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Marriage Bootcamp

Jinger and Jeremy decide to hold a yard sale before their big move to LA. Meanwhile, the married couples attend a marriage retreat where they focus on their relationships.


15 Mar. 2016
At Home and Away
Jessa and Ben navigate life as a family of three with new baby, Spurgeon. Jill and Derick settle into their home in Central America as Israel starts to hit new milestones. Later, Jessa enlists her sisters to help prepare a fall feast for the whole family.
22 Mar. 2016
Date Nights & Bright Lights
Jana and Jessa embark on a large DIY lighting project while the rest of the family travels to Central America. Then Jessa and Ben go on their first date since Spurgeon was born, will his presence wreck the romance?
29 Mar. 2016
Jinger Flips
Jessa goes out for coffee with Jana and Anna, leaving Ben in charge of Spurgeon. Jinger buys a car at auction with the intention of flipping while Jana starts a new project with her brothers. Jill and Derick introduce Israel to their love of pickles.
5 Apr. 2016
The siblings continue construction on their treehouse, which gets bigger and bigger. Joy and Sierra plan a secret baby shower, but worry about pulling off the surprise. Jill and Derick have surprise guests in Central America.
12 Apr. 2016
Ben Drops Beats
The siblings continue work on the family treehouse, but the cold weather hinders their efforts. Later, Ben and Jessa travel to St. Louis to meet with Christian hip-hop artist, Flame and learn about his work. Inspired, Ben steps into the recording booth
19 Apr. 2016
Girls Hit the Road
After weeks of work the treehouse is ready for a big reveal! Then the girls hit the road for a weekend away, but a surprise on the way leads to an unexpected detour. Once at their destination, the girls enjoy quality time together and lots of girl talk.
25 Apr. 2016
Family Reunion
Jessa, Ben, and Spurgeon travel to Central America to visit Jill, Derick and Israel. As they prepare for the trip, they travel down memory lane, revisiting Jessa's milestone moments, from engagement to motherhood, that have led to this emotional reunion.
2 May 2016
Israel Meets Spurgeon
Jessa and Ben experience what life is like for Jill and Derick while living in a foreign country with a young son. Jill and Derick remember their beginnings together in Nepal and the adventures that have led them to the mission field in Central America.
23 Aug. 2016
A Courtship Begins
On the season premiere of Counting On, Jessa and Ben discuss future additions to their growing family as Jill and Derick face hardships while continuing mission work in Central America. Jinger gets ready to take a big step with a special someone!
30 Aug. 2016
It's Official!
Jinger brings Jeremy over for his first meal with the family. The couple makes a call to Jill and Derick for some courtship advice. Ben and Jessa discuss his plan for youth outreach. Later, the older siblings participate in wilderness survival training.
6 Sep. 2016
Duggars in the Wild
After a scary encounter with a nighttime visitor, the Duggar siblings continue their wilderness training. Jill and Derick celebrate their second anniversary with some creature comforts, and Jessa and Ben marvel at how quickly their baby is growing up!
13 Sep. 2016
Meet the Parents
Jinger, accompanied by Jim Bob and Michelle, heads to Laredo, TX to meet Jeremy's parents for the first time. Will she meet with their approval? Meanwhile, back home, Joy gets her first flying lesson and Jana plans a graduation party for 3 siblings.
20 Sep. 2016
A Big Surprise
Jeremy makes a secret trip to Arkansas, but before surprising Jinger, he and Ben do some browsing for engagement rings. Then, Jessa and Ben give their rapper friend, Flame, a taste of Duggar family life.
27 Sep. 2016
The Big Event
Ben prepares to have a Football camp with college and pro players coaching. Jinger travels to the East Coast to meet Jeremy's family. Jana is redecorating the Duggar guesthouse.
4 Oct. 2016
Guys' Guide to Courtship
Jinger, Jeremy, and chaperones go on a whirlwind trip to see his family and friends. Will delayed flights ruin a big surprise Jeremy has planned? And we take a look back at past Duggar courtships and hear the guys' tips for a successful relationship.
11 Oct. 2016
Proposal in the the City
Jinger, Michelle, Jessa, Ben and Spurgeon are all in the northeast meeting some of Jeremy's family & friends and visiting his old stomping grounds. Little does Jinger know, Jeremy has an important question he plans to ask before the trip is over!
18 Oct. 2016
Jessa's Announcement
Jinger and Jeremy celebrate their engagement in NYC. Meanwhile, Jill and Derick wrap up their mission work in Central America and are greeted with a big surprise party in Arkansas, but in the end, Jessa and Ben have an even bigger surprise of their own.
25 Oct. 2016
The After Show
The family comes together to relive some of the most memorable moments from season 2. Plus, before the reunion is over, there is a surprise guest in store for the cast.
8 Nov. 2016
Courting Jinger
The big day is almost here! Count down to Jinger's wedding with a look back at the special place she's held in the Duggar household.
15 Nov. 2016
Jinger Gets Married
After months of anticipation, Jinger and Jeremy's wedding day has finally arrived! Take a first look at this special day as Jinger walks down the aisle to become Mrs. Jeremy Vuolo.

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