong; it's interesting, nicely paced and a great opportunity for the actors who are doing a great job. It kept me on the edge of my seat, and seems that it might improve as it goes on. The first episode was a struggle, as with many shows but after 4 to 5 episodes it kept me coming back.

That said, there are a few minor problems, sometimes the way the story is told isn't quite satisfying and, out of all the actors involved, Megan Ketch's acting was terrible and, dare I say it, cringe worthy.

But in the end, the show was enjoyable and was certainly not a waste of time.
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