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"Maybe someone wanted their secret to die with her"
skteosk21 March 2016
Warning: Spoilers
So, Ash gets blamed for something that was Brax's fault as usual, while Phoebe gets an apology for stuffing everyone's lives about.At least Kyle gets included in the circle pretty quickly.

Olivia has been truly flanderised into someone obsessed with a boy she's been dating five minutes, whilst conversely the lack of follow-up to Andy and Evelyn, apart from a few awkward looks and Hannah throwing a tantrum, is annoying.

And Charlotte's body gets found, after an odd time skip that seems to be there to accommodate online spin-offs.There's no definite suspects although Irene is definitely acting suspiciously.We also finally meet Kat's abusive ex Dylan, although he's yet to do anything obviously unlikable.
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