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Fascinating, Suspenseful Drama Exploring The Origins Of Criminal Psychology And Profiling
gogoschka-122 January 2018
For those of you who came here looking for something like 'Se7en', because you thought, well, it's from David Fincher and it's about serial killers, I have bad news: this is not that kind of show. But if you came here looking for something more like 'Zodiac', because you thought, well, it's Fincher producing a show about people investigating serial killers, you might indeed find something you like. And if you appreciate long-form storytelling focusing more on human drama than on action scenes, AND you're a bit of a science nerd on top of that (and by that I'm also implying you don't mind watching a show where people are talking most of the time), then, my friend, you are in for a treat.

The reason I absolutely love 'Mindhunter' is this: I'm the kind of person who always wants to know why we know what we know. Because we DIDN'T always know. Somebody had to make a start; someone had to make that first step, that first discovery and draw that first conclusion. Somebody had to be curious, probably persistent, maybe even daring in their quest for knowledge. The history of science is littered with warriors, some of whom we now celebrate and hold in high esteem - but we have a tendency to forget that many scientists also were tragic figures who had to fight against restrictions imposed by society and risked paying a high price - professionally and personally - for their fight against ignorance. And it's those aspects of science that I find so fascinating, and it's precisely those aspects that 'Mindhunter' is interested in; not the "showy", glamorous stuff, but the meticulous groundwork and the personal human drama inherent in the quest for knowledge. And if you, like me, have a morbid curiosity for all the darker aspects of human nature, it surely doesn't hurt that the particular branch of science whose origins this show explores is that of criminal psychology: the science which tries to understand how the minds of criminals work and what causes them to commit their crimes.

As you might have guessed, 'Mindhunter' isn't concerned with shoplifters or what goes on inside the head of someone who commits insurance fraud, but rather with criminals whose behavior is a tad more serious (like, you know, murderers who have a penchant for engaging in sexual activities with their victims' severed heads - stuff like that). And it isn't a documentary either; although the characters are based on real people and the show offers a realistic portrayal of serial killers, this is a dramatized account of events made for our entertainment. And entertaining it is, and on a high artistic level at that: the performances are fantastic; cinematography, editing and direction bear the clear trademark of the master filmmaker who produced and partly directed this (though it must be said that while Fincher appears to be the creative leader, the project was brought to him by one Charlize Theron who owns the rights to the book upon which the show is based and also serves as a producer, and the excellent teleplay was predominantly written by Jennifer Haley and the show's credited creator Joe Penhall).

To sum it all up: 'Mindhunter' is a show that takes full advantage of its format; this is long form storytelling as it was meant to be, and while it probably doesn't work for people with short attention spans, the patient viewer is rewarded with a fascinating, richly layered and suspenseful drama exploring the origins of criminal psychology and criminal profiling. Excellent stuff: 8 stars out of 10.

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Dont listen to the commenters giving low ratings.
triforce-8893120 February 2019
The few people here who are rating this a 1,2 or a 3 have no clue what makes a TV show. They also have no clue what actual acting is. No this show is not one of those shows where a serial killer is shown stabbing their victim to death. We dont see the cops chasing down the bad guys and saving the day. What we see is some amazing acting from some beyond amazing actors, giving us the stories of these true crimes. So if at all you're interested in these type of true crimes dont listen to these people giving low ratings who do not have any idea what they're talking about. This show is worth watching.
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Smart, intriguing, thats bing worthy
riveramaximilian14 October 2017
After reading some reviews I've come to the conclusion some reviewers should stick to game shows. I found this show to be smart, not once did I have a moment where I knew what was going to happen. The storyline, characters, and integration scenarios had my attention from the beginning to the end. I look forward to a season 2!
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Enter the psychopath's mind
Vinicius813 October 2017
Two episodes in and I'm already hooked. Technically speaking, this series is very good (it's directed by David Fincher, of course it's good) and it stays true (so far) to the real-life crimes it was based on. I can't say the same for the characters, and how close they are to the people who really did this work, but considering their names are different and the book they adapted wasn't some sort of biography, most of their personal (love) lives must be fictitious or at least overtly dramatized.

You see, this series here isn't some kind of good cop, bad cop chase villains and shoot and explode a lot of stuff and at the end of the day (or episode) they go back to their wives and sleep like babies. No. There are way too many series like that, so search elsewhere if that's what you want, because you won't find that here.

