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Sex & Nudity

  • Only one scene of sex and it's hard to see as it's on a laptop screen. The only nudity in the show is a woman's bare breasts seen on a poster in the background.
  • Some sexual references although not overly vulgar.
  • There is a scene where a woman is upset after refusing a sexual proposition.
  • Some mild kissing, embracing and implied sexual activity between couples (e.g. in one brief scene, a man and a woman cuddle in bed after having sex). Pretty tame sexual content compared to other HBO shows.
  • In one lengthy scene, a man casually watches a porn film while talking to another man. Although nothing is shown on-screen, a lot of loud moaning and grunting can be heard throughout. The man also makes several crude comments about what he's watching.
  • A brief clip is shown of a man and a woman having sex in a hotel room. Some vigorous thrusting and moaning but as it's shown from a distance there's no strong detail or visible nudity.
  • Season 2 has notably less sexual/romantic content than season 1.

Violence & Gore

  • Infrequent strong levels of violence.
  • There is a close-up of a dead man with a bullet through his forehead and blood splatter behind him. His face is all bloody
  • A scene of torture where a man's teeth are being filed down, we hear a man screaming in agony for 30 seconds. Other characters crack jokes during the scene.
  • A man points a gun at another man. The camera focuses on the victim wincing in fear. A loud gunshot is heard and it then cuts to the other man who has just been shot in the head. A large and graphic wound is shown on his head spurting out a large amount of blood. He staggers a bit before sitting down on a chair. Blood continues to pour out of his head and he dies almost instantly. This is the most graphic scene featured in the series so far.
  • A man breaks into another man's house and chokes a man to death. The victim begs him to stop but he doesn't.
  • Several instances of gun violence though not excessive nor stylised in a way which makes it exciting to watch.
  • A woman stabs her hand with a knife. However it's done for comic effect and there's no blood shown.
  • Two men engage in a brutal 15 minute fist fight, blood is seen on one man's face, and the other man gets his windpipe cracked, we think he's dead but we later see him in a grocery store wearing a neck brace. The men continue their fight and one of them gets shot in the face, we see that the bullet went through both of his cheeks, he later gets back up and kicks a cop in the neck instantly killing him, he is then graphically shot 5 more times, this time he dies.
  • A burglar fights a violent little girl who behaves like an animal, the girl stabs the burglar in the back twice, as he takes off his shirt a large spot of blood starts to form, this makes him unconscious for a long time. We later see the large wound on his shoulder blade, as a man stitches it up they come undone and blood pours out. She is also seen bitting off a chunk of a man's cheek. The man screams in pain and the girl has blood all over shirt and mouth.
  • Season 2 contains more frequent violent scenes and injury detail than season 1.
  • An enraged man goes on a violent killing spree and murders at least 20 gangsters by shooting them in the head. Lots of blood spurts and splatters onto walls and pools beneath their corpses. Very bloody and disturbing.
  • A marine becomes deranged after watching his best friend get shot in the face by a sniper, and bleed out in his arms. He then breaks into an innocent man's house and wrongfully kills him. Blood spurts from each bullet hole and some blood sprays onto the marines face.
  • A man shoots another man in the head. This is shown from a distance and all that we see is the car window breaking. It then cuts to inside the car where we see a large blood splatter on the windscreen. However the victim is just out of shot so there's no focus on graphic injury. The perpetrator placed the gun in the victim's hand to make it look like he committed suicide.


  • Multiple variations of the f-word used throughout each episode along with several other milder swear words and religious exclamations.
  • Over 15 F-words per episode.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Alcohol is seen being consumed during meals and at bars.
  • Passing references to drug use.
  • Occasional brief instances of smoking pot

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The violence and torture, while sporadic, might disturb some people as it's mostly horrific in nature rather than comical.
  • The show highlights various hard-hitting topics such as PTSD, depression, murder, sexual harassment, organized crime, domestic violence, family estrangement, suicide and psychopathic urges
  • Although the show is comedic as each episode goes on the show becomes instantly darker. The show focuses almost as much time on the drama as they do the comedy. Each season becomes more violent and tense with higher stakes as they go on.

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