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2 Feb. 2017
The gruff owner of a Chicago donut shop takes in an enterprising young employee.
6 Feb. 2017
What's the Big Idea?
When Franco's new donut flavors become bestsellers, Arthur tries to come up with one of his own to prove he's still relevant.
13 Feb. 2017
Crime Time
Franco encourages Arthur to increase his security when Fawz's dry-cleaning store is robbed, but becomes concerned when Arthur buys a gun. Also, Tush offers Maya his personal approach to protecting herself.
20 Feb. 2017
Trust Me
Arthur doesn't trust Franco to make the shop's bank deposit and puts him to the test. Randy reveals a secret about James.
27 Feb. 2017
Takin' It to the Streets
Franco and Sweatpants' new landlord wants to convert their apartment building into luxury condos; Randy has to be nicer to James to get a good recommendation on her sergeant's exam.
6 Mar. 2017
Arthur's Day Off
Randy and Fawz's try to show Arthur there's more to life than his work.
13 Mar. 2017
The Amazing Racists
Randy invites her fellow cops to a community outreach meeting on profiling when Franco is frisked for no reason.
20 Mar. 2017
Man Without a Health Plan
The group decides to take up a collection to pay for Franco's medical expenses when he's hurt at work and doesn't have insurance. Also, Tush experiences unusual side effects when he participates in an experimental drug trial.
27 Mar. 2017
Get It, Arthur
Franco encourages Arthur to resume dating when Randy's mom comes to town.
10 Apr. 2017
Painted Love
Franco paints a mural on the side of the donut shop that causes controversy.
17 Apr. 2017
Wage Against the Machine
Franco takes a second job as Fawz's assistant to make extra money. Also, Randy and James compete against each other to see who can win a coveted cash prize at work.
1 May 2017
Art for Art's Sake
Franco is shocked when his estranged father, Reggie (guest star Cedric the Entertainer), suddenly shows up at the donut shop for his son's first art show.
8 May 2017
Secrets and Spies
The gang discovers Maya has been studying them all year as part of her dissertation.
30 Oct. 2017
What the Truck?
Arthur's business is threatened when Sofia (Diane Guerrero), an ambitious young entrepreneur, parks her organic food truck in front of the donut shop, becoming a hit with his customers and catching Franco's eye. Also, Franco grows frustrated trying to follow his dream of going to college.
6 Nov. 2017
Is There a Problem, Officer?
When a video surfaces of Randy being aggressive during a traffic stop, Franco starts to question her abilities as a police officer. To prove that Randy is a good cop, Arthur agrees to Franco's request to tail her while she's on duty, and the night takes a dramatic turn.
13 Nov. 2017
Franco signs up to be a Big Brother but is disappointed when the kid, Andre (Jailen Bates), bonds more with Arthur than him.
20 Nov. 2017
Thanks for Nothing
When Franco decides to host an orphans' Thanksgiving at the donut shop, he encourages Arthur to invite his daughter, but Arthur will only agree if Franco invites his own estranged family member, his father.
27 Nov. 2017
Flour Power
After a fed-up Franco fires Arthur's longtime flour supplier for making offensive comments, Franco vows to find a more principled replacement, but the task proves to be more challenging than expected.
4 Dec. 2017
Error of Admission
Franco considers giving up admission to his dream school after he learns Arthur included his ethnicity on the application despite Franco's desire to be accepted solely on the merits of his art.
11 Dec. 2017
Homeless for the Holidays
In the spirit of the season, Franco convinces Arthur and the rest of the gang to help John, a homeless man who fells ill at the donut shop, to get back on his feet. Also, Tush and Sweatpants compete to become the more-popular Santa.
18 Dec. 2017
Electile Dysfunction
When Arthur suddenly decides to run against Fawz in a local election, his campaign manager, Franco, tries to help his boss bring home a win. Also Tush and Randy realize they crossed paths long before the donut shop, and the encounter was hardly sweet.

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