Mindhunter is slow. Very slow. At first it might look like an simple thriller but actually it tells the story of two FBI agents in their pursuit to, as very precisely said by Holt McCallany's character, "understand how crazy thinks". But that doesn't come easily. Crazy is crazy. You gotta be crazy to understand crazy. But that doesn't stop naïve Holden Ford from interviewing the most despicable real-life psychopaths alive in America in the late 70's to develop the ideas that will become the tenets of the criminal profiling system.

As I said before, Mindhunter is directed by David Fincher, and as expected from his work, it's impeccable, both pacing and cinematography are top-notch. At the end of the episode you will be like "wait, that's it?" as the credits roll and the song keeps playing like the story is still going on. And somehow you are watching the next episode.

Writing and dialogue are great too. All very natural and haunting. Damn psychos could very much be the real ones. And that gets me to the acting, from what I've seen there's enough to say it's fantastic. The characters are brought to life by the actors. Also, the chemistry between characters Holden Ford and Bill Tench is incredibly real and sometimes, even through the bleakness of their work's nature, hilarious.

To finish off, I'll just say the biggest review cliché: Mindhunter is not for everyone. I know you know everyone says it, but it's truer in this case. If my review and the trailer got your attention, you gotta watch it. If it didn't, you'll probably hate Mindhunter. That's how it goes.
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It's a good watch
snowyprecipice14 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I hate it when people give reviews or ratings after half-assed watching just 2 or 3 episodes. Yes, Mindhunter is a slow burner and yes, it's not fast-paced or exciting. If you want that, go somewhere else. Mindhunter is a 'thinking piece' of work where you have to watch and see where it goes while having your mind whirring and contemplating the difficult questions the show poses. Why are serial killers so fascinating to us? The Ed Kemper in the show was just riveting, as were the other serial killers they interviewed. The main characters pose interesting questions and are complex individuals, and towards the end of the series this poses conflict.

Also, who is that random dude they keep showing at the start of some episodes? I have a feeling it's a serial killer they will face off with in the second season or something.

10/10 would recommend to anyone who likes more subtle shows, and likes having their minds peeled apart.
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I almost gave up one this one..
lkurs-6637914 October 2017
I almost gave up on this around the 2 episode. Something told me to hang in there, and I'l glad I did. If you're fascinated by the psychology and methodology of a serial killer, you should watch the entire series. It does start off slow, but well worth the wait. When it comes to "Mind Hunter," patience is a virtue!
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Fascinating & absorbing
princesspentium13 October 2017
Loved the feel of this new series. Intelligent and slow burning. Totally absorbing. I thought the two main characters were very well observed and portrayed. They fit well together and are a partnership that will stand the test of time, in my opinion. The period is well represented with excellently placed contemporary music.
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How can we get ahead of crazy if we don't know how crazy thinks?
lbchacks13 October 2017
I'm spoiled for good quality TV shows that are intriguing and make me think while entertaining along the way. So many shows I watch the first episode and can't even get through it because its so predictable or cookie cutter. I'm excited I've found a new one to enjoy. And even though it is set in the 70s, its very relevant for today. Crazy takes on many forms. Back then it was "sequence killers" prior to term "serial killer" being used. Today its crazy mass shooters. I love Ford's desire to learn. I've watched 2 episodes and looking forward to the rest. And BTW the soundtrack is amazing!
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Can't Watch Just One Episode
boatsfra22 November 2017
Mindhunter is a 10 episode series on N'flix that hits a home run with me. First of all, David Fincher can do no wrong in my eyes, blending trance-like music with scenes that are unforgettable. He does this a few times and my goodness he's the master at it. Every scene, every line...well-constructed and nothing wasted.

Mindhunter gets into your head very quickly and not only for the content, but for the era it is held in. If you weren't born in the 70's, that's OK because the producers here have done a masterful job in recreating America in that decade. I honestly don't know how they did it scene after scene.

Mindhunter is a series where each character leaves an indelible mark on your psyche. The content is deep and makes you wonder. Don't forget to hug mom. I give it a 10 on the "bingeable" meter.
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Mindhunter distinguishes itself in a crowded genre with ambitiously cinematic visuals and a meticulous attention to character development
robfollower26 March 2019
Mindhunter" tells the semi-fictionalised story of how two FBI agents, curious about the motivations and psychology behind serial killers, begin to interview them. Their initial success leads to the establishment of the behavioural crimes division. Despite some successes applying what they learn to active cases, their controversial techniques begin to attract the attention of both the press and internal affairs.

