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Sex & Nudity

  • Frequent scenes of the merwomen fully nude - breasts and pubic area very visible. (Their vaginas are smoothed over - like a Barbie doll). These are often casual with them lounging around or performing/stripping at a club. The merwomen look young and men/women often sexualize them and their tails.
  • Man spreads the legs of the merwomen to demonstrate that they have smooth vaginas
  • Man fingers "vagina slit" on a merwoman's tail
  • women strips and is shown topless in a club
  • Man and women have sex, both are topless. you see them thrusting on top of one another from the waist up
  • Back of woman's head is seen at a mans clothed crotch, implying oral sex
  • Woman asks man why his hands smell (implying sexual activity)
  • A Woman in a fishnet body suit grinds on top of one of the merwomen while having sex.
  • Man falls underwater and merwoman moves towards his crotch implying oral sex
  • Merwoman asks man to have sex with her (via tail slit). He refuses

Violence & Gore

  • A man is attacked in a car, blood smeared on windows
  • Woman holds gun to the head of another character
  • Man punches 2 women in the face, leaving them unconscious and with bloody noses
  • Man hits woman in the head, she is stunned and stumbles around
  • Merwoman eats a mans heart, she is seen carrying it in her mouth
  • Character gets their throat torn out, they are seen lying with the wound open and blood pouring out.
  • Merwoman bites off man's thumb and chews it. You see the stump of his knuckle as it squirts blood
  • Merwomen kill a few civilians. They have blood on their mouths and hands


  • There isn't a ton of "non-song" dialogue, so I dont remember much profanity, but there probably was some. "pussy" is said a few times, referencing the female anatomy.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • constant casual smoking by many characters. Cigarettes are often lit in closeup. Constant drinking by many characters in bars and at home. A song is performed that shows several characters strung out on drugs. Some implied cocaine usage (rubbing noses, sniffing)

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Merwomen have scary teeth and nails when in "attack mode". Their tails are realistic eel/fish looking tails and kind of grotesque. Lots of eerie nautical sounds and noises. Lots of emotional scenes involving complicated relationships, sexual situations and substance abuse.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • A "real" woman's vagina and breasts seen from the front (pubic hair) she is shown cut in-half at the waist during a surgical procedure, but survives
  • A "real" woman lifts up her dress revealing full nudity (pubic hair, breasts)

Violence & Gore

  • A long scene/song of 2 nude women Cut in half at the waist lower and upper torso separated. You see the gaping gash and visible space between their torso halves. Not a ton of blood and they survive, it is a surreal scene
  • Woman's stomach is cut open by a surgical saw, blood splatters and the wound is seen for a moment its a surreal scene, she survives
  • Woman has a giant surgical scar across her waist. It is red and angry looking and bleeds on another person

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