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I don't think this was such a good idea...
sul-uddin9627 November 2017
I hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving, anyway, with the holiday season upon us, for moviegoers like me, it also means a lot of quality films will be out as well. From family films like 'Coco' (2017) (which this short is attached to), to big event blockbusters like 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' (2017) (which I am really hyped for).

'Olaf's Frozen Adventure' is a harmless family short, something that I think many kids - who love 'Frozen' (2013) - would probably enjoy. The "controversy" (if you can call it that) is that this short film is a whopping 21 minutes long, when we expect to see one that is no more than 5 minutes. This is due to the fact that this was meant to be a TV holiday special, but at the last minute, Disney decided to release this theatrically with 'Coco'.

This is where that "not such a good idea" thing comes in. I enjoyed the 2013, Oscar-winning animated film. I rated it 9/10 on my IMDb account, which is the same rating I gave to other Disney classics from 'Pinocchio' (1940), to 'The Lion King' (1994), and even 'Zootopia' (2016). I also enjoyed the 2015 short film 'Frozen Fever' as it does keep my nieces and nephews quiet when they're unsettled.

I guess the main issue I have with this is that, it would be better if it aired on TV, and that, well... the "Frozen Mania" can only last so long before it - no pun intended - melts away. Especially since the highly anticipated sequel is set to be released in 2019. Just two years away. It's pretty clear that Disney is using everything they can to make 'Frozen' as profitable and relevant as possible. Then again, as a 'Star Wars' fan, they're milking that franchise too, especially the Marvel films.

In other words, I don't want something like 'Frozen' to become what 'Despicable Me' has for Universal, or what 'Cars' is to Pixar. Those films were made to sell toys with their sequels, and people quickly got sick of them. Remember when 'Despicable Me' (2010) was popular?

Anyway, 'Olaf's Frozen Adventure' is harmless enough to keep your kids entertained... but is it as bad as... say... The 'Star Wars' holiday special? Not quite... but it's close to that if you're a massive 'Frozen' fan. The story does feel a little repetitive with the whole "Elsa feels guilty of not spending ten annual holidays with Anna because she shut the door on her face", they did this with 'Frozen Fever' on Anna's birthday. Josh Gad does what he can as the voice of Olaf, but giving him center stage is about as good of an idea as doing the same with Jeff Goldblum in 'The Lost World: Jurassic Park' (1997), or Dory in 'Finding Dory' (2016). They're not annoying, they're just better off as side characters to keep the comedy minimal.

Take what you can about this review... if the length dismays you, just think, you could be watching 'The Emoji Movie', which is more than an hour longer than this. So, take a second guess before you label this as "torture".
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It's really not that bad
theonlyidnameleft26 November 2017
I believe Olaf's Frozen Adventure would have been a well-reviewed, maybe even beloved, Christmas special, if only it had aired on ABC as originally planned. But since audiences are pretty much forced to watch it with Coco, the special is getting a lot of vitriol.

Personally, I found Olaf's Frozen Adventure to be quite charming. Maybe they could have chopped off five minutes by ditching Kristoff's song and follow-up scene about a troll-related holiday, as it adds nothing to the main plot. Nonetheless, I appreciated the special's message, even if some might find it sappy (but, come on, it's a Christmas special - a saccharine ending is part of the package).

On a final note, I enjoyed the songs apparently much more than most people. Are any of them as good as Let It Go? Of course not, that song was lightning in a bottle, and if you expect a song of that caliber in this or Frozen 2, you're probably going to be disappointed. But the songs are not bad at all, particularly When We're Together, which comes with some spectacular visuals.
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Let this short stand on its own. Being in front of Coco doesn't make it bad
esmacqueen2 December 2017
I really think this shirt is getting unfairly bad reviews because it was shown in front of Coco. It was too long to be put there and Disney should have stuck with their plans to originally broadcast it on TV. If it was done this way, I believe more people would have found it a delightful Christmas show and allow it to stand on it later own merits. WTH that, I think it is a great children's movie. My 5 and 2 YOs loves it and continue to sing the songs. I am personally a little over the whole "Elsa is sad she ruined something again" and everyone runs around trying to make her feel better. We've forgotten Anna is the main character. But I still did enjoy the short. Getting to see more of the people of Arendelle was a treat and the songs were fun. Sven and Olaf are a god pair. I just wish there was more of Kristoff and moments between him and Anna. Disney also missed two golden opportunities- a kiss between Kristoff and Anna under the mistletoe and Kristoff asking what happened to his sled at the end of the movie or during the credits.
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The only bad part of Coco
thomasgrindol25 November 2017
This incredibly long short was shown right before Coco and looking back it is the only thing I hated. It goes on for over 20 minutes and gets increasingly worse. The jokes are terrible and the songs are pointless and bad. Nobody came to see a Christmas short right before a film about The Day of the Dead but here we are. A bad Christmas special is made worse by wasting everyone's time and patience.
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Olaf's good intentions and misguided enthusiasm find Christmas joy
Ed-Shullivan19 December 2018
Olaf and Sven set off on an adventure to discover many of the townspeople's family traditions at Christmas in an effort to assist the sisters Anna and Elsa who were seperated for so many of their past lives have no recollection of their own family traditions.

