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Getting to the Trial the Hard Way
Hitchcoc27 October 2016
I don't know much about law but Billy's methods are quite unorthodox. This is where it all happens in an effort to draw Donald Cooperman out. As we see more and more of him, we come to realize that he is quite plainly NUTS! He is so convinced of his godhead that he begins to make incredible errors. Billy plays on his ego because the big boy just needs the attention. There is a serious betrayal that takes place in this episode. I won't say who it is. Anyway, the smugness and arrogance of the big timers really starts to work against them. There are more acts of sabotage and a real surprise in the trunk of Billy's car. Unfortunately, things go on the far fetch in this episode and it becomes a bit disappointing. You be the judge (no pun intended).
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The Plot Thickens
lavatch22 April 2017
Warning: Spoilers
The trial finally begins as Billy fears for his life if there is further delay. Billy's Ford Mustang is filled with the brim with his motley team.

The judge rules against Billy's request to admit evidence that was given him by the FBI in the form of a photo that depicts the bomb owned by Ryan as a weapon being used in the Middle East. But Billy makes the surprise decision to first call as a witness Wendell Corey, the head of Born Tech. When Wendell testifies that Donald Cooperman was the closest liaison to Born Tech and their legal dealings, Billy calls Cooperman to the stand.

At the behest of Cooperman, Callie fires Lucy because Cooperman believes she is weak. In a surprise at the end of the episode, Callie has placed Billy's associate Brittany Gold on the defense's witness list. Has Brittany gone over to the other side?
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