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A 90's show in the 2010's
camiacono18 March 2016
This is pretty interesting a show influenced by the Fighting and beat'em up games of the 90's mixed with some anime influenced. The pilot's pretty funny and the action's not bad, though better animation could help the fighting if this ever becomes a full series. I like how shows know a day are focusing on action even though they are considered comedic because I hope action focused cartoon will comeback. I would like to see what they can come up with this concept. It dose have a few things that need tweaking like it's unclear if the town they live is rad and pumped too or if it's just the strip mall itself that's like that, also the characters could be a little more interesting but I'm sure those problems can be worked out if it gets a full series.
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I hope this show will have episodes when they are done with Short Animations
fishielemondude6 January 2017
I love K.O Animated style like Steven Universe, I like shows that are so sweet and getting a bit thinking how awesome it is. I love the Animation, The Flash Animation takes effort which it is the best

Characters are cute, the voice acting are lovable, the backgrounds are beautiful, look how Incredible the show looks, even CN can do the job for doing Steven Universe and Lakewood Plaza Turbo, 2 of them are my favorite shows.

I wonder how this is why they need to make money for this show, O.K K.O is a cute character with cute characters that are so funny.

Good work for making an effort on Cartoon Network
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