This short animated film is filled with soft and sweet songs sung wonderfully by Idina Menzel and Kristen Bell. As Olaf and Sven go door to door gathering ideas as well as personal gifts from many of the townspeople they ask about family traditions, they finally head back home to Elsa and Anna to present them with a carriage filled with wonderful Christmas traditions.

As is typical of the clumsy Olaf and Sven an unexpected accident occurs while they are headed on their way back home and while transporting their sleigh filled to the brim with the townspeople's gifts. All is not lost though as the Christmas spirit proves to be much stronger than Olaf and Sven's expected clumsiness.

A happy ending and a Merry Christmas is wished upon the audience by the characters in Olaf's Frozen adventure.

An inviting 8 out of 10 animated Christmas adventure.
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Just because it's in front of Coco doesn't make it bad...
PrincessTarah6 December 2017
A lot of people are overreacting about this short. It was actually quite good, and if it would have aired on ABC as originally planned, I think it would have received marvelous reviews.

The length did not bother me at all, as I was thoroughly entertained the entire time. The music and animation were both beautiful. Additionally, I liked Olaf a lot more in this short than I did in the original movie. He was actually hilarious, (and if you need a preview, just look up the clip of "That Time of Year"). Finally, the story was great. It had a nice holiday message, but it did not beat you over the head with it.

As for the people who complain about this movie being in front of Coco, I honestly am not sure why they do it. Theme-wise, they go well together, as they both center around family and holiday traditions.

If people think this short was Disney's attempt at making people interested in a non-white film, that is simply ridiculous. Contrary to what the witch-hunting media might tell you, Disney has actually made a huge effort, especially in recent years, to include stories from many different cultures. (Look at Mulan, Pocahontas, Princess and the Frog, Moana...I could go on for days.) In fact, the entire Frozen short is one big representation of holiday traditions from around the world. So I reiterate: Coco and Olaf's Frozen Adventure were put together because they have similar themes, not because Disney was trying to whitewash the move-going experience.

Finally, to the people who complain that Olaf's Frozen Adventure is too long, I say this: You knew what you were in for. The length of the short was widely publicized. If you didn't want to watch it, you could have come to the theater 20 minutes late. It's not like anyone tied you to a chair and forced you to sit through the short film - even though you should avidly want to watch it, because it is spectacular.
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Yikes! A terrible opener for the brilliant Coco.
cp-wood27 November 2017
The following comments are aimed at adults. As others have said, I honestly feared I was sitting in the wrong theater, and this treacle went on FOREVER. I was in a very foul mood when OFA ended. It's a testament to the stellar quality of Coco that I had forgotten OFA 5 minutes after Coco started and my mood was soaring. Check with the theater before arriving and if OFA is playing first, show up 20 minutes late. You'll be in a much better mood when Coco starts.
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Loosen up people...
livinglifing2 December 2017
So there are viewers out there who rate a picture based on a poor choice of timing rather than quality. I get it...many people were put at an inconvenience at Disney's poor choice of setting this showing without notice. Understood. But to leave bias, negative ratings on a wonderfully delightful effort is irresponsible. To those of you who haven't seen this material yet, I highly encourage you to get out there and enjoy it before year's end. Brilliant artwork with a jovial and uplifting story that inspires me to believe Hollywood might return to form in the future. The soundtrack wasn't close to Frozen, but still maintained a high level of quality.

To the Grinch-like, impatient and "my time is so important" naysayers out there...HAPPY HOLIDAYS!
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Screw the Reviews!
jon-stokes21-539-1787515 December 2017
About the only time I get around to writing a review on a movie is when I see the current reviews are so off base its ridiculous and this certainly fits the criteria!

