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Danish Cinema Hitting on All Cylinders at Home and Abroad

  • Variety
Danish Cinema Hitting on All Cylinders at Home and Abroad
The Danish film industry is on a roll this year with berths secured at major festivals besides the Berlinale where Lone Scherfig’s “The Kindness of Strangers” landed the opening slot, just as Susanne Bier’s Sandra Bullock starrer “Bird Box” is breaking records on Netflix and first-timer Gustav Möller’s “The Guilty” made the foreign-language Oscar shortlist.

It’s a particularly good time because different types of local productions are performing well both at home, where the domestic share of total admissions was a strong 29% in 2018, and in the international arena, which is seeing a new generation of Danish directors coming to the fore.

Last year there were 26 homegrown titles released in Denmark that sold 3.8 million tickets total, up from 2.5 million tickets in 2017, when the national market share was 20%.

Aside from new works by known names such as Christoffer Boe, whose high-profile crimer “The Purity of Vengeance” topped the 2018 chart,
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TrustNordisk boards Nordic folk tales pic 'Valhalla', first image revealed (exclusive)

The film is based on Peter Madsen’s comic-book series.

TrustNordisk has boarded sales for Danish director Fenar Ahmad’s pan-Nordic production Valhalla, which has shot in Denmark, Sweden, Iceland and wraps its shoot in Norway this week. The first image of the film features Roland Møller as Thor.

The film is quite different than Ahmad’s gritty urban feature Darkland (which was a box-office hit in Denmark).

The film is based on the classic Nordic folk tales that were told in Peter Madsen’s comic book series. The comics were adapted into an animated feature called Valhalla in 1986 but
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Fantastic Fest 2017 Review: Darkland, Vengeance Is Mine, Sayeth the Brother

Vengeance lives in a far-away country until it comes home to roost in your brain. A successful surgeon, Zaid (Dar Salim) is happily married to Stine (Stine Fischer Christensen), who is expecting their first child. They are celebrating her pregnancy with a few close friends when Zaid receives a phone call. He puts his cell phone back in his pocket and furrows his brow, thus laying the groundwork for the tragedy that is to come. In Darkland (Underverden), director Fenar Ahmad and his co-writer Adam August explore what it means to be an immigrant and then to be confronted decades later with questions about identity, self-worth and assimilation. Zaid's parents brought him along when they emigrated from Iraq to Denmark, later having another son, Yasin...

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Studiocanal takes Danish thriller 'Darkland' for UK

  • ScreenDaily
Sales outfit TrustNordisk also inks deals for Japan, China and Turkey.

Studiocanal has picked up Danish action thriller Darkland (Underverden) for UK release.

The deal was struck with sales agent TrustNordisk at the recent American Film Market.

TrustNordisk has also closed deals on the film for Japan (Gaga), China (Dd Dream) and Turkey (Euromedia), with further territories in negotiations.

Directed by feature debutant Fenar Ahmad, Darkland stars Dar Salim (A Hijacking), Stine Fischer Christensen (After The Wedding), Roland Møller (Land Of Mine), and Dulfi Al-Jabouri (A War).

The film follows a successful surgeon whose younger brother is murdered. When the police turn out to be unhelpful, he is forced to take matters into his own hands and to face the criminal gangs of Copenhagen by himself.

It was produced by Jacob Jarek for Profile Pictures with support from Danish Film Institut, Dr and Scanbox Entertainment - and executive produced by Thor Sigurjonsson, Ditte Milsted and [link
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Doctor Turns Vigilante In Denmark's Darkland

When it comes to likely homes for tales of masked vigilantes, Denmark is not particularly high on the list. There's just something about the concept of someone taking the law into their own hands tht doesn't click with the public perception of the Scandinavian states and yet that's exactly what we find with Fenar Ahmad's upcoing Darkland (Underverden). A successful doctor loses his little brother in a gang-related assault and gives up his privileged life to become a masked avenger on a mission to revenge his brother’s death. Dar Salim takes the lead role in what looks to be a bit of a boundary pusher for the popular characer actor and judging from the freshly released teaser things are looking quite good for all involved....

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