It should first be said that "Mindhunter" is not a police procedural show, they don't catch a new killer every week based on the insights of their interviewees, though they do, across the course of the show, learn how to deploy their techniques to help bring some murderers to justice. It's a slow moving adult drama about the effects that success, distance and exposure to the worst mankind has to offer can have on people and their relationships.

Mindhunter distinguishes itself in a crowded genre with ambitiously cinematic visuals and a meticulous attention to character development
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Intense. Fascinating. Maybe even brilliant.
jaskunwar99313 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I love it. It's such a new concept, such a thrilling new approach to crime/investigative type of content.

I am three episodes in so far, and I am hooked. I was hooked after the first episode. Ed Kemper is such a fascinating character. There are times when he is talking and I am just stunned... I crave to listen to him. I understand Ford so well... I understand his drive to listen to these guys. I feel his compassion for Kemper and I really think he genuinely seems to be becoming his friend. Tench is a great addition to Ford, almost as if his better half in this journey to communicate with 'sequence killers' (the show takes place in a time that had not yet identified the concept of 'serial killers'), to try and figure out other such killers and maybe stop them before they act.

I am yearning to find out what's ahead. Fincher, much like House of Cards, helmed the first two episodes, set the tone, and left it. Whatever he sets his hands on turns into gold. The perfect choice of a director for something such.

I can't wait for Holden and Bill to speak to other 'sequence' killers. I can't wait to meet Miller, Manson... and any other crazy lunatic psychopath rotting in jail... I can't wait to know and understand them.
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Not your typical Hollywood rubbish....
andrewrye-0653514 October 2017
I read the book by John Douglas (who consults to the show) some years ago...twice. Every now and then I get a memory or part of the book come back to me. This is very close to how I'd imagine the book made into a series - not a movie would look. For those that want a nicely tied up story each episode or answers for everything, you won't find it here.

The description is only partially right, this is about the development of the unit within the FBI that would eventually concentrate on serial killers and develop profiles for the offenders. For them to do this they had to interview thousands of serial murderers and find out how they clicked, their drivers and motivations. This was new ground with untested theories and often against the FBI's own protocol. So, mistakes were made, lines were over stepped and they didn't always get it right.

The two main characters play their parts well, I thought. Often bumbling about, arguing and unsure of what they are doing. I notice some reviewers mistake this for wooden acting and aren't able to like the characters, yet in my mind it works well. You have to remember this is set in the early 70s, so even the title 'serial killer' wasn't coined yet. Instead they called it 'sequence killer'. They were up against old thinking where even the mention of colloquial or slang terms for penis etc. were frowned on by the FBI.

It is unfortunate that some of the reviewers have treated this like a typical Hollywood cop or CSI show. Everything has to be laid out for them and they want some clever theorising and a nice tidy ending. Where as the story is in the journey, not the result. Hang in for the long haul, it's well worth it.

The only unfortunate piece for me is the lead's name 'Holden Ford'. If you are an Australian or NZer you will understand. Makes me cringe every time his name is said in full. Anna Torv makes a welcome member of the cast and gives it a nice air of sophistication.

It's a solid 9 for me.
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Must see!
mfiveoh14 October 2017
If you are remotely interested in the birth of serial killer profiling, this is a "must watch" series! Although I am not an expert in the field, It's easy to recognize the meticulous attention to detail given toward the creation of "Mindhunter." The cast and associated acting were spectacular. Joe Penhall (Writer of "The Road") has put together another gritty, texture-filled, masterpiece using actual profiles of some of the most prolific serial killers of the late 60's, early 70's. I highly recommend this title!
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Breathtaking in its dept of character development
insideout0981 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
To say that I am a fanatic about shows involving criminal psychology is a gross understatement. I am a veteran of the genre, and thus, easily bored with shoddy character sketch work and less than intelligently thought out plots. Mindhunter is everything but, and I mean everything. Every moment is monumental. The pauses are as riveting as the occasional action, like one gigantic tapestry, its beauty hinging on the the juxtaposition of patterns and colors nestled together. This is a show about the development of Behavioral Science as it relates to serial killers. One after the next the psychology of killers are unraveled through techniques that are routinely called into question, but vindicated, keeping the plot lines alive and well and the characters true to their core values. The interviews themselves are intense and unsettling, mostly because one has no idea what might happen when dangerous criminals are left unchained in a closed space with unprotected FBI agents. But how else would they gain their trust? This is one of the show's most distinctive elements, that you never know what will happen in the presence of almost unfathomable darkness. I honestly wondered to myself where they found the actors who portrayed these manipulative monsters. They were all so masterful, and this applies as well to all of the characters, both central or secondary. The tenth episode opened a door to new territory of psychological horror that I cannot wait to follow into the second season. The ONLY show in this particular genre on par with this one is the first season of True Detective. If you were a fan of that show, you'll love this. One final note, the female characters in Mindhunter are all strong, intelligent, insightful...and off putting. This may bother some, but understand the time frame and this begins to make sense.
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Loved and Watched Every Episode
imperialegglet19 March 2019
A wonderful tale of how the FBI came to have a criminal psychology unit despite kicking and screaming to reman stuck in the dark ages and resist any progress. I was sad to see it only had one season, but still well worth watching season one. The character development was very well done. Anna Torv's appearance in the cast sealed the deal for me. This show could easily serve as a prequel to the show Criminal Minds.
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Mindhunter: The Show Thats Keeps You Intrigued
chrisdaman-0690211 March 2019
By far Mindhunter is one of the best shows I have ever watched. It has everything one could ask for in an show catered to an adult audience.