I wonder, did a major writer or producer get fired during the making of this short film that all their little followers decided to organize and write a grip of negative reviews of this short film, or is this simply just a coincidence where only the negative Nancys. decided to turn out and chime in?

I thought this short film was hilariously funny, in good taste, and I loved it! Don't let the reviews be the deciding factor on whether or not you see this film, watch it anyways and I'm sure your review ill be more favorable then the ratings lead on.
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Olaf is finding a tradition!
Sylviastel7 December 2017
The original players who are voices for the characters are back for this short feature film. The animation is superb and quite detailed. Anna and Elsa are sisters finally reunited but they don't have a tradition of their own. Olaf decides to find a tradition for Anna and Elsa for the holidays. Olaf has a collection from many of The townspeople. The ending seems abrupt and unexplained to the audience. Still it was great to see them again.
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It did what it was supposed to
Horst_In_Translation4 January 2018
Warning: Spoilers
"Olaf's Frozen Adventure" is an animated short film from 2017 and the most recent addition to the Frozen universe before the sequel of the Oscar-winning movie comes out. They picked this one to air before Pixar's newest Coco, but after heavy criticisms, they quickly revoked that decision and it will probably be a long time until a short film of this runtime will air before a full feature film again. Oh well.. but still you should not really blame this film here for the bad decisions made about it. It is like a weaker Frozen version in every regard. The music is not as good, the emotional impact is not as meaningful, the funny moments are not that entertaining and the general plot about Christmas traditions is not too significant. But that it is not as great as Frozen oesn't mean it's bad. The beloved characters are all still there, at least in the first and third chapter, the second basically only belongs to title character Olaf. And the looks of it are downright stunning again, we should not take it for granted. Arendelle is such a place to be really, especially during the holidays when there's snow everywhere. Could this short have been better? Most certainly. Is it a failure? Absolutely not. All in all, it makes for a good pick to watch together with Frozen if you want to rewatch the latter. I give it a thumbs-up and recommend checking it out. Don't be too harsh on it only because you loved Coco.
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Disney has reached the bottom
halimaton5 December 2017
Let me start with my son. He is 10 years old and a big fan of everything that has animation in it. He has seen Frozen, he remembered the very first Frozen trailer (remember the one with Olaf and Sven on the frozen lake?) and he was looking forward to this short. And guess what? When it ended, he told me: "Disney, I HATE you for this!"

That's nicely wrapping it up. This short is a ridiculous caricature of the things that once made Disney great. It looks as if someone was making fun of Disney classics by exaggerating everything to the point of being of unbearable. The movie features the singing of songs that sound as if generated by a computer, the actions of cliché characters that leave us completely untouched, and a story that is neither funny, nor exciting, nor touching, nor interesting. It's pure kitsch. Watching the movie is like eating a cake that only consists of sugar and tastes of nothing.

If Disney's idea was to market the next Frozen movie, this short has failed spectacularly. At least in our family, no-one feels any inclination anymore to watch Frozen 2. Congratulations.
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Not bad at all!
tomhouben1 December 2017
This 21 minute "short" went by very quickly and it was actually not bad at all!

Olaf is not my favorite character (he is rather annoying), but I still think the Frozen franchise is very nice.

This "short" has been made with love and the more Frozen songs, the better I think.

OK, the story is not earthmoving, but it's just a fun little movie.

Don't be mislead by the low IMDA rating and decide for yourself, you might actually enjoy this.
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Didn't ruin Coco but.....
stagedlined46628 November 2017
......but It put me is an a dower mode before the movie started. There has been a lot of hate on Frozen ever sense it garnered popularity back in 2013. I never got the hate and I thought the movie was just okay. But after seeing the overly long, boring, schmaltzy mess that is OLAF's FROZEN ADVENTURE, I think I may hate Frozen now.

It really is a shame this waste of time and talent was forced unto such a beautiful, smart and powerful movie like Coco. But hey! Disney has to milk it's dying cash-cow some how! Why not put it in front of a movie a lot of people are going to watch! That way they have to watch it! It's to late they already bought the ticket!

Bad move Disney....BAD!!
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seems like wrong movie
harry_stg29 November 2017
wasting time 21 minutes before coco film. I hate it, my friend too, my family also, that's all. I hope I'll find fast forward button to skip this movie. why Disney put that movie before coco? 21 minutes are like 21 hours. Nobody came to see frozen short movie right before a film about kid who lost in the other world. wrong film in the wrong place. so much people don't like it. congratulations, Disney make the auditions feel bad mood because of "short" movie.
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A very good Frozen mini sequel, might be clever releasing somewhere else.
picardtseng29 November 2017
I enjoyed Frozen Olaf's Adventure. It's a good film, better than Frozen Fever, the last Frozen short.

