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A Surprise Delivery

Jessa goes into labor two weeks before her due date and after the birth, they are faced with an emergency situation. Joe and Kendra find out the gender of their second baby with a smashing reveal. Then, another Duggar ...

Season 1

13 Dec. 2015
A New Chapter
It was supposed to be the happiest time in Jill & Jessa's lives. But when devastating news about older brother Josh was revealed, the sisters' worlds were shattered. Jill & Jessa share how the last several months have changed their lives forever.
20 Dec. 2015
Baby Shower & a New Home
Over the last few months Jill and Jessa grew even closer as sisters as they walked through this difficult time together. Now, just a couple of weeks away from Jessa's due date, Jill and Derick leave for their new lives in Central America.
27 Dec. 2015
Counting One More
Jessa is just a few days away from her due date and while they may be miles apart, Jill and Jessa are both going through life changes and new beginnings. Jessa and Ben have dinner with family friends who have gone through the process of adopting.

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