The show really keeps one hooked as they navigate you through the start of the FBIs BAU with all sorts of drama, psychology and action along the way. I would highly recommend this for people to watch but maybe not in front of the kids.
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Season 2 where are yoooou
annak-211869 March 2019
It is a masterpiece that i am with anticipation waiting for. it is the best psychological series that i have seen.
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Violent mind develops? Mental disorder? Or just plain evil?
namob-4367313 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I find the premise of this show fascinating and it is, thankfully, focusing on what I believe to be the most intriguing and most "entertaining" bits and pieces of a serial killers life and actions. If you compere this show with, for example, Criminal Minds, this is a much better show, a much more realistic show. I always liked Criminal Minds, especially the first seasons, because the focus was/is as much on the killer and the psychology of the violent mind as on the people trying to catch the killer. I do however also, somewhat, dislike Criminal Minds because the team do end up in shootings, car chases and are way too much involved in action to give me that realistic feel. This show does not let the main characters shot 25 rounds and break into buildings each episode to catch/kill the "monster" of the week. In other words if you like action, big shot-outs, shaky cams and sexy good looking people hunting down killers this show is not for you.

If you however like intelligent TV with great scripts that focuses on chronological psychological analysis and have a sort of moral failure versus mental affliction vibe to it, then this might be for you. If you also like well acted stories that slowly, but surely, move along towards a poignant, but not very action-y goal, then this is definitely for you.

This is one of the best TV shows I have ever watched. True it can be a bit too slow at times, even for me, and yes there are a few hick-ups along the way, but in essence this is as good as TV can be.

Serial killers can present a public persona that appears to be "good" and also nurture a dark side that allows murderous fantasies free reign. Perhaps because they have painful memories from abuse? Disappointments? Or there has been some humiliation, frustration, or being bullied so they have turned to fantasies to comfort themselves. They might even develop an alternate identity that feels more powerful or provides greater status. How do you, as law enforcement, or as a casual viewer (or member of society) relate to this? Are you to capable? Could you murder women and chop of their heads? If you say no: why not?

How do you draw the distinction between "bad", "mad", "evil" and "learned behavior"? If I had "A" and "B" happen to me, would I flip out and start killing people? What is the definition of "evil"? And from the conclusions you draw and the knowledge you have; how do you use this to catch serial killers? These are the questions asked by the show and since it is, loosely, based on reality, it gives you a very unsatisfactorily satisfaction each time you finished watching an episode.

I highly recommend this show - but as eluded to above; this is not for everyone. In this season there is only one shot fired, and that happens after 2min of the first episode, so action-addicted people should probably go watch something else.
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Slow start but then addictive.
samoranvenedictot2 May 2019
Warning: Spoilers
That ending was amazing. This series shows that even a well established mainstream genre can be rejuvenated by focussing primarily on the characters and letting them drive the story forward naturally.
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Look into the abyss... at your own risk...
joelegecko14 October 2017
This probably is the best show about criminology and serial killers ever made.

They managed to not linger over gloomy pictures and easy gore. This is a slow paced show but that probably is the only show that is so close to the truth. Yes, they took liberties ( a very specific confrontation was moved from one location ( prison ) to another one ) but in the end, it does pay off. It's all about the characters' journey.