It has a good continuation of Frozen(2013), the sistership between Anna and Elsa. Some touching little things are in the story.

One of the great things is that, it gets deeper into Olaf's personality, more thoughts and emotions.

New songs are great, "Ring in the season" is cheerful and "When we're together" is warm. They are perfect songs for this Christmas. 21 minutes long is fare, it required time to tell a complete story.

The only worrying thing is that Kristoff is becoming a irrelevant character. I don't see any reason Frozen still need Kristoff, if Disney doesn't come up with some better ideas. Anna doesn't actually need a boyfriend after her true "reunion" with Elsa.

Yes it's sort of a fan service film for Frozen fans, a good one. You need to know what has happened in Frozen (2013) or you might not able to get the point.

The only miss calculation was placing it before CoCo, arguably the best Pixar origin since Wall-E. I guess some people consider it as an offense to Pixar's reputation.

But being a Pixar fan/Disney fan/Frozen fan, I don't feel anything wrong at all. I enjoyed both, watching the Frozen short film didn't bother me enjoying CoCo. Both are related to the precious family relation. Personally, it's quite upset to know so many people complaining about it.

Maybe Disney shouldn't have done it. They should release the Forzen short film on TV in Christmas Eve. But being an Asian audience, I appreciate that I am able to watch the Frozen short film in cinema, instead of waiting longer until the releasing of DVDs.
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What a silly movie to milk the Frozen franchise
pinkarray25 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Frozen is already a movie that I'm tired of and this is why I do not care much for this short. Olaf was also considered an annoying character in the movie and even I thought he was annoying and the worst character the first time I watched the movie, but that changed the second time. I still don't know if I like Olaf since I haven't seen the movie in a long time, but making a movie about him might just be a bad idea considering how annoying and silly of a character he is. In fact, he made the movie stupid and corny in my opinion.

Not to mention, for a short film playing before a Pixar film, this was pretty excessively long, almost a half an hour long.

The good parts is that it does have a good message about family tradition to make the film more heart-warming albeit maybe a bit too sappy? And it has some good songs in there but perhaps a bit too much singing? They were like singing every few minutes. The ending was also clichéd and maybe considered predictable by some people, Olaf gets his fruitcake back from the bird that stole it. How is that?

Overall, this is a contrived Disney short, possibly made to milk the Frozen franchise and Olaf. Maybe children who are Olaf fans might enjoy this but kids who are sick of Frozen might not.
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Christmas spirit
kosmasp16 April 2018
I guess this mostly works if you watch it as a warm up to Christmas. Also having seen the Frozen movie does help. Overall this does not have the quality of the Pixar short movies, so either we are spoiled in that regard or we may not be able to enjoy a simple short story. The little ones may be able to do so, unless they have been spoiled too of course.

If you love Olaf, you may not care about story or lack thereof. There are some jokes that are aimed at and for the parents. Some are not so bad and the overall morality is easy to digest if you are not too much of a cynic.
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Enjoy it before they pull it out of theaters
Field784 December 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I am old enough to remember the good times when a free Disney movie would have been considered a gift instead of a burden you had to "sit through". We have grown accustomed to a short film just prior to a Disney or Pixar main feature, and with 21 minutes for Olaf's Frozen Adventure, I felt quite privileged. Olaf is a character known for his boundless optimism and naive nature, so with that in mind, me and my son quite enjoyed his well-meant antics in order to get Elsa and Anna the Christmas tradition they deserve. Of course, our two princesses are there in supporting roles for the emotional pay-off, as well as Sven the reindeer for some additional comic animal relief. Not exactly a game-changing narrative, I'll admit, but no boring stock either.

The big difference is that this 'short film' isn't as short as usual, or as 'Frozen Fever', which was 8 minutes. Both are rather similar in that they are mainly played for laughs and aren't meant to have a very deep storyline. Both concern characters trying to do something for another character, with the complications of that action piling up. But for some reason, some people seem to be thinking that if a short film is twice as long as usual, it should be at least ten times as good.

