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Series ends with a whimper
lor_5 February 2016
Warning: Spoilers
The best thing about this cleverly-titled "Exit 35" final video in Girlfriends Films' venerable series is a 20-minute interview on the DVD with creator Dan O'Connell and titular star Doo-May.

They sentimentally stroll down memory lane recalling the 10-year saga just being completed and it is clear that the '51 Ford, heavily customized with Packard grill and other niceties, is the real star of the show. But it is Deauxma's retirement from mainstream porn (she's pulling a Monique Gabrielle style exit to go back to Texas and crank out homemade porn with her hubby) that puts a cork in it.

While the duo are sincere, there's an absence of truthiness in their recollections, as evidenced by the humorous giggling over long nights washing bed sheets, an unsubtle allusion to the gimmick that made the series a hit, endless squirting by big D and sometimes her co-stars. Violating the "what happens in Vegas..." rule, she even cops to having squirted on camera 28 times in succession under the fingering of Tanya Tate in an episode set in the city that never sleeps.

Problem with this 3-hour finale is that it is very poorly directed and acted, with hokey story content that is more groan-worthy than touching. I deduced that part of the problem is that O'Connell is wedded to the vignette format even in these ongoing soap operas - I caught a couple of volumes in his Lesbian PsychoDramas series where the segments were released out of sequence with the story, volume to subsequent volume, in very sloppy fashion.

That seems the case here with an uneven final package. Opening vignette has Valentina Nappi asking motel desk clerk Jenna Sativa (uncredited because she does not engage in XXX activity) for a recommendation, and she's sent to another motel/brothel to be fixed up with sexy prostitute Bree Daniels. Nappi's improvisation in English (not the Italian star's comfortable language) is terrible, and the boring scene goes around in circles until the two lesbians finally get it on.

There are other cameos from actresses in previous volumes like Cherie DeVille and dressed as a man, Tara Morgan, but the main story has pal Syren DeMer getting the awful news that her daughter Shyla (Jennings, another guest cameo) has 5th stage kidney disease with poor prospects (and no money) for a needed transplant.

With eyes firmly fixated on the cash register, O'Connell idiotically has Deauxma comforting Syren with a hot sex scene, not exactly fitting the situation but perhaps explained by the underlying "sex is everything" philosophy held by pornographers and the most rabid fans (short for fanatics) of the genre.

Sort of making good on a conversation featured back in Part 34, Mercedes Carrera guests (uncredited) in a quite lengthy role fixing up Scarlet Red with Veruca James at the brothel. This builds to what would seem to be a logical threesome, especially as both women suddenly display an odd nylon fetish, taking Mercedes' stockings off and putting them on Scarlet a couple of times - I didn't get the point of it, but then I'm not a fetishist and am mystified by fetish videos which seek to take something so tactile and make it a couch-potato spectator sport.

Yet at the crucial moment Mercedes excuses herself and leaves, denying herself any sexual satisfaction and losing that screen credit which perhaps I, as Mr. Traditionalist movie buff, still care deeply about. No, the Latina bombshell disappears and we're left with another generic lesbian sex scene.

The best sex of the show is saved for last, but suffers from what I mentioned earlier - it is inserted almost randomly in this feature and has no direct bearing of any sort on the rest of the movie. Jelena Jensen, coach of the Thornhill sports team, seduces young player Madi Meadows in a very hot scene, following on some early plot line in the series but placed as an anticlimax in this finale.


A very poorly done montage has everyone taking their turn screaming into the phone in a vain attempt to get a doctor sent to the remote brothel location, as poor Deauxma lies dying after selflessly donating a liver to save Shyla's life. The bathos of the final reel is excruciating, and the true climax of the series, when two of the girls gaze out the window earlier as Deauxma in pantomime sells the Road Queen's beloved Ford to (who else) O'Connell in a cameo, the auteur who found it and bought it for the series over a decade earlier. Poor editing and continuity has the dialogue and scene of the girls' reaction played over twice, from two takes, quite disconcerting.
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