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Season 1

17 Jan. 2012
Doug hires a stripper for an office party and finds out that going the cheapest route is not always the safest thing to do.
17 Jan. 2012
The Applicant
When a new applicant applies at Galweather he finds that he must first get through Doug and Clyde's hazing.
17 Jan. 2012
Sexual Harrassment
Grant teaches Doug and Clyde a harsh lesson on the evils of sexual harassment.
17 Jan. 2012
Mystery Drink 1
Clyde challenges Doug to chug a mysterious drink for money and respect.
17 Jan. 2012
When the power goes out in the elevator at Galweather, Clyde, Doug, and Jeannie have to weather an uncomfortable moment together.
17 Feb. 2012
Mystery Drink 2
Clyde challenges Doug again to chug a second mystery drink which will allow Doug to earn back his respect.

 Season 1 

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