I don't understand the hate for this cute little (long) short on social media. It wasn't meant to be Frozen 2 and it is quite entertaining in its own right. But apparently, in this day and age where you can skip through everything, some attention-challenged audiences can't handle a special treat if it keeps them waiting for what they actually came for, not even if Anna, Elsa and Olaf are in it. The fact that this short would be playing before Coco was well marketed where I live. But let's be fair, didn't we once hear of people walking out of The Tree of Life because they didn't bother reading up on it beforehand?

The Netflix-addicted part of the world apparently doesn't appreciate surprises if they cannot select it on demand. I am no longer puzzled why the majority of last summer's blockbusters got most of their revenue outside the USA, and why hardly anyone there bothered to show up for the wonderful 2.5 hours that were Blade Runner 2049. Everything seems to require a pause and fast-forward button these days, and most bladders only handle sessions of no more than 45 minutes at a time.

Thank you, Twitter freaks, you've done it again! As if preemptively attacking the all-female Ghostbusters remake, blowing Ed Sheeran's Game of Thrones cameo out of proportion, and hailing the amusing but obvious nostalgia-recycling machine called Stranger Things as a new standard in television weren't bad enough, you now find it necessary to lambaste a perfectly nice short(ish) Disney movie, because you feel it is "forced upon you". And to hell with all those ridiculous one-star reviews. How is it "not funny"? I dare anyone not to laugh at Sven doing charades to get his message across, or the bit with the sauna (a nice series of gags that perfectly balances the line between children's jokes and adult humor).

I hear that Disney is going to pull this short away from the main feature Coco because of people's inability to cope with 20 minutes of unexpected entertainment. I can merely hope that they only do that where most of the complaints come from. You now have two (okay, one-and-a-half) movies for the price of one (and Americans even pay on average 25% less for a cinema ticket than Europeans), so those who love the Frozen universe (plenty, I think), please go before the only place to see it is as a bonus on the Coco BluRay.
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Somehow both frantic and interminable
jodyhey25 November 2017
It just. Would. Not. Stop. This 'short' is way longer than any short cartoon I remember, which might be fine (I usually love cartoon shorts the precede the main feature), but this just did not have a good story. Lots of zany colorful heavily sentimental stuff just weighed down the minimal story.
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frozen stiff!
donaldricco26 November 2017
Talk about jumping the shark! This Frozen short was not very good. And it felt endless! I wish they had "warned" us about it when we bought the tickets! Not more than two laughs in it, and the songs, yes songs plural!, were totally unmemorable! The thing went on so long, and was so boring, that I feared I had walked into the wrong theatre! And my daughter, aged 9, totally agreed! It was interesting too that the short was so "white" compared to the film it came before, which felt so diverse. I think they need to put the Frozen franchise out to pasture. Let it go. Please.
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Biggest piece of garbage
sandeep8525 November 2017
This short was total trash. Even the kids were getting bored. Total trash. Now compare that to the other sorts, like the frozen snowman who keeps getting forgotten by the daughter, or the two volcano islands... Those were a lot more entertaining... It's not hard to do a short... ! Olaf is totally annoying... Not that he wasn't in Frozen... Speaking of Frozen...
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How to turn a masterpiece short Pixar tradition into a Disney commercial soulless
netsior2 December 2017
I used to look for the Pixar's shorts previous to their movies as the little place where the new talent can risk, and eventually (the most of the times) come with a little masterpiece. Disney has killed that. Olaf's Frozen Adventure is a perfect technical piece of void. No soul, no risk, nothing new, just the old fashioned automatic script applied and extended for too much run time.
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Olaf's Frozen Adventure was pretty long for a short, but was still entertaining enough for that length
tavm6 December 2017
All right, I managed to watch this 22-minute-short (or featurette as this would have been called by Disney if this had been shown during the '70s) before the feature Coco before the studio pulls it after tomorrow because of numerous complaints of patrons thinking they went to the wrong theatre because of the length. Many reviews on this site are negative because of what I just cited so I kept that in mind as I was watching it. My verdict: Yes, it's a bit long for a short and the songs seemed to be a bit too many. Still, it's quite entertaining during much of the running time, there were some funny gags, and a pretty touching message about family in it. Olaf did not wear out his welcome as I partially feared and the fact that the others like him enough was enough for me to like him, too. In summary, Olaf's Frozen Adventure was entertaining enough for me.
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Loved it!
afv-8287826 December 2017
I am so surprised by all of the negative reviews as my daughter and I both really enjoyed this short film! I thought it was creative and funny and we both loved the music!
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