I highly recommend "Whoever fights monsters" and "Sexual Homicide: Sexual Homicide: Patterns and Motives" by Robert Ressler ( the inspiration for Bill Tench, great acting from Holt McCallany ). And of course, Mindhunter by John Douglas, on which the show is based on.

It is very refreshing to watch a show that doesn't go for the easy shock value. Impressive casting ( Cameron Britton as Ed Kemper ) and great cinematography.

Seeing the team looking for new ways of describing what couldn't be described yet is nerve breaking. I can't even fathom how such a show never was shot before. The fact they didn't go for the gory pictures but instead focused on dialogue without tuning down the sexual driven abuse is impressive.

They did not shy away from some of the most difficult part of the murderers' psyche. And they did an excellent job regarding characters development.

Now... What didn't tick? Anna Torv was great as Pr Wendy Carr. BUT, the show started to show a lot liberal propaganda in the middle of its story. Overly strong female characters, best_of_its_league black character limited by white supremacy, the unnecessary lesbian character...

For once, I could get behind the strong female lead. Why? Because otherwise, it would only be about female victims. But, Hollywood, keep your politics out of your shows, because if there is one thing very obvious now, it is that you place personal gain over your "opinions" when it suits you.

I can't wait for Season Two... Schaefer, the Sacramento Vampire, BTK, Heirens, Gacy, Dahmer... so many profiles, stories to explore...
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Excited for season 2
josimarmaterro24 April 2019
Top-shelf writing and direction - due to a meticulous eye for detail - and a singular approach to a crowded genre makes Mindhunter as entertaining as disturbing.
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Slow pacing bur binge worthy
miguecarrenos10 March 2019
It will grow on you. After first, terrible and awkward episode it was easy to dismissed this show as a completely pointless. However, I strongly recommend to give it a shot and watch also the second episode with Ed Kemper. If you are interested in the subject, this is a must watch, and if you aren't, you could still invest your time worse than by watching it.
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KathleenK2215 October 2017
The more you watch this series the more you keep watching! I thought my husband would not like this series but he could not stop watching either. We watched the whole ten episodes over less than two days. What makes this show worth such a high score? It is faultless. The acting is excellent. You can feel the dramatic tension and atmosphere. It is not the usual serial killer series. It is about how modern psychological profiling began and the people who shaped it including the criminals. The setting is the 1970s when people were not advantaged technologically. It is not a documentary but an explanation and description of the beginning of understanding how serial killers are formed. The characters, namely the people working in the unit that was set up to analyse the serial killer's mind, all have lives of their own. We are privy to those as well which include a wife and a child, a girlfriend, etc. They are people who are also flawed and with personal issues. But the main story is the scientific deconstructing of the the mind of the serial killer. The further into the series you watch the better it gets. It might start out an 8 but ends up a 10.
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Please stop these uninsightful remarks about shows!!!
sepehrsa13 October 2017
I watched the first episode and I liked it just as I do love other Fincher works.The Thing that annoys me is that there are always people whit patronizing manner lashing out others and calling them stupid because they think they know more and others do not have aesthetic vision.Personally I think shows like Mr Robot or mindhunter are great shows and like other great things they're not meant to be entertaining for every individual.So giving 0 or 1 to these titles means it's not for you so please you guys stop misdirecting the audience and don't watch things you don't like or watch them and say you just didn't like it or it wasn't your type.I'm not saying don't criticize.I'm just saying if you're going to criticize you must be honest and fair.But these days it is so hard to find fair reviews in IMDb or metacritic.It was funny for me when I saw a fully negative audience review (with 0 rating) about Mr robot season 3 in metacritic and when I checked his history I noticed he had rated season 1 and 2 with 0 and written negative reviews.Basically I think when Sb doesn't like a show they just quit watching!! So please write fair reviews so that people can decide to watch the show. I recommend this show to Fincher fans and I'm sure most of his fans will love the show as they watch it.It was a bit slow in the first episode but it's not wise to judge a show based on one episode.So far I've related to the show (with some minor problems) and I think it can reach higher levels while it goes ahead.
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Glad I pushed play! Slow-burning, suspenseful, well-acted.
Amyth4719 January 2019
My Rating : 8/10

Just here to say how amazing 'Mindhunter' is. There's so much content to choose from nowadays and it's often confusing for any viewer what to pick next. 'Mindhunter' is perhaps one of those shows that will appeal to viewers of a certain type of content in cinema - those who liked Zodiac or Se7en perhaps and want to delve